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I am a brony and a long time writer. This site will be for my MLP fanfiction, and you can read my other works on Deviantart.com under the name potsticker13.


While working on her magic, a series of events causes Trixie to turn Derpy into a foal. How will Derpy's husband, Doctor Whooves, and her daughter Dinky deal with this new development?

*Alt U because I want to use the cannon where Derpy and Doctor Whooves are married.*

*Art by Beavernator*

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well this is intresting

Fire the Canon Cannon!
Otherwise, you have my interest o/

twilight and Starlight:"Oh...trixie accidentally used an age regression spell that (blah blah blah)..and now she's a foal"
dinky whooves:"AAAHHHH!!!mommy's a baby":pinkiegasp:

*Alt U because I want to use the cannon where Derpy and Doctor Whooves are married.*

I wasn't aware that canon was a thing.

this is super cute and that back and forth with trixie and starlight is so good

I must say, for a foal, Dinky handles that her mother is a baby pretty well.

When Doctor Whooves is your father, you come to expect the unexpected.

i think i got adorabeties

I have to agree with Starlight, foal sitting a pegasus is much easier than a alicorn. And I can't blame Cheerilee, what is proven in actual history and experieced by a time lord are 2 different things. Don't want to imagine how she had to be convienced. But anyway, glad to hear you passed, Dinky!

ow my sides hurt from lauging so hard

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