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LEGO Equestria Girls 3 - Chronicler06

In the Lego World, Sunset Shimmer and her team of friends find themselves battling against a group of Shadowbolt agents. A group that includes the Lego World's Twilight Sparkle.

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Prehistoric Pursuits

Chapter 9
Prehistoric Pursuits

It was early afternoon by the time the LEGO Team spaceship from Canterlot City appeared in the skies over Dinosaur Island and quickly landed within a small compound located deep within the prehistoric jungle. Just seconds after the spaceship had landed, the six girls stepped outside, all of them now wearing some variation of a vest, short pants, and a hat in shades of tan and olive green, suitable attire for a day in a tropical jungle.

“Okay, girls,” Sunset Shimmer spoke up as they stopped in the middle of the compound, “now that we’ve arrived, the clock is ticking and the Shadowbolts will be here any minute, so let’s quickly go over this one more time to be sure we all know what to do.”

“Right,” agreed Rainbow Dash with a nod, before starting their quick review. “After we told Celestia and Luna where we were going, they immediately contacted Josh Thunder — son of legendary adventurer Johnny Thunder and regional leader of Dinosaur Island — who then contacted us to let us know which compound we would be allowed to use.”

“I can see a white flag atop the main building,” noted Rarity. “That’s a good sign, because it indicates to us that all personnel have already been safely evacuated. As a result, there shall be no risk whatsoever of any innocent bystanders being harmed in the conflict to come.”

“And according to Josh Thunder,” continued Fluttershy, “we should find some tranquilizer guns and plenty of tranquilizers in the supply shack. They will allow us to defend ourselves against any dinosaurs that might threaten us, much more humanely than what the first people on this island used a few decades ago.” She smiled as she quietly added, “I must say, I’m really proud of Josh for coming up with the idea years ago of handling dinosaurs with tranquilizers instead of conventional weapons.”

Applejack continued, “He also gave us a complete map of this here compound, allowin’ us to take the time to plan for anythin’ before we even went anywhere. Now that we’re here, each an’ every one of us knows exactly where to go an’ what to do to prepare our ambush.”

“So now all we gotta do is grab our walkie-talkies, get into our positions, and then just wait for the Shadowbolts to arrive, and when they do, we pounce them!” finished Pinkie Pie excitedly.

“Good,” said Sunset with a nod and a smile. “Now let’s get going!”

In the gateway room of her hidden base, Twilight and her five teammates had just finished putting on their jungle uniforms — a vest, short pants, and a hat in various shades of dark green and brown — and were now ready to begin their next mission. However, even though they knew where they were going, there was quite a bit of uncertainty among the secret agents.

“I wonder why they went to Dinosaur Island, of all places,” muttered Sunny Flare as she made some final adjustments to her outfit.

“Who cares?” responded Indigo Zap dismissively. “This is our big chance to take ‘em out! That’s all that really matters to me.”

“Though I have to admit, you do bring up a good point, Sunny Flare,” said Sugarcoat. “I can’t think of many reasons why members of the LEGO Team — let alone the six members of Canterlot City — would be specifically requested to travel to a place that’s, let’s face it, nothing more than a prehistoric wilderness.”

“Maybe there’s an ancient relic on that island they’ve been told to recover,” suggested Lemon Zest.

“It does sound plausible,” noted Sour Sweet’s sweet face. Her head then spun around to her sour face and she grumbled, “Except if there really was such a thing, us Shadowbolts would’ve already gotten it a long time ago.”

“Believe me, I’m just as confused as all of you,” Twilight spoke up as she set the coordinates on the Jump-Gate. “But Cinch’s orders were to go to whatever location the Canterlot City LEGO Team went to next and do whatever it takes to ensure they never again interfere in any Shadowbolt activity.” Once she finished setting the coordinates, she turned back to her teammates and explained, “This should bring us to within a short walking distance from the compound where they’ve landed, but also far enough away that no one will notice our arrival.”

Twilight then hit the green “Open” button. Once again, the Jump-Gate made its low whooshing noise for a few seconds before the doors parted open, leading right into the middle of a humid tropical jungle.

Twilight stood in front of the open gateway and stopped. She was once again wearing her special device around her neck, and as she stared ahead into jungle, she rubbed her hand over it and sighed. She then glanced back at her teammates and said, “Well, let’s get to work.”

The five Shadowbolt agents followed Twilight through the Jump-Gate and stepped out onto Dinosaur Island. After the Jump-Gate closed and disappeared behind them, Twilight pulled out a compass, checked her bearings, then signaled ahead for everyone to follow her. They all crouched down and began to move through the underbrush carefully enough to avoid attracting any unwanted attention — not only from the dinosaurs that lived here, but also from the enemies they were after.

On the top floor of the main building, Rainbow Dash was on her knees to keep a low profile in the window as she watched outside through a pair of binoculars. She and the rest of her friends had taken positions throughout the compound to watch for the arrival of the Shadowbolts. The Canterlot girls had made over a dozen plans to prepare for every possibility, and once the Shadowbolts were spotted and their location identified, Sunset would specify which plan they would utilize, then it would be only a matter of getting into position and waiting for the signal to strike. But first, they would need to wait for the Shadowbolts to arrive, so Rainbow continued to silently observe, slowly turning her gaze left and right while remaining on high alert.

After some time passed, Rainbow suddenly spotted some movement in the jungle underbrush. Her attention locked in on the part of the surrounding fence she could see between two buildings. Sure enough, the six Shadowbolt agents they were after emerged from the jungle and stopped right up against the fence. As she held her binoculars steady with one hand, she pulled out her walkie-talkie and quietly spoke into it, “I got a visual.”

“Where are they?” asked the voice of Sunset Shimmer over the walkie-talkie.

“They’re just outside the fence between the supply shack and the garage,” reported Rainbow quietly. As she continued to observe, she quickly added, “They’re cutting through the fence! We gotta move fast!”

“Copy that,” responded Sunset. “Everyone, we’re going with Plan Number Six. Repeat, Plan Number Six. Identify yourselves by codename once you’re in position and ready.”

Without another word spoken, all six Canterlot girls silently moved from their observing stations to their positions for Plan Number Six. Meanwhile, the Shadowbolts continued to slowly cut their way through the fence in an effort to make a stealthy entrance, unaware they had already been spotted.

Sunset Shimmer climbed up the ladder on the outside of the garage. She reached the roof, immediately got down in a prone position, and then crawled over to the edge facing the supply shack, putting her in an ideal position to strike. “Magic is up for action,” she reported over her walkie-talkie.

Rainbow Dash climbed up onto the roof of the main building and crawled forward to maintain a low profile. She pulled her hat down as she reached the edge and got a clear view of where the Shadowbolts were likely to go. “Loyalty is good to go,” she reported.

Pinkie Pie made her way into the main building’s kitchen and approached the room’s one small window. She cracked open the window and peeked through the opening to confirm she had a clear view outside. “Laughter is ready to roll,” she reported.

Applejack climbed up a regular ladder onto the roof of the supply shack. She lied down against the slope that faced away from the garage, providing her with excellent cover from where the Shadowbolts would pass by. “Honesty is all set,” she reported.

Rarity entered an office on the second floor of the main building. She carefully unlatched the window behind the desk and slowly opened it only a slight amount, providing necessary access to the outside without revealing her position. “Generosity is fully prepared,” she reported.

Fluttershy crawled behind some crates and barrels stored on the ground just outside the garage. She cautiously peeked her head up, just to be sure she was hidden behind the correct pile of cargo, then ducked back down again. “Kindness is ready,” she reported.

“Okay, girls,” Sunset quietly spoke over the walkie-talkie, “ready your tranquilizer guns and wait for my signal to strike.” At their respective battle stations, each of the six girls pulled out a tranquilizer gun, loaded a tranquilizer dart, and then took aim. Sunset also pulled out an opened can of soda, finished off what was left inside, then held it at the ready as she watched.

Meanwhile, the Shadowbolts finally finished cutting a big enough hole in the fence and, one by one, they all carefully slipped through. Indigo Zap took the lead, followed by Sugarcoat, Twilight Sparkle, Sunny Flare, Sour Sweet, and Lemon Zest at the rear.

