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I fall asleep one night, only to awaken in Equestria as a foal! Not only that, but Nightmare Moon is my mother! What lies ahead for me in my new foalified life?

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Well written, cohesive. Flowing ideas. All in all, a good beginning!

Why does Nightmare Moon have a baby? Why wasn't Celestia attacking her? O.O

Comment posted by megabyte97 deleted Aug 24th, 2016

Thank you so much you got north star's personality perfectly!

Reads chapter... died laughing.

“Dat outside. Mommy says we no awowwed outside all alone.”

“But it look like fun! I wanna go!”

Yup, that was me when I was little.:scootangel:

Also, my oc is a Unicorn but this Pegasus version intrigues me... I love it!:heart:

Yay. Also you got 2 Times Melody Song and Not Note. But other then that, you did you really good. I like it :pinkiehappy:

7510052 Sorry about getting your OC wrong. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter!

7510300 Sorry for getting the name wrong.

7510441 it's okay :twilightsmile: Next Time ;) oh, and my mane is red with a purpel Strip ;)

Perfect. You describe me so perfectly I-I*sniffel* I think my going to cry. Thank you.:heart:
Also, I really don't mind, but if your going to ship me (yes even a little) give me a heads up. Again I don't mind, I just want to know.
Mostly because At me school I get shipped with a lot of people and I just like to know when I'm being ship.

Good job, keep it up and thank you for using me oc :twilightsmile:

Oh and one more thing; I love the night, especially on stormy night I just love the sound and lights. And will probably be with Luna and/or NMM a lot. Just in case you want to use that for anything. :derpytongue2:
If you need some back story pm.
And I think that's it, sorry for booming you with everything I said in this one comment :twilightblush:but either way have a good night:pinkiehappy:

7517227 I don't intend to ship you. Blue Moon likes you because you're fuzzy :twilightsmile:

7518165 cool. It just look like, to me, I was being. And I don't mind, I just like to know when that happens.
Plus you pretty much go the wolf background/backstory down. So I could care less.:pinkiehappy:

In any RP scenario game I played as a kid, I'd get very into character. Good or bad guy... (hint, hint.)

North star is scarred of the dark dawww:pinkiesad2:

Neat, been awhile since I have seen someone come up with an original concept involving nightmare Moon. Attention gained.:moustache:

This was weapons grade levels if "dawwwww"

Na' not my style. But the idea is good.

Last I heard giving a booster shots to someone that's sick is a bad idea.

Adorable. Can't wait for more:pinkiehappy:

As if by instinct, I placed my mouth over one of the nipples and began to suckle. I could taste the breast milk enter my mouth and flow down my throat. It tasted like rich, sweet cream. I kept suckling until the milk was gone.

I like it if they have to be urged a bit, and then go after their instict if they take their first taste.

Seeing all of them smile made me feel happy. I giggled and booped Twilight on the nose. This caused everypony to giggle as well

. It is nothing important, but I admit I'm a little bit dissapointed that this isn't like another story I know, where I would be able to read his thought about the whole thing, and not him just well acting and probably even thinking like a Baby.

You could say, even if I like it, it feels as if would be to easy again somehow.
Don't get me wrong, I like it but it are still parts of my thoughts about this chapter.

“And I’m sure he’ll love playing with my daughter, Nyx.”

If I remember it right, we know have three versions of Luna in this story.

Nyx giggled. “We speeking foal. Big ponies don’t undertand us.”

It is interessting, but in a TV show and in storys, I always thought it was a bit strange too, even if I couldn't exactly explain why. I mean it is like if they could suddenly talk, they could take part in a game show about "knowing your best friend".

Maybe the older ponys even should know about Babys bein able to understand each other.

“U doo-doo head!” I shoved Nyx, and she started screaming. This brought in Mommy and Twilight. They picked us up and immediately began to calm us down.

I think I would like a different prologue, in which he starts in some sort of a blank state, where he remembers nothing. If it is like this I always feel like he shouldn't completely act like a foal, at least not perfectly since he seems to still remember a part of himself in he beginning of this chapter.

If you would like your OC to be featured as a foal in this story, please message me.

I guess it depens on how many foals you take and where you plan to take the story, because when a random army of foals invades the story, I don't exactly know if you would even let him stay friends with every foal in the future.

I don't know, that is probalby my usual late night reaction, but it was not bad, but at least not completely how I like it the most.

