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Anything can be awesome when it's made of Lego.


Making an epic series is never flawless. Sometimes, unexpected accidents happen on the set. Sometimes, anger and frustration can result from things just not going the way they should. And sometimes, silly goofs and mistakes happen that everyone can't help but laugh at.

Let's speculate what it would be like if the series LEGO Equestria Girls was filmed with actors and actresses in the Lego World. What kind of bloopers might have occurred along the way? Let's take a look at this (not canon) satirical take on the series.

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Princess Twilight Sparkle held her script in her hands as she walked over to the director and asked, “Um, excuse me? Am I reading this correctly? Do you really want me to refer to Pinkie Pie in this scene as Oinkie Pie?”

Pinkie Tales! "squee" :pinkiehappy:


The Starlight Glimmer Blooper was a nice touch. Look forward to the next one.

Seeing as my latest stories have gotten no more than just a few comments and all of them in only the first day each time a new chapter is posted, I've decided to start replying to them sooner than I had previously.

8462598 I'm already done with all of the other ones I'll be adding to this story. The reason I'll be adding them here only once a week is because, with all the other things I've got occupying my time, it's just more convenient for me.

8462799 I honestly have no idea about whatever reference you think is there, as I've never had any interest in that fanfiction. As I mentioned in the author's notes, the reason I came up with this blooper is because I really have made that particular typo a few times while writing this series.

It must be a pretty common typo, considering that the author of that series uses it as Pinkie's pig name in her Three Little Pigs parody.

Applejack's blooper in the harbor reminds me of two of the bloopers from Toy Story 2. One where the new Buzz burps and disturbs the whole isle (one even says "Who invited that guy?") and one where Stinky Pete breaks winds. :twistnerd:

Comment posted by Random User 22 deleted Oct 9th, 2017
Comment posted by Random User 22 deleted Oct 9th, 2017

The Screwdriver scene and cowbar one was my favorite.

You could have put in a joke about how the Dazzlings eat farts. Oh, well, missed opportunity.

8477506 Nice to see you like this so far. By the way, what's with all those deleted comments? Accidentally double-posted, I presume?

8478506 Okay, now that's just gross. :pinkiesick: It seems I've greatly underestimated the general tolerance of fart jokes on this site. In any case, considering that this entire series is set in a world of Lego, I'm always trying my best to keep everything within the E rating, and I have no intentions of ever letting that change.

The show staff apparently made a joke about how negativity looks like a giant fart cloud in the Rainbow Rocks commentary.

Yeah I somehow ended up posting the same comment 3 times. Grant it my mouse is screwed up but I don't get it why it did that.

Stealing Sunset's car, Rainbow? That won't end well for you.

That last one was funny. :rainbowlaugh: Wait. If native Pinkie's body had visiting Pinkie's head, then who's memories did native Pinkie's body have? :applejackunsure:

Sunset glanced over at the director behind the cameras, then turned to Indigo and apologetically said, “Actually, the director’s saying it’s a no-go. As funny as that was, I’m guessing it took away the shock factor this scene was supposed to have, so it looks like we’ll have to try this again.”
Indigo slumped and growled, “Aw, f—”

The clip ended before Indigo could finish saying that word.

Welp there's my favorite blooper. By the way something I've forgotten to say: Before I made this account I read all the Lego Stories you made so far. I really enjoyed them a lot. Love how you used jokes from the Lego Movie and this story showed me things I never knew about Lego.

I'm looking forward to your next project for this series of stories.

8492209 There's a reason there's a "Random" tag on this story (besides the obvious fact that it's not meant to be canon at all). Some of these bloopers are not meant to make any sense, and when you combine Lego's quirky humor with the complete silliness of Pinkie Pie, let's just say you'd be better off simply not asking any serious questions.

8492541 I'm glad to hear you've been enjoying this series so much. I've been working on it for years now, so the fact that people like you are always replying to every new chapter of every new story proves to me that there are still plenty of people out there who are always looking forward to more. As you may have read in one of my earlier blogs, there was a point where I had considered calling an end to the series because I had felt that it was simply no longer worth the effort, but I ultimately decided to continue, and it looks like we're all glad that I did. If you've been keeping track of the timing of when each story started and the pace at which new chapters were added, I'm sure you can figure out when to expect to see more.

1. Twilight's innuendo radar is more broken than mine, and that's saying something. :rainbowlaugh:
2. Ouch. Poor Spike. :fluttershyouch:
3. Apparently, failing at bad comedy is just as painful as the bad comedy itself, and that's not even accounting for the bad meta humor. :rainbowlaugh:
4. All that effort just to take Sunset on a mind trip. Really? :ajbemused:

In the Dark Forest at night, Sunset and Twilight were trapped in a cage after being captured by trolls from Trixie’s army. Sunset was picking the lock on the cage and had asked Twilight to provide a diversion by any possible means.

Okay I need to re-read the story cause I don't remember them being captured by Trixie. Hell I'll likely end up reading all the lego stories again at some point.

On the streets of Canterlot City, Sunset Shimmer walked over to her custom-built convertible car. She opened the door, climbed into the driver’s seat, shut the door, and then started the engine.

As Sunset made some adjustments, Pinkie Pie slowly rose up from her hiding place in the car’s backseat. With a naughty grin on her face, she slowly reached her arm out towards Sunset. However, just before she could touch her, Sunset tapped a seemingly random button on the dashboard and the seat Pinkie was in suddenly shot up out of the car, taking Pinkie with it.

Pinkie screamed as the ejector seat carried her up into the air and then plummeted down onto the sidewalk beside the car. She groaned as she sat up and looked over at Sunset.

Sunset glanced back at Pinkie with a smug smile and simply said, “Nice try, Pinkie.” She turned her attention forward and stomped on the accelerator. With a squeal of the tires, the car sped off down the street.

Pinkie Pie silently watched the car zoom away. With yet another attempt to force Sunset to look inside her mind ending in total failure, Pinkie snapped her clawed hand and grumbled, “Drat!”

Nice try, Pinkie. Sunset knows what your mind is like.

8506339 For that first one, Twilight not understanding innuendo is mostly to reflect how I made this Lego World completely lack the concept of sex (kids are built, not born), so anything relating to it would be simply unknown to everyone. Therefore, the suggestion of innuendo at all is played just for laughs here.

8506355 They weren't captured by Trixie, but rather by a bunch of trolls that they assumed were likely part of Trixie's army. Also, why did you quote the entirety of that final blooper? Did you wish to say something about it, but forgot to add your comment after the quote?

Oh I see.

I wanted to say that was my favorite part in these bloopers. But something went wrong. I tired to fix it but I couldn't do it.

equestrian girls series is on youtube channel now

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