Indigo stopped at the corner of the garage and glanced around at the compound. “It seems quiet here,” she noted quietly. “Too quiet.”

“I agree,” stated Sugarcoat, making almost no effort to keep her voice down. “This compound appears to be suspiciously deserted.”

“But this is supposed to be an active research station,” said Twilight in confusion. “Why is there nobody here?”


“Ow!” exclaimed Lemon Zest as she suddenly felt something strike the back of her head. “What the…?” She rubbed her head and glanced down at the ground to see an empty soda can near her feet. She raised an eyebrow and asked, “Did somebody just throw a soda can at me?”

Sugarcoat suddenly caught a glint of light off the roof of the nearby shack. A quick glance confirmed there was something up there that shouldn’t be there, and she immediately dove aside. As soon as she hit the ground, she glanced back and saw a tranquilizer embedded into the wall just behind where she had stood only a split second earlier. “Ambush!” she shouted.

Two more tranquilizers suddenly whizzed by, but both missed hitting any of them. Sunny Flare ducked, while Twilight cowered behind Indigo Zap — using her fellow Shadowbolt agent as a shield. Lemon Zest yanked on Sour Sweet’s hair and dragged her back around behind the shack, despite the latter’s protests.

“Quick! Get inside!” exclaimed Sunny Flare as she immediately rushed around to the front of the garage and toward the front door. As she ran, another tranquilizer hit the ground just inches away from her feet. Sugarcoat quickly followed after her, along with Indigo Zap and Twilight.

As they rushed inside, Twilight felt her hat fly off. She caught before it even hit the ground, but then she yelped as she suddenly felt her hair piece shift a little. Once she was safely inside the garage, Indigo slammed the door shut. The four remaining Shadowbolt agents had successfully reached shelter, but they knew it wouldn’t last.

Sunset quickly stood up and immediately spoke into her walkie-talkie, “They’re inside the garage! Move in! Move in!”

All around the compound, the six Canterlot girls swiftly took action. Applejack jumped off the roof of the shack, Rarity left the office and made her way downstairs to the main door, Pinkie Pie jumped out the kitchen window, Rainbow Dash grabbed onto a cable and slid down it from the roof to the ground near the supply shack, Sunset slid down the ladder outside the garage, and Fluttershy stayed behind the crates and barrels as she tried to peer inside the building through the nearby window.

After breathing a sigh of relief, Twilight removed her hair piece and discovered that a tranquilizer had pierced right through the bun of her hair. She extracted the tranquilizer, tossed it aside, put her hair back on her head, and then put her dark green sunhat back on top of that.

“What the brick is going on?!” exclaimed Indigo Zap. “We’re supposed to be surprising them! Not the other way around!”

“There’ll be time for questions later!” argued Sugarcoat. “Right now, we gotta get outta here and regroup!”

“Agreed!” said Sunny Flare as she ran over to one of the jeeps in the garage and quickly hopped into the driver’s seat. “Let’s grab whatever we can and make a run for it!”

Twilight followed Sunny Flare and climbed into the passenger seat of that same jeep, while Indigo Zap and Sugarcoat immediately headed for where about a dozen motorcycles were parked. Indigo had an excited grin on her face as she quickly chose her bike, but just as she was about to start it up, she suddenly got hit in the abdomen by a helmet. She glanced over at Sugarcoat, who simply gave her a disapproving frown before putting on her own helmet and climbing onto her own bike. Indigo simply sighed and rolled her eyes before putting on the helmet that had been tossed to her.

Meanwhile, Sunny Flare crouched down under the jeep’s steering wheel and muttered to herself, “Let’s see if I can remember from my Shadowbolt training program how to hotwire a car.” She removed the cover panel and just as she was about to touch one of the numerous wires, the jeep suddenly started up. She paused in confusion for a moment, then sat back up in her seat and glanced over at Twilight.

“Somebody left the key in the ignition,” Twilight casually explained.

Sunny simply facepalmed in frustration.

Outside the garage, Fluttershy had been watching through the window, and once she saw them approach some of the vehicles, she gasped. With a good idea of what was about to happen, she quickly held up her walkie-talkie and exclaimed, “Look out! They’re about to escape!”

Sunset had run around to the back of the garage and kicked in the back door. However, she had arrived just in time to see the Shadowbolts begin their escape.

Applejack was outside the front of the garage when the jeep suddenly drove right through the main garage door, breaking it off its hinges and forcing Applejack to yelp and dive out of the way. As two motorcycles followed close behind, the jeep then quickly crossed the compound and smashed through the main gateway of the surrounding fence. Applejack held up her walkie-talkie and exclaimed, “They just smashed through the gate! They’re off into the jungle!”

“We gotta go after them!” shouted Sunset through the walkie-talkie. “Meet me in the garage! Now!”

Since everyone was already on the move near the garage, it was only a matter of seconds before all six members of Canterlot’s LEGO Team had regrouped inside the building.

“I saw them escape in one jeep and on two motorcycles,” Rarity pointed out. “I would suggest that we take a similar set of vehicles to ensure that we keep up with them.”

“Sounds like a plan!” Applejack immediately agreed before swiftly jumping into the driver’s seat of the one remaining jeep. “I’ll drive this thing, two of ya can ride with me, an’ the rest will take the motorcycles.”

“Fine by me!” agreed Sunset as she grabbed a helmet and ran over to the motorcycles.

“Yeah, I’m cool with that,” agreed Rainbow Dash as she followed Sunset’s example.

At the same time, Rarity climbed into the jeep’s passenger seat, while Pinkie Pie hopped into the back. Since this jeep also had its keys left in the ignition, Applejack didn’t hesitate to start up the vehicle and immediately took off out of the garage, across the compound, and out into the jungle, hot on the trail of the fleeing Shadowbolts.

As Sunset and Rainbow quickly chose their rides, Fluttershy glanced around at all the remaining motorcycles with uncertainty. However, there was one in particular that caught her attention. “Oh, look! That one’s got a sidecar,” she pointed out.

Roar! Hiss! Roar!

The three girls in the garage immediately glanced back and saw a raptor standing in the back doorway, with at least two more visible behind him.

“Uh oh. Raptors!” exclaimed Rainbow Dash.

“They must’ve gotten in through that hole the Shadowbolts cut into the fence,” noted Sunset.

As the pack of raptors began to slowly walk into the building, Fluttershy turned to her remaining friends and said, “You two go ahead. I’ll stay here and deal with them.”

“Are you sure about that?” asked Sunset with uncertainty.

Fluttershy just smiled confidently and replied, “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

“C’mon, Sunset! Let’s go!” shouted Rainbow Dash as she put on her helmet and started up her motorcycle. She didn’t even bother waiting for a response as she hit the accelerator and zoomed off after the other vehicles.

Sunset glanced back and forth between Fluttershy and where Rainbow Dash had just left. She didn’t think it was a good idea to leave her friend alone against a pack of raptors, but the shy girl was an expert with animals, and the confidence she was currently displaying seemed to imply that she could handle these prehistoric predators.

Reluctantly, Sunset put on her helmet, started up her motorcycle, and sped off after the others, leaving Fluttershy all alone to deal with the pack of over half a dozen raptors.

However, Fluttershy was not completely alone in the compound, for there were two Shadowbolt agents that all of the LEGO Team girls had failed to account for.

Behind the supply shack, the lid of a dumpster suddenly burst open and Sour Sweet — covered in various bits of trash — gasped for breath. As a similarly filthy Lemon Zest also got up out of the dumpster, she glared her sour face at her and furiously exclaimed, “What’s the big idea of dragging me into a dumpster?!”

“What?” responded Lemon Zest innocently. “It’s one of my favorite evasive tactics! ‘Taking refuge in the refuse.’ Get it?” She grinned and waited for a response.

Sour Sweet continued to glare at Lemon. After a few seconds, she finally responded, “My sweet face has nothing to say to you.”

Out in the prehistoric jungle of Dinosaur Island, the four escaped Shadowbolt agents continued to flee from the compound. Sunny Flare and Twilight Sparkle rode the jeep down the middle of the trail, while Indigo Zap and Sugarcoat rode their motorcycles side by side just ahead. The rough terrain on the trail made it a rather bumpy ride for all of them, but comfort was the last thing on their minds at this time.

