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I am a brony and a long time writer. This site will be for my MLP fanfiction, and you can read my other works on Deviantart.com under the name potsticker13.


Fluttershy loves all animals like a mother loves her children. But one day, she finds an egg that hatches to reveal a baby changeling. Despite what happened during the royal wedding, Fluttershy decides to raise the little changeling as her own. But will her friends be as accepting as she is?

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Comment posted by Tennis Match Fan deleted Dec 27th, 2014

this is so adorable, please continue!

I agree, this is adorable. Keep up the good work.:yay:

i like it and please continue to make more chapters for this story

You have most certainly reflected Fluttershy's character perfectly :yay:

I look forward to the continuation of this lovable story!

Gotta love me some baby changelings :heart:

You mean there will be more of this adorable story? I'm so there!

This is indeed adorabel!:pinkiehappy:

oh fu-- this going get bad.

I'm a sucker for an adorable story involving changelings I cant wait for more

Comment posted by Texus deleted Dec 30th, 2014

love it !:heart:

Bunny Fire, BUNNY FIRE for Angel :twilightangry2:

It starts to get rather nice, but i hope you don´t rush the story. I can´t say that you do it right now, but i somehow got the feeling i should say it.

5484614 Thank you for the correction

and where is twilight? she won't be mad if she see Changelings she. first she over react then send letter to celestia then luna hear about it, then she send royal guards that secure the baby Changelings and search for any other near by. to place in short vision national emergency.

Always with the quick, jump-to-the-gun accusations with the lot of them.

Pfft, honest and kind hearted ponies my right nut.

very nice start, i'll be watching how this turns out with interest. One thing though. i feel as though the chapters are a bit short, and some parts are lacking in explanation on whats hapening. thats just my opinion though, so feel free to write whatever amazing thing you feel like alright? :pinkiehappy:

Sweet story. Will be waiting sequel.

Cute, but it feels WAY to rushed and short.

Very cute. Well done.

Wow, talk about rushed. Great ending though.

This has to have a sequel, otherwise this would be awfull short. I think you can do more with the story, this is more like a very nice prologue.
What i mean is, it somehow feels like the story had just started.

I like it, but it is not enough to consider a favourite, mostly because it is a bit rushed and short, or just short.

I thought you were my friends, but clearly I was wrong”

I get what Fluttershy is feeling at that moment... but they've been friends for years now. Years. They're probably the closest group of friends in Equestria! I feel like that line is out of place.

:twilightangry2: I hate Buggy because he's a changeling and is probably like all other changelings!

:fluttercry: How could you say such things? (Runs off