I decided to introduce myself. “Hewllo! My name Blue Moon! Who are u?”

“My name Ekko.” She said.

meeeeehhh I think I need to know which direction this story is supposed to go, becauseright now I would prefer them to finally meet each other and get over with it, to finally proceed with the story, but I guess this is maybe even supposed to be a foals playing with each other, that way it would be okay.

“Don’t get too excited little one. You are still in big trouble.” Mommy then took me back to my nursery and spanked my bottom three times.

I'm not going to ask if he is already old enough for that.....I guess I just did, but then again...Ponys.

sorry, I always feel a bit more picky in this time of a day.

Hhhhmmm If I'm honest, then I have to admit I expected one of them or the main char to make it a bit more difficult for Applejack. I guess it went a bit to easy for me, and till now it made no sense that he had to be a Human.

I mean I got the idea that he was a Human before, if he was a Pony before then that would mean someone suddenly went missing.

As I battled Nyx, Ekko fought North Star, Melody fought Bioquill

As I battled Nyx, Ekko defeated or hunted North Star, Melody fought Bioquill. I just thought he is probably still the scared one.

7578848 till now I kind of agree but I wait till I get the idea or an answer, about where this story is supposed to go. It remembers me of that one cartoon, that was only about the weird parents and all the Babys.

This was a nice chapter.

You do realize that if you hadn't shown that he can keep down formula in the last chapter, that punishment would be considered abuse, right?

Are you still accepting OC's?

Blue Blood, I am very disappointed with you. You shouldn’t wander off like that!

a small typo, i think. Blue Moon i feel would be more appropriate?

Twilight then approached Mommy. “Nightmare Moon, we still have that meeting with the griffons. I’m afraid it will take up most of the day.”

I hope she only means Twilight and Nightmare, because all of them would maybe to much, at least if they do it like that all the time.

Nice chapter, even if during Bluebloods treat, I only could think :
"and three arguments from the other princesses and Blueblood has no real power over her anymore."

The Dawes and the lolz were real this chapter

One word:.........awwwwwwwwwwww :twilightsmile:

Aunt Rainbow Dash gave a wonderbolts action figure of herself.

It's that sort of present where I image the cartoon figure to throw it back at the head from that person that gave him the present. (mostly because it was herself)

Nice chapter, but I still hope there is a time when it doesn't always has the feeling of that Cartoon show about the Babys and their babysitter.
(awww I just cant remember the name)

Well it is not bad, once in a while I should actually be happy about something like this. I think at the moment I just can't wait for the different storys to continue.

You know what, I just enjoy it for now.

Yay, new chapter! I almost thought this story died. Glad it didn't

Nyx smiled. “Dat ok, I fowgive U. And it was a good pwank.” The four of us then huddled together and hugged. Aunt Pinkie and Uncle Spike both D’awwed at the sight.

Didn't we had that situation already?, just saying it is not really a bad thing.

“Spoiled go down da hole!” Pound pulled the handle and Spoiled screamed as she spun around the draining toilet until she was sucked down the hole.

it is rare that I say it in mlp okay maybe not, but that was probably more than dangerous.

“Wha-what happened? Where am I?”

I don't remember the rest and can't really judge if they are able to talk already, or read for the matter and cast that spell. I remember that he had already casted a spell but more as an accident. This means it looks a bit weird to me that they suddenly know difficult spells already. I know I shouldn't take this story seriously but I still try to make a bit sense out of it.

I would like to see Blue have adventures with each of the mane 6

Yes, new chapter. Foals be All Powerful!:trixieshiftright:

This was similar to what I did when I was little.

You’re just a silly little chub chub, aren’t you?

Wow, that's what my cousin calls his niece.

I pointed at Scootaloo and smiled. “Chicken!”

This joke needs to die in a fire. The sooner the better.

Is no one gonna comment on the fact that the foals made an apology card with WORDS in it? I'm pretty sure they haven't gone to school yet, otherwise the author might have told us....... Soooooo, no one? Is it just me? OK, I'll give you guys time to comment first before I give up and continue reading.:eeyup:

I held Oswald close as I drifted back to sleep. I felt good knowing that there were no monsters. But the music that grown ups listen to is scary enough.

He already knows the true:twilightsmile:

Normally I'd say a pony doesn't deserve to be flushed down the toilet, but in Spoiled's case she more than deserved it. Heck, you should've let her stay down there for a while. :pinkiecrazy:

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