As they continued down the trail, Twilight glanced back and her eyes widened as she saw the other jeep from the garage — with three of the Canterlot girls riding inside — was already within sight and was rapidly closing in on them. “We’re being pursued!” she exclaimed.

The other Shadowbolt agents glanced back at their pursuers for a brief second before returning their attention to the trail ahead. “I would highly recommend that we split up,” suggested Sugarcoat.

“But Miss Cinch ordered that we all must stick together!” Twilight pointed out.

“Forget Cinch’s orders!” argued Indigo Zap. “I say we divide and conquer!”

“Agreed,” said Sunny Flare with a nod. “I’ll stick to the trail. You two take another path.”

Only a few seconds later, Indigo Zap and Sugarcoat veered their motorcycles to the right, taking them off the trail and deeper into the jungle, while Sunny Flare and Twilight continued riding their jeep down the trail.

Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer had caught up to their friends in the other jeep just in time to witness the fleeing Shadowbolts take separate paths. “They’re splittin’ up!” Applejack alerted her friends.

Rainbow Dash immediately responded, “Go after the jeep! We’ll handle the motorcycles!”

The others silently agreed and took their respective paths. Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie continued down the trail to go after Sunny Flare and Twilight, while Rainbow Dash and Sunset veered off the trail and followed after Indigo Zap and Sugarcoat.

On the trail, Sunny Flare continued to drive the Shadowbolt jeep ahead as rapidly as possible. As they passed through a small clearing, Twilight glanced back and saw only the LEGO Team’s jeep in pursuit with no accompanying motorcycles. “Looks like they decided to follow our example,” she pointed out. “The only thing we’ve got after us is the jeep.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll shake them off our tail!” Sunny Flare confidently assured her teammate.

The two jeeps continued to zoom along the rough trail. At the speed they were going, every minor bump shook the vehicles, while every major bump — such as a fallen tree in their way — gave the vehicles some airtime. At one point, they even tore straight across a stream, sending up a huge spray of water in front of the jeeps as they each plowed through.

As the LEGO Team’s jeep climbed out of the stream and continued after the Shadowbolts’ jeep, Pinkie Pie remarked, “Wow, these jeeps sure are pretty tough!”

Just a split second later, the LEGO Team’s jeep hit another small bump and the jeep’s hood suddenly flopped open, completely obscuring the view out the front windshield.

“Dagnabbit!” exclaimed Applejack in frustration. “Ah can’t see a thing!” She was now forced to lean over the side of the jeep as she kept driving at full speed ahead.


The jeep hit another bump, lurching the vehicle enough to make the hood slam down and quickly pop back up again. As the Shadowbolts’ jeep continued down the trail at the highest velocity possible, the LEGO Team’s jeep remained close behind at every turn, despite every bump making the hood of the latter jeep constantly slam loudly.

Slam! Slam!

Elsewhere, deep within the jungle, two motorcycles driven by Shadowbolt agents tore through the underbrush, while two more motorcycles driven LEGO Team members followed them in hot pursuit. The small and nimble vehicles made quick work of terrain that would have been all but impossible for the jeeps to cross.

Indigo Zap rode up a mound of dirt and cleared a fallen tree, while Sugarcoat simply rode under the part of that tree that was far enough from the ground to provide safe clearance. Indigo glanced back and saw Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer both take the path Sugarcoat had taken, so she turned to her fellow Shadowbolt agent and exclaimed, “If we’re gonna shake ‘em off our tail, then we gotta make moves they wouldn’t dare to follow!”

“Feel free to risk your own neck, but I choose life,” Sugarcoat shot back.

Indigo growled in frustration, but chose not to argue any further. After all, the real issue they faced right now were following right behind them.

Sunset and Rainbow were doing an excellent job of keeping up with the Shadowbolts, but the rough terrain and high speeds were starting to take their toll of them. Sunset hit a wet patch of ground and wobbled a bit on her motorcycle, but quickly managed to regain her balance. “How are we supposed to stop them?” Sunset asked desperately.

Within a few seconds, all four riders began to hear a gradually growing noise. It sounded just like the engines on their motorcycles, except much more numerous. It wasn’t much longer until over half a dozen motorcycles suddenly jumped out of the surrounding underbrush to join the pursuit. But by far the most shocking thing of all was that each of these motorcycles was being driven by a raptor!

Indigo’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped as she glanced around at all the riding raptors. “What the—?! Since when do raptors know how to ride motorcycles?!” she exclaimed in absolute disbelief.

“I think you can blame the girl riding in that sidecar over there,” Sugarcoat pointed out.

Among the motorcycles the raptors were riding was one that had a sidecar, and riding in that sidecar was none other than Fluttershy, now wearing an aviator’s cap and goggles. The shy yellow girl also had a surprisingly confident smile on her face as her pink hair flapped around behind her.

Rainbow Dash simply laughed and remarked to Sunset, “I dunno how she does it, but it’s times like these that I’m glad she’s on the team!”

Sunset responded with a smile, then turned her attention forward again and quipped, “Looks like the hunt is on!”

Fluttershy turned to the alpha raptor — who happened to be driving the motorcycle her sidecar was attached to — and signaled to move in against the Shadowbolts. The alpha raptor let out a loud roar and the other raptors on motorcycles began to move in for the attack.

The two Shadowbolt agents glanced around as the pack of raptors on motorcycles closed in on them, but Indigo Zap knew she wasn’t going down without a fight. “Fine!” she exclaimed defiantly. “These guys wanna play rough? Then we’ll play rough!”

Indigo immediately veered her motorcycle to right, colliding into one of the raptors and knocking him away. The raptor veered over until he hit a large branch on the ground, catapulting his motorcycle and flinging him high into the air until he smashed to pieces against a tree.

Indigo Zap glanced back at the fallen raptor and smirked. “One down,” she smugly muttered.

Slam! Slam! Slam!

With every bump on the trail, the hood on the LEGO Team’s jeep kept loudly slamming down and popping back up. Since it never stayed down, Applejack had no choice but to constantly keep leaning out the side to actually see where she was going, not to mention make sure they were still pursuing the Shadowbolts’ jeep. However, this left her head completely exposed, and in a prehistoric jungle such as on Dinosaur Island, there are certain reasons why a windshield is more important than ever.


A very large dragonfly suddenly smacked right into Applejack’s face. Applejack immediately spat and sputtered and groaned in disgust before smearing away the bug remnants on her face with her forearm.

“That does it!” Applejack furiously exclaimed. She reached forward and grabbed the edge of the loose hood, then started yanking on it. She struggled to get it off, but then they hit a big bump on the trail, shaking the vehicle enough to make the hood break loose and fly off, forcing Pinkie Pie to duck as it soared right over her head.

“There! All fixed!” shouted Applejack in frustration.

Rarity glanced back at the discarded hood as it clattered on the ground behind them, then turned to Applejack and stated, “Yes, I suppose that helps a tad, except for the fact that you nearly took off Pinkie Pie’s head!”

Pinkie quickly sat up and was about to say something when her head suddenly spun around a few times to the left. That was her Pinkie Sense telling her that a bad surprise was heading their way. She glanced behind their jeep and quickly discovered what the problem was. “Uh oh, we got trouble!” she alerted her friends.

Rarity and Applejack glanced back and, much to their shock, saw a pack of raptors had just emerged from the surrounding jungle and were now chasing after them.

Applejack quickly turned her attention forward again and urgently said, “Sorry, y’all, but Ah gotta keep mah eyes on the trail ahead!”

“Then what do you propose Pinkie and I shall do?” asked Rarity.

“Y’all still got tranquilizers, don’t ya?!” Applejack shot back. “Use ‘em!”

“Oh, yes, but of course,” muttered Rarity as she turned around in her seat and retrieved her tranquilizer gun from the back, then loaded a tranquilizer. Pinkie Pie also picked up her tranquilizer gun and loaded a tranquilizer. The two girls then took aim at the pursuing raptors and fired.

Unlike back at the compound, their aim was much more accurate, despite the rough ride they were shooting from. As two of the raptors suddenly fell, Rarity and Pinkie quickly reloaded, aimed and fired, and repeated the process. However, they had taken out only most of the pack when they suddenly realized they were all out of tranquilizers.

