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While working on her magic, a series of events causes Trixie to turn Derpy into a foal. How will Derpy's husband, Doctor Whooves, and her daughter Dinky deal with this new development?

*Alt U because I want to use the cannon where Derpy and Doctor Whooves are married.*

*Art by Beavernator*

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well this is intresting

Fire the Canon Cannon!
Otherwise, you have my interest o/

*Alt U because I want to use the cannon where Derpy and Doctor Whooves are married.*

I wasn't aware that canon was a thing.

this is super cute and that back and forth with trixie and starlight is so good

I must say, for a foal, Dinky handles that her mother is a baby pretty well.

When Doctor Whooves is your father, you come to expect the unexpected.

i think i got adorabeties

I have to agree with Starlight, foal sitting a pegasus is much easier than a alicorn. And I can't blame Cheerilee, what is proven in actual history and experieced by a time lord are 2 different things. Don't want to imagine how she had to be convienced. But anyway, glad to hear you passed, Dinky!

ow my sides hurt from lauging so hard

Well, even as baby, Derpy knows to behave, impressive. When i read flurry, I was worried it would get very bad. Dinky’s still a filly, so shouldn#t the doctor say baby instead of filly? Just to point it out.

derpy here to save the day while being adorable in every way

Why didn't you respond to my comment?

You didn't ask anything. You just made a statement.

Nice! I never expected the entire class to be s good at this, especially Silver and Diamond. I honestly thought they would bully Dinky because of her mom being a foal. Exepect ths takes place after the CMC got it’s cute marks

You know, I think grounding is crueler than spanking-especially at that age. Children need to get out and long term confinement inhibits social development.
Just my thoughts.

oh this was adorable

And so it comes closely to the end.

this was a good story and I'm glad to have read it

I like where she said I want muffins

You derpy the cutest foal ever

Derpy is so smart as a foal

Ironic Justice getting a dirty diaper thrown in her face

His name must of went gray by the end of the day

Love what you did here

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