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Arcanum -Phantasy

Greetings, I do fanfiction reviews on my YouTube channel. Here's the link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNK9gN2LzWpCek5pPHcV24w Check it out if you want.


A wicked curse has fallen upon the students of Canterlot High. Born from the rage of false accusations, can Rarity lead the charge to set things right? Can the power awakened inside her help? Only one way to find out. PERSONA!

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Well this came flying out of nowhere. I've no inkling of what "Persona" is, but pairing Sunset with the greek fury of wrath is sure to go to all kinds of interesting places. No Acceptance this time, just the implacable vengeance of the revenant.

Video Game, rpg style game. But persona are like spirits that have great power and can bond with certain people, depending on what they can do, can be great healers and bringers of Justice to nightmares you never want to have.

think of a Persona like a guardian or summon spirit with a bunch of different abilities.



I see. This is one of those anime things, isn't it? At first impression it kind of reminds me of, oh what was it called, Fate? Y'know, that one show from a while ago, summat about a war and the Holy Grail. Never watched much of it, that thing was dry even by my standards.

Persona's a bit different from Fate. Each of the games have a heavy focus on symbolism as well as dualistic themes. Persona 3's theme was life an death. Persona 4's theme was truth and lies. Persona 5's theme was freedom and slavery as well as having each of the bosses represent the Seven Deadly Sins. They are a lot of fun to play and are anything but stale. If you haven't played them then I highly recommend you give them a try.

Equestria Girls x Persona

Lets gooooo

Story title is mispelled. It's "Anon-a-Miss" not "Annon-a-Miss". About to start reading, but if that mistake carried over into the story...


Aw, crud. That ain't good for the city.


To add on Arcanum comment, each Persona game is its own story so you don’t have to play Persona 4 to understand Persona 5. If your interested, P5 is getting a re-work called P5 Royal. Basically it’s a quality of life update + added story and content to the game so if you want you could go with that when it comes out. Anyways don’t want to overload you with info so feel free to look into it yourself.

Sorry about that. People keep giving me opposing spellings. :facehoof:

Right. One of the main reasons why they aren't linked is that I remember that each of the 3 latest games in the franchise had a different method for summoning personas. In 3, S.E.E.S had to shoot themselves with a special type of gun called an Evoker to summon them. In 4, the Investigation Team had to use special tarot cards called Arcana to summon them and In 5, the Phantom Thieves had superhero-like personas with masks on their faces and they rip them off to summon them. But one similar thing the three games have is that while the other characters of the three different groups are limited to one persona, the protagonist; the main character you play as, is a wild card and can access multiple personas.

"Excellent!" the voice cheered. "Then let's form our pact. I am thou. Thou art I. A raging flame that scours the soul. A Goddess of Vengeance that cleaves all who stands against the scales of justice. Shout out my name, and let us lead the souls of the guilty to their ultimate punishment!"

Beware of the Firestorm.

It's time to play "Guess the Arcana"! I'm thinking either Fool, Justice, or Judgement.

Good tease, I'm looking forward to more.

True, but I'm still going to play in order to ascend in gameplay complexity.

I.e. 1 is simplest, then 2, 3 portable, 4 golden, 5 royal.

That's assuming 3.

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