“Oh dear,” Rarity said worriedly. “We seem to have used up all of our ammunition.”

“Good thing I always remember to pack my party cannon!” remarked Pinkie Pie cheerfully as she threw off the tarp covering the backseat, revealing her trusty party cannon sitting right beside her. As she spun the cannon around to point it behind the vehicle, she added, “This one’s gonna require some special firepower.” She somehow pulled a whole cake out of her pocket and stuffed it into the barrel. She took aim at one of the raptors and fired her party cannon.

The chasing raptor not only got covered in confetti, but also got cake and frosting splattered all over his face, forcing him to stop running so he could rub it all off. Pinkie quickly stuffed another cake into her party cannon and fired it at another raptor. A couple more similar shots later and the last of the pursuing raptors had finally been taken out.

“Yay!” cheered Pinkie Pie. “No more raptors!”

“Thank goodness!” said Applejack with relief. “Now Ah can keep mah focus on catchin’ the Shadowbolts!”

Up ahead, Sunny Flare and Twilight Sparkle held on tight as their jeep zoomed off along the trail as rapidly as possible. It was beginning to become apparent to them that speed and maneuverability weren’t going to be enough to make a clean escape, so they would have to think of some other strategy. But their thoughts were put on hold as a large reptilian leg suddenly came down in the middle of the trail right in front of them.

“Whoa!” shouted Sunny Flare as she was forced to steer the jeep around the massive leg.

As the jeep swerved around back onto the trail, Twilight glanced up and found herself staring up into the eyes of a tyrannosaurus rex. Fortunately for the two Shadowbolt agents, the giant dinosaur made no move to go after them. “I really hope that’s the closest I ever get to a real-live full-sized tyrannosaurus rex,” whimpered Twilight.

Right behind them, the LEGO Team’s jeep was also forced to swerve around the giant leg blocking the trail. However, once that jeep had passed by, the t-rex showed an interest in it and immediately began to chase after it.

Rarity immediately screamed and shrieked, “Now there’s a tyrannosaurus rex after us!”

The t-rex quickly caught up to the jeep and lunged his head forward.

“Duck!” shouted Pinkie Pie. All three girls in the jeep immediately ducked their heads down, and the mighty t-rex snapped its jaws just inches over them before retreating back.

Applejack sat back up and remarked, “Whoa, nelly! That was a mighty close call!”

Rarity sat back up, but quickly noticed that something didn’t feel quite right on her head. She removed her bright yellow sunhat and gasped when she discovered that nearly half of it had been bitten right off! Tears began to run down her cheeks as she sobbed, “Oh, and that was my favorite headwear for tropical climates!”

Pinkie Pie watched Rarity cry over the loss of a fabulous accessory, then immediately glared at the t-rex that continued to chase them and shouted, “Hey! Nobody makes my friend cry!”

The t-rex simply responded with a terrifying roar.


That earth-shaking roar didn’t even phase Pinkie as she then furiously hollered, “That’s it! The party wheels are coming off!” She swiftly removed the wheels from her party cannon, then shook that cannon to empty out all of the various party supplies stored inside. She then grabbed a dark grey 1x1 round brick and shoved it into her cannon. Holding the cannon with nothing but her own two arms, she then aimed it directly at the t-rex’s head.

“Sayonara, Rexy!” shouted Pinkie Pie with a fierce scowl before she yanked the trigger on the back end of the cannon, firing what was now a dangerous weapon.


The projectile smacked right into the dinosaur’s jaw piece, knocking it right off its hinge and sending it tumbling to the ground. Without a jaw, the t-rex now had no choice but to stop and retrieve it, allowing the jeep and its occupants to get away.

With the vicious t-rex dealt with, Pinkie began to quickly restore her party cannon back to its original condition. At the same time, both Rarity and Applejack had been stunned into silence by what had just occurred. Even though Applejack had to keep her attention on the trail ahead, she had managed to spare a quick glance back, and that was all she needed.

“I suppose that’s one way to deal with a tyrannosaurus rex,” muttered Rarity.

“Let’s not tell Fluttershy ‘bout this,” suggested Applejack. The fact that no one made any response showed they all silently agreed to that.

As the two jeeps continued to speed along the trail, the t-rex tried to grab his detached jaw on the ground, but his puny arms couldn’t even reach it. The massive prehistoric predator could only whimper through an open mouth as he kept struggling to pick up his jaw.

It wasn’t long until the two jeeps reached a clearing with ground that consisted of barren rock. Sunny Flare took immediate advantage of this and put the petal to the metal, forcing Applejack to do likewise just to keep up.

But the forces of nature weren’t finished with them yet. As the two jeeps rushed over the barren terrain, the ground suddenly began to shake and tremor, and since the bare rock wasn’t as bumpy at the dirt trail, everyone quickly realized the true source of the vibrations they felt.

“Earthquake!” screamed Pinkie Pie in terror.

Both jeeps quickly came to a screeching halt, neither side willing to take any chances until the earthquake had passed. However, the rocky ground suddenly began to fracture, with one particularly large crack forming right under where the Shadowbolts’ jeep had stopped.

Before anyone could react, the large crack suddenly split open, just wide enough for that jeep’s front wheels to drop down into it. Twilight and Sunny Flare peered over their respective sides of the vehicle and gazed downward, where they could see the reddish orange glow of molten lava slowly rising up through the crevice. The two Shadowbolt agents then turned to each other, completely speechless.

Another violent tremor widened the crevice further, expanding it past the front bumper and causing the jeep to now teeter forward.

“Bail!” shouted Sunny Flare as the jeep began to plunge into the crevice. She and Twilight quickly climbed out of their seats and jumped off. As they grabbed onto the crevice wall in front of them, the jeep tumbled down until it ultimately hit the lava below and was quickly incinerated.

Sunny Flare didn’t hesitate to leap back and forth from one side of the crevice to the other. Her acrobatic skills allowed her to return to the surface in just three bounds, landing on the ground opposite of the crevice from where the LEGO Team’s jeep had stopped.

Twilight, on the other hand, struggled to hold on to the side of the crevice. “Sunny Flare!” she shouted desperately. “Help me!”

“Help yourself!” Sunny shot back with no sympathy at all. “You did say you work best alone, so let’s see you prove it!”

Twilight whimpered as she could already feel her grip on the rocky surface starting to slip. She didn’t need to look down to remind herself of the danger. She could already feel the heat of the rising lava and hear the thick bubbling noise it made.

Meanwhile, the three Canterlot girls in the other jeep had done nothing but watch helplessly. They could hear Twilight’s cries for help, but didn’t know what they could do to help.

Applejack in particular felt very torn right at this moment. She did know of a way she could save Twilight, but did she really want to do that? After all, this Twilight Sparkle was a Shadowbolt agent, placing her among their greatest enemies. However, she was desperately requesting help, a request that had been completely denied by the only other Shadowbolt around to do anything. Nobody deserved to lose their Creation Spark, not even a Shadowbolt agent. But what ultimately convinced Applejack was the simple fact that, despite being a different individual, this was still Twilight Sparkle.

With her mind made up, Applejack immediately got out of the jeep and ran around to the front bumper. She grabbed the hook on the end of the winch’s cable and carried it over to the crevice. Once it was down in the crevice, she turned back and quickly unspooled the rest of the cable, lowering it down as far as it would go. Once that was done, she peered down into the crevice and shouted, “Twilight! Grab on!”

Twilight opened her eyes and saw the cable that had just been lowered down. Unfortunately, it was dangling near the opposite side of the crevice, beyond her reach. “I can’t reach it!” she called up.

“Then you’re gonna have to jump across to grab it!” Applejack called down.

“What?!” Twilight hollered back. “Are you crazy?! There’s no way I can make that jump! And did I mention there’s boiling hot molten lava rising up through this crevice as we speak?!”

“Stop panickin’, Twilight!” Applejack shouted back. “Here, Ah’ll make it a lil’ easier for ya!” She grabbed the cable and began to lightly sway it back and forth, allowing the end of it to swing close to Twilight with each pass. Applejack then explained, “Your best chance is to wait for me to tell ya exactly when to jump.”

Twilight watched the swaying cable as she asked with uncertainty, “Should I really trust you on that?”

“Ah’m tellin’ ya the honest truth, Twilight,” assured Applejack with a smile. “If ya wanna live, then you’re gonna have to trust me.”

Twilight remained silent as she considered Applejack’s words. Sure, they were fighting on opposite sides, but Applejack was offering help where a fellow Shadowbolt agent had outright refused. And besides, with no other way out, she really had no choice.

Applejack continued swaying the cable back and forth, not knowing for sure whether or not Twilight would really listen. Finally, right at the moment the cable was at it farthest from Twilight, Applejack shouted, “Now!” Then she swung the cable forward.

Taking a deep breath, Twilight made her leap of faith across the crevice. Sure enough, she managed to grab onto the cable just as it came as close as possible to her. She screamed as she now found herself swinging straight toward the other side off the crevice. However, before she could slam into the rocky surface, Applejack yanked on the cable, bringing a sudden stop to her momentum and thus preventing a very painful impact. Now that she was dangling motionlessly from the cable, Twilight glanced around and let out a sigh of relief.

Applejack smiled, then turned back to the jeep and exclaimed, “We got her! Winch her up!”

Rarity immediately started up the winch, and the cable slowly began to rise up out of the crevice, taking Twilight with it. Twilight continued to hold on tight to the cable, knowing all too well that she wasn’t safe until she was actually out of there.

Finally, as Twilight reached the edge of the crevice, Applejack reached a hand down, which Twilight happily accepted, and pulled the Shadowbolt agent up to safety. Once her feet were finally on solid ground again, Twilight immediately walked up to Applejack and gave her a big hug.

Applejack was a little startled by such sudden forwardness, but nevertheless smiled and patted the Shadowbolt agent on the back. “See? Ah was tellin’ ya the truth,” she remarked.

It was right at that moment that Applejack began to glow as her pony ears and tail suddenly appeared. She didn’t understand why she suddenly ponied up right then and there, but the fact that it happened right after she helped Twilight made her keep her smile.

Twilight was also astonished to witness yet another member of Canterlot City’s LEGO Team go through such a magical transformation. However, her awe quickly turned to worry as she heard her device suddenly power up again with its lights flashing straight ahead at Applejack. The device then suddenly lifted itself off of Twilight’s chest and pulled taut on its string around her neck as it tried to get as close to Applejack as possible, then opened on its own and began to draw in the glowing orange energy that surrounded the ponied up girl.

With almost no time to react, Applejack grunted as she suddenly felt her Equestrian magic being drained away from her. “What… are… you… doin’?” she asked with a strained voice.

“I don’t know!” Twilight answered helplessly as she struggled to bring her device under control again.

After only a matter of seconds, the device had taken away all of Applejack’s Equestrian magic, making her pony ears and tail vanish and leaving her exhausted to the point where she staggered backwards and slumped against the jeep’s front bumper.

With the device done drawing in the energy, Twilight now tried the close it, but this turned out to be even more difficult than any of the previous occurrences. As she struggled to shut the device, she took a few steps back until she suddenly found herself caught in a net and rising up into the air, making her yelp in shock.

The four minifigs on the ground glanced up and saw there was now a large helicopter hovering directly over them, and suspended from the bottom of it by a long cable was the net that now entrapped Twilight Sparkle.

“How did we miss that?” asked Pinkie Pie.

Up inside the helicopter, the occupants happed to be the two Shadowbolt agents who had stayed behind at the compound, Lemon Zest and Sour Sweet, who had used their Master Builder talents to create this helicopter to go after their teammates.

“Yeah!” cheered Lemon Zest as she piloted the helicopter. “We got her!”

“Nice work, Lemon Zest,” congratulated Sour Sweet’s sweet face. Her head then spun around to her sour face and irritably added, “Now drop the ladder so we can grab Sunny Flare and get outta here!”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m on it,” said Lemon dismissively as she tapped a button on the console. From one side of the helicopter, a rope ladder unrolled itself as it fell, with the bottom landing right beside where Sunny Flare stood.

Sunny turned to the three Canterlot girls and smiled as she smugly remarked, “Well, dearies, this has been highly entertaining, but I must now take my leave.” She then stepped one foot onto the bottom rung of the ladder and grabbed onto a higher rung with her hand. As the helicopter then began to lift and depart, she waved her free arm and quipped, “See you later, alligators!”

The Shadowbolts’ helicopter then began to fly away, and as Sunny Flare began to climb up the ladder, Twilight could only scream in terror as she was left dangling underneath within the net.

Rarity scoffed and grumbled, “What nerve! How dare she have the audacity to call us alligators?!”

“Really?” asked Pinkie Pie in confusion. “I thought she was talking about those alligators.” She glanced over her shoulder towards the dozens of angrily hissing alligators that were now swarming over the clear ground behind the jeep.

Applejack groaned in frustration as she pulled herself up to her feet while holding onto the jeep for support. Despite her weakened state, she managed to stagger along the side of the jeep until she finally reached the driver side door. “Y’all don’t worry,” she stubbornly assured her friends. “Ah got this.”

As Applejack climbed into the driver’s seat, Rarity turned to her in shock and hesitantly said, “I’m not too sure if you’re in any condition to—”

“Ah said Ah got this!” snapped Applejack and she shifted the jeep in reverse and hit the accelerator, sending the jeep backwards right into the alligators. She never relented on the accelerator and the jeep began to run right over all those alligators. Some of them snapped their jaws at the fleeing jeep, but it was just too big and fast for them to really do anything about it.

It wasn’t long until the jeep made it over the swarm of alligators and backed up into the jungle. Applejack made a sharp turn, shifted the vehicle back into drive, and then sped off into the jungle. “Whew! Nothin’ like a good adrenaline rush to get ya goin’ again!” remarked a now fully alert Applejack in satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Rarity and Pinkie Pie glanced back at the alligators they had just run over and saw that many of them had literally turned belly-up. “Let’s not tell Fluttershy about this, either,” said Pinkie Pie.

“And I sincerely hope we don’t encounter a third such incident today,” Rarity quietly added.

Applejack began to slow down a bit as she searched the skies for the Shadowbolts’ helicopter. As soon as she spotted it through the jungle canopy, she pointed up at it and exclaimed, “There they are! We gotta go after ‘em!”

Applejack immediately turned the jeep towards the direction of the fleeing helicopter, despite the fact that it forced her to leave the trail. Either way, some of the Shadowbolt agents were trying to escape in this helicopter, including Twilight Sparkle with the recently ill-gotten magic, and Applejack was determined to not let them get away.

Deep within the jungle, the motorcycle chase was still on. Sugarcoat and Indigo Zap continued to rapidly navigate their way through the dense floor of the jungle while being pursued by three LEGO Team members and a pack of over half a dozen raptors — all of them on motorcycles.

Although Indigo had managed to take out one of the raptors early on, she had since been unable to repeat that success with any of the others, much to her growing frustration. Sugarcoat, on the other hand, had made no attempts to act aggressively against the pursuing raptors and instead focused more on evading their efforts to take her out. One raptor had tried to ram right into her, but she easily swerved out of the way, and that reckless raptor ended up crashing right into a tree, smashing to pieces upon impact.

But there were still a lot of raptors, and this pursuit couldn’t last forever, so Sugarcoat knew it was once again time for a change of tactics. “Keep up the pursuit!” she told her teammate. “I’ve got a plan.” She then steered her motorcycle away to the right into a different part of the jungle, while Indigo continued straight ahead.

Sugarcoat’s escape did not go unnoticed. While the pack of raptors began to split up, Sunset turned to Rainbow and said, “Stay with this one! I’ll go after the other!”

Rainbow Dash nodded in agreement and continued after Indigo with Fluttershy and half of the raptors, while Sunset Shimmer followed the other half that went after Sugarcoat.

Sugarcoat kept her eyes peeled as she continued speeding through the jungle, not only to watch out for obstacles, but also to find something she would need for her plan. She eventually found just the right object in the form of a large fallen branch that was resting diagonally against a tree trunk. She reached her right arm out, grabbed that long and straight branch, and then held it under her arm like a jousting lance. With her new tool acquired, she turned left. She knew she was being followed, thanks to the noise of the motorcycle engines, but she also knew that it was not the entire pack that was after her, which meant that her plan could still work.

Meanwhile, Indigo Zap led her group of pursuers through some of the densest part of the jungle yet. Without Sugarcoat around, she was free to take all of the more dangerous routes. However, her efforts to evade them were futile, as they always took the easier alternative paths right beside her. Even the motorcycle with a sidecar attached to it was still able to keep up!

“Quit showing off!” taunted Rainbow Dash. “You’re only making this harder on yourself!”

Indigo growled in frustration. Whatever plan Sugarcoat has, she’d better do it now! she thought to herself.

Indigo soon got her answer as Sugarcoat, armed with a large tree branch, quickly appeared up ahead and was charging right at her. “Move over!” shouted Sugarcoat.

Despite her confusion, Indigo did exactly as she was told and swerved aside to allow her fellow Shadowbolt agent to pass right by.

With her teammate safely out of the way, Sugarcoat next had to face all of the pursuers, so she tightened her grip on the branch as she approached the raptors. One by one, she aimed her branch at each raptor and knocked them all off their motorcycles. Even the alpha raptor wasn’t spared, leaving Fluttershy screaming as the now driverless bike and her sidecar careened right through some thick underbrush.

With those raptors all taken out, that left only Rainbow Dash. Sugarcoat aimed her large branch at the oncoming LEGO Team member, but Rainbow leaned left to avoid getting struck off her bike. Unfortunately, she leaned over too far and ended up sending herself and her motorcycle sliding sideways against the ground. Once she came to a stop, she didn’t hesitate to pick up her motorcycle, hop back on, and turned around to begin chasing after Sugarcoat.

With all of Indigo’s pursuers taken out, Sugarcoat now had to reverse direction and deal with the ones coming after her. She was initially surprised to see her first target was Rainbow Dash again, but nevertheless aimed her tree branch lance at her again.

This time, Rainbow swerved out of the way much sooner, allowing her to not only avoid getting struck but also avoid falling over again. She growled in frustration at having to turn around again, but remained determined to stop this Shadowbolt agent.

Meanwhile, Indigo Zap suddenly found herself speeding head-on right into the raptors who had been chasing after Sugarcoat. Indigo immediately swerved to the left and drove up a large rock, sending her flying right over those raptors — as well as Sunset Shimmer — before landing on the ground again and speeding off into the jungle once more.

Sunset quickly spun around on her motorcycle and began chasing after Indigo. Two of the raptors also did the same, while the rest simply continued ahead after Sugarcoat.

Far above the jungle canopy, while Sunny Flare had just finished climbing the ladder to join Lemon Zest and Sour Sweet up inside their custom-built helicopter, Twilight Sparkle continued to remain dangling below inside a net. Not only did this give her a very terrifying ride, but also the net was so tightly wrapped around her that she was unable to move her limbs around much.

Twilight grunted and mumbled, “Can’t… move…” Even though she was stuck in a rather uncomfortable position, the real problem with her immobility was the fact that her device was still open, and she had no way to close it. Even worse, she could already see portals opening up just like what happened before, only this time they were opening close to the ground in a trail that followed the helicopter’s flight path. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she could also see some large green vines starting to slither their way out of some of these portals.

“Oh, this is not gonna end well,” Twilight muttered helplessly.

Meanwhile, Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie continued to chase after that helicopter in their jeep. Although their ground-based vehicle was doing a remarkable job of keeping up, the ride had definitely become a lot rougher after they left the trail. With such uneven terrain, no more than a few seconds could pass without the jeep lurching either left or right or forward or backward, sending all three girls thrashing around in their seats.

“Whee! Bouncy bouncy!” squealed Pinkie Pie cheerfully as a few large bumps sent her bouncing around in the backseat.

Rarity held tightly onto the door on her right as the jeep suddenly jerked left and right from a few more large bumps. “Applejack, dear, please do try to be more careful!” she pleaded desperately.

“Don’t blame me!” Applejack shot back. “Ah can’t stick to the trail if we wanna go after that chopper!”

The jeep soon entered a small clearing in the jungle and the lack of obstructions allowed them to confirm they were still chasing after the Shadowbolts’ helicopter. However, they also suddenly ran over a large hump, sending the jeep lurching up into the air and then coming back down hard on its front wheels. The impact caused the right front wheel to completely come off and start rolling away while the jeep skidded to a sudden stop.

“Oh no! Runaway wheel!” exclaimed Pinkie Pie before she hopped out of the backseat and immediately began chasing after that lose wheel into the jungle.

“Wait! Pinkie! Come back!” Applejack called out, but the pink party girl had already disappeared into the jungle underbrush. She then growled in frustration and exclaimed, “Dagnabbit! Don’t she realize we got a spare on the back?!” She gestured toward the back of the jeep, where a spare wheel was attached just over the rear bumper.

Unknown to Applejack, Rarity noticed a portal suddenly open up not far from the jeep on the driver side. But what really startled the fashionista was a large green vine that immediately came slithering out. “Uh, Applejack?” she weakly tried to point out.

Applejack kept her back turned to the portal as she continued, “Ah mean, there’s a reason jeeps got spare wheels back there, an’ it sure ain’t for decoration!”

“Applejack?” Rarity asked again as she saw the vine begin to slither towards them.

Applejack remained completely unaware as she continued ranting, “Why Ah bet that party animal don’t even know how to fix a flat tire!”

“Oh for Ole’s sake, Applejack!” shrieked Rarity as she threw open the passenger door, grabbed Applejack’s arm, and yanked her out of the jeep and a good distance away.

Applejack was startled by Rarity’s sudden action and was about to lash out at her, but then she glanced back and finally saw what she had been missing for the past minute. “What in tarnation?” she muttered in disbelief.

The giant vine reached under the jeep and wrapped itself around the middle a few times. It then pulled back, tipping the jeep over on its side, then began to squeeze. The vehicle groaned for a few seconds before it finally broke in half. Another vine quickly came out of the portal and wrapped itself around the two halves, folding them over into a more compact shape. Then the vines dragged the mangled jeep into the portal and out of sight, leaving behind only a few small Lego parts that had fallen off.

Applejack and Rarity just stood motionlessly with eyes wide and jaws hanging open as they stared silently at the site of where their jeep used to be. What they had just witnessed was arguably one of the weirdest things anyone in the Lego World had ever seen, and for a while, neither of them could think of anything to say or do in reaction. Eventually, one of them did manage to say something.

“FINE!!” snapped Applejack. “TAKE IT!!” She then threw her hat on the ground and stormed off.

Rarity carefully picked up the discarded cowboy hat and brushed off the dust from it.

“Found it!” exclaimed Pinkie Pie cheerfully as she suddenly reemerged from the jungle with the lost wheel in her hands. “I got the runaway wheel!” But then she immediately stopped in her tracks once she realized that the clearing was now completely empty. “Uh… where’s the rest of the jeep?” she asked in confusion. “I’m pretty sure we left it right here.”

Rarity just didn’t have the heart to explain everything to her cheerful friend, so she simply hung her head in sadness and let out a sigh of defeat.

It wasn’t much longer before the helicopter began to fly over the area where the motorcycle chase was taking place. Although the Shadowbolts piloting it knew they were in the right area, it was all but impossible to find them through the dense canopy, but that wasn’t going to stop them from trying. All the while, Twilight’s opened device continued to tear open holes in space wherever the helicopter went.

Sugarcoat soon encountered most of the raptors who had been chasing after her and quickly knocked them all off their motorcycles with her tree branch lance. Now that nearly all of the riding raptors had been taken out, she decided to rejoin Indigo Zap and think of a new strategy to deal with the LEGO Team members who were still after them.

However, as the helicopter passed over Sugarcoat, another portal opened up, and with it came the intrusion of another vicious vine. She saw from the edge of her vision on her left that vine suddenly lunge out at her as she passed by, but she narrowly avoided it by leaning way over to her right, far enough that she and her bike slid across the ground a fair distance before coming to a stop.

As that vine slithered around to find another target, Sugarcoat discarded the tree branch, then quickly picked up her motorcycle and tried to start it up again. However, with each attempt, the engine simply sputtered and failed to ignite. “Stubborn piece of junk,” she grumbled as she fruitlessly continued to get it started up.

At that moment, Rainbow Dash had followed Sugarcoat and was shocked to suddenly find a large vine blocking the path ahead. “Whoa!” she shouted before the end of that vine suddenly wrapped around her waist and lifted her off of her bike. The driverless motorcycle slammed into the giant vine, tumbled through the air, and crashed to the ground right beside Sugarcoat.

“Let me go, let me go!” Rainbow Dash shouted desperately as she beat her fists against the vine that had grabbed her, but to no effect. She grunted in pain as that vine started to squeeze, but when she realized what part of her body was trapped within the grip of this aggressive plant from another universe, she suddenly got an idea and smirked.

Rainbow grabbed onto her legs and yanked them down once, then twice. On the third yank, her legs and hip joint separated from her torso, allowing both halves of her body to slip right out of the vine’s grip and tumble back to the ground. Her legless upper half flipped over so that she was facing up and she triumphantly shouted, “Ha-ha! Too smart for you!”

Meanwhile, Sunset Shimmer and the two remaining raptors continued to chase after Indigo Zap as the helicopter passed over them, and more of the dangerous portals opened up within the jungle. One vine shot forward and struck Indigo right off her bike. Two more vines, each topped with the head of a carnivorous plant, snatched up the two raptors and even the motorcycles they were riding. The raptors squealed helplessly as they struggled to break free, but with only their heads and tails sticking out, there was no hope for them as the plants carried them off back through the portals.

Sunset immediately skidded to a stop as she witnessed the carnage up ahead. She glanced around and realized that those vicious plants were not part of this jungle, but were actually emerging from some interdimensional portal that had suddenly appeared. “Portals again?” she mumbled to herself.

Sunset then began to hear the chopping rotary noise of a helicopter overhead, so she glanced up and saw through a small gap in the canopy a large helicopter with something small dangling underneath it. She quickly pulled out a pair of binoculars and focused on the dangling object. She gasped lightly when she realized it was Twilight Sparkle, and her device was once again glowing and opened.

As she put away her binoculars, Sunset muttered to herself, “I’ve gotta bring down that helicopter.” She glanced over at Indigo Zap, who had finally recovered and began to make her way over to her fallen motorcycle. Sunset realized that this particular Shadowbolt agent presented her with an excellent opportunity, and as much as she hated to admit it, it was time to take a page from her old book of dirty tricks.

Indigo reached down to pick up her motorcycle when Sunset suddenly stopped right beside her. She quickly stood back up and raised her fists, ready for the one-on-one fight that she was sure was about to take place.

“Where’s your rocket launcher?” asked Sunset.

Indigo briefly paused in confusion and lowered her fists, then she shot back, “Why do you care?!”

Sunset raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Oh, so you admit that you don’t have one with you? That is just lame.”

That last word struck a nerve in Indigo. “Oh yeah?!” she snapped. “I’ll show you!” She immediately threw off her backpack and pulled out a few parts that she then quickly assembled into a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher. She chuckled mischievously as she stared at the rocket launcher in her hands and remarked, “I never go anywhere without packing some heat!”

Indigo suddenly felt her head get shoved from behind, causing her to smack her forehead against the rocket launcher and knock herself unconscious. She groaned deliriously for a moment before finally passing out and falling backwards. As her body hit the ground, the rocket launcher bounced out of her grip, and was snatched away in midair by Sunset Shimmer.

“Why thank you,” said Sunset mockingly with a smile. “You are so generous.” She quickly slung the rocket launcher over her back, hopped back onto her motorcycle, and sped off after the helicopter.

Sunset soon reached a small clearing in the jungle, providing her with an excellent location to search for the helicopter without having to climb one of the trees. Sure enough, the Shadowbolts’ helicopter came back into view, so she unslung the rocket launcher, checked to make sure a missile was already loaded into it, then lifted it up onto her shoulder and prepared to aim.

“Gotta get this just right…” muttered Sunset as she took careful aim. She wanted to bring down the helicopter without seriously harming anyone, so she had to disable it and not simply blow it up. The best way to achieve this was to take out the tail rotor, so that was exactly what she aimed for. As that helicopter came just a little closer, she was able to lock onto the tail rotor, and then she fired the missile.

Twilight Sparkle managed to catch a glimpse of something red and yellow down on the ground just before a missile was suddenly launched from that location and flew straight towards the helicopter up above her. The missile struck the tail of the helicopter, blasting it to pieces and sending the rest of the helicopter spiraling out of control.

The three Shadowbolt agents inside the helicopter’s cockpit held onto their seats as multiple alarms blared all around and they began to rapidly descend. As Lemon Zest tried and failed to regain any control, she exclaimed, “We’ve lost the tail rotor! We’re goin’ down!”

As the spinning helicopter descended, Twilight also began to drop down and soon found herself smacking into countless tree branches. Still trapped within the net, there was nothing she could do but grunt in pain with each impact. Eventually, the disabled helicopter hit the treetops, tipped over, and finally crashed to the ground inside another small clearing. With no more helicopter holding her up, Twilight hit a few more branches before finally hitting the ground. She was still trapped within the net, but at least now she was no longer dangling helplessly in the air.

Twilight gasped as another portal suddenly opened up nearby and another one of the large vines came slithering out. She glanced over at her still-open device and realized that she had to close it now. Even though the net was now loose enough to permit free movement, she had also fallen to pieces upon hitting the ground, so while her head watched from one side, her right arm dragged her torso over until she could finally reach that arm over to the device. She tried to force it closed, but one arm alone wasn’t quite strong enough to do it.

Twilight began to panic as that vine slowly crept closer to her. With no time to put herself back together, she had to rely on just that one arm. In a desperate effort, she then made her torso hop off the ground and press its weight atop the device while trying to close it with her right arm. Thankfully, that provided just enough force to finally shut the device. Every portal that had opened all over Dinosaur Island immediately closed and all of the vicious plants that had crawled through retreated back into the alternate world they had come from.

With all of that madness finally over with, Twilight relaxed and let out a long sigh of relief.

Sunset Shimmer had the rocket launcher slung over her back again as she rode her motorcycle through the jungle. It wasn’t long until she suddenly came across Fluttershy wandering around, so she stopped beside her friend and hopped off her motorcycle. “Fluttershy!” she called out. “Thank goodness you’re okay! Have you seen Rainbow Dash around here?”

“Lego!” shouted the voice of Rainbow Dash, not too far away.

Sunset and Fluttershy glanced at each other, then ran over to where they had heard their friend. When they arrived, they were both shocked to discover that not only were Rainbow’s legs separated from her torso, but also happened to be the subject of a tug-o-war between the rest of Rainbow’s body and one of the raptors, with the latter gripping those legs with his jaws.

“C’mon!” shouted Rainbow Dash in frustration as she kept tugging on her legs. “My legs are not a chew toy!”

“Excuse me!” Fluttershy suddenly exclaimed furiously.

Both Rainbow Dash and the raptor immediately stopped tugging those legs and turned their attention towards Fluttershy.

“Drop it!” demanded Fluttershy.

The raptor suddenly let go of Rainbow’s legs and lowered his head while whimpering like a sad puppy.

“Yes, you should be ashamed of yourself,” scolded Fluttershy. “Those legs belong to one of my best friends, and she clearly doesn’t like not having them. How would you like if I decided to take away your legs?”

The raptor just looked away in shame.

“That’s what I thought,” finished Fluttershy.

“Okay, it’s official,” muttered Rainbow Dash in shock. “Never get on Fluttershy’s bad side.” She turned her legs around, placed them upright on the ground, and then hopped her torso into place on top of them. As soon as her legs were reattached, she suddenly staggered backwards and hissed in pain as she rubbed her hands over her legs.

“Are you okay, Rainbow?” asked Sunset with concern.

“I’m fine,” replied Rainbow Dash. Her voice escalated as she added, “My legs are just a little sore, probably because a certain raptor has been gnawing on them!” She glared at the raptor in question.

The raptor glared right back and growled in anger.

Fluttershy loudly cleared her throat and glared at the raptor in disapproval.

Once again, the raptor just lowered his head and whimpered like a sad puppy.

“We don’t have time to lose,” Sunset quickly explained. “We gotta get to the crash site of that helicopter before the Shadowbolts get away again. Now let’s go!” She immediately ran back to where she had left her motorcycle, not too far away.

As Rainbow Dash began to limp her way forward, Fluttershy turned to her and asked, “Would you be okay with driving the motorcycle with the sidecar attached?” She gestured over to the motorcycle in question, which she had only recently managed to drag out from some thick vegetation.

Rainbow sighed and muttered, “Not like I have much of a choice.” She then limped over to that motorcycle, while Fluttershy climbed back into the sidecar.

At the helicopter crash site, very little was left of the helicopter aside from a large pile of various Lego pieces. The first sign of movement came when one of the parts was shoved aside, revealing Sunny Flare without her hair piece. She coughed a bit and slowly pulled herself the rest of the way out of the wreckage. She brushed herself off, then upon noticing the absence of her hair, quickly began digging through the pile for it.

On the other side of the pile, Sour Sweet suddenly burst out from underneath some other pieces and, with her sour face exposed, grumbled, “Well that could’ve got a whole lot better!”

Close by to her, Lemon Zest’s head was sticking up out from under some other bits of debris. Lemon turned to Sour and remarked, “Hey, take it easy. Let’s try not to lose our heads here.” She then stood up from under the debris, only to realize that her body was actually separate from her head and on the other side of the pile. She stared at her headless body for a moment, then hesitantly added, “Uh… I stand corrected.”

As Lemon’s body walked over to retrieve her head, Sunny Flare had just managed to find her hair piece. As she carefully placed it back on her head, she contently remarked, “Regardless, we are all still alive and with all of our parts intact.”

The three Shadowbolt agents at the crash site were unaware of the arrival of their teammate Twilight Sparkle. Had any of them noticed, they would have seen her with a fierce scowl on her face as she slowly walked up to them while dragging the net along behind her.

“Now then,” continued Sunny Flare, “let us try to salvage what we can of this—”

Twilight suddenly threw the net over the three Shadowbolts, startling them all into yelping in panic. It took a bit more effort than necessary due to everyone yanking it in different directions, but the girls soon managed to pull the net off of themselves.

Sour Sweet kept her sour face exposed as she turned to Twilight and furiously shouted, “What was that for?!”

“For leaving me dangling from the helicopter like a piece of bait for some bird of prey, that’s what!” Twilight shot back just as furiously. “I mean, what was that for?! You allowed Sunny Flare to climb aboard and forgot about me?! And worst of all, I actually saw that it was Sunset Shimmer who shot us down! I almost guarantee that she saw me dangling outside and realized the rest of you had to be in that helicopter. In which case, you would’ve been no better off than just painting a big red target on the side that says, ‘Shoot me down! I’m a Shadowbolt!’”

Twilight’s rant was cut off by the noise of an approaching motorcycle. The four gathered Shadowbolts turned their attention towards it and saw that it was Sugarcoat, with an unconscious Indigo Zap draped over the rear like a piece of luggage.

As soon as Sugarcoat came to a stop and shut off the motor, Indigo finally began to wake up. She groaned as she tried to make sense of what had just happened to her, but then suddenly found herself grabbed by Sugarcoat and flung off the motorcycle. As she was tossed over to the other Shadowbolts, she staggered to her feet and glanced around in confusion. Her attention eventually focused on Sugarcoat, who seemed to be even more displeased than usual.

With clenched fists and barely contained rage, Sugarcoat grumbled, “I cannot believe you were actually stupid enough to fall for that!”

“Fall for what?” asked Lemon Zest.

Before Indigo could even lift a hand, Sugarcoat immediately turned to the other Shadowbolt agents and explained, “Sunset Shimmer egged her into revealing she had a rocket launcher, who then proceeded to easily knock her out and steal said rocket launcher.”

“What?!” shouted Twilight in disbelief at Indigo. “You mean that was your rocket launcher she used to shoot us down?!”

Indigo immediately stared over at the helicopter wreckage in shock, while the three Shadowbolt agents involved in that crash stared back at her in just as much shock.

Twilight gripped her hair and roared out in frustration. “I don’t know which of my so-called ‘teammates’ I should be more furious at!” she snapped.

As Twilight panted heavily from her unleashed rage, the rest of the Shadowbolt agents glanced around at one another. On the outside, they showed displeasure at their fellow teammates for making so many stupid mistakes. But on the inside, they were each ashamed of themselves for making such stupid mistakes.

After a few seconds, Twilight threw up her hands and exclaimed, “Okay, y’know what? I don’t care what any of you think, but I’m calling off this mission, right here, RIGHT NOW!” She held out her right arm and began tapping her Jump-Gate code onto the device on her wrist. As she entered that code, she added, “And to be honest, I’m actually starting to question Cinch’s judgement.”

“After a miserable failure like this one, I would not be surprised if we all shared that sentiment,” remarked Sugarcoat.

“Yeah, this day’s been nothing but a total waste of time,” agreed Lemon Zest.

As Twilight opened the Jump-Gate back to their secret home base, Sunny Flare stated, “Let’s just return home and get some rest. I’m sure that once we take some time to let things cool off, we will be ready to face our next mission without too much trouble.”

If there’s a next mission,” grumbled Sour Sweet as the six Shadowbolt agents stepped through the Jump-Gate.

The last one through was Twilight Sparkle, but just before she took that step through the gateway, she suddenly began to hear the familiar noise of a motorcycle engine. She glanced back and soon saw Sunset Shimmer on her motorcycle suddenly burst out of the jungle and headed right towards her! Twilight immediately stepped through the gateway and smacked the “Emergency Close” button, slamming shut the Jump-Gate doors and quickly vanishing from Dinosaur Island.

As soon as the Jump-Gate dematerialized, Sunset was forced to skid sideways to a stop to avoid crashing into the pile of wreckage. Just seconds later, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy also arrived on their shared motorcycle.

As soon as her friends had stopped their motorcycle, Sunset removed her helmet and grumbled in disappointment, “She got away again, along with the other Shadowbolts.”

Rainbow Dash flipped up the visor on her helmet, while Fluttershy flipped up the goggles on her aviator’s cap. “Man, that stinks,” groaned Rainbow Dash in just as much disappointment. “This was our big opportunity to finally stop the Shadowbolts, and we totally blew it. Sure, we were able to ambush them and send them on the run, but we didn’t catch them or find the location of their secret hideout. No matter how hard we try, they always seem to be one step ahead of us. There’s gotta be something we can do!”

“If there is, we just don’t know about it yet,” responded Sunset as she rubbed her chin thoughtfully. “If only we had some kind of clue…”

“Oh! Wait! I just remembered something,” Fluttershy suddenly spoke up. She reached into her vest and pulled out a small index card. She handed it over to Sunset and explained, “I found this back at that abandoned Arctic base. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, so I decided to hold onto it and see if someone else could figure it out.”

Rainbow Dash looked over Sunset’s shoulder and read aloud what was printed on that card. “‘Pick-A-Brick’? What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I’m not sure,” replied Sunset as she pocketed the index card, “but this could be just the kind of clue we might be looking for.” She picked up her motorcycle and climbed on. “Let’s find the rest of our friends and return to the spaceship. Then we’ll contact Celestia and Luna and find out if this little card can provide some useful information.” She then put on her helmet, started up the motorcycle, and began to ride off back into the jungle.

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy climbed back onto their motorcycle, started it back up again, flipped down their respective visors, and then followed after their friend.

Author's Note:

Among many of the gags I put in this chapter, the idea of raptors on motorcycles came from the game Lego Jurassic World. Although I haven't played that game (nor do I anticipate I will anytime soon), I have heard of certain aspects: nearly all playable characters can ride vehicles, and among the playable characters are certain dinosaurs like raptors, so that inevitably allows you to have a raptor ride a motorcycle if you really wanted to. That to me seemed like such a hilariously outlandish and ridiculous image that I just had to include it. (Not to mention, it certainly gave Fluttershy a chance to do something truly epic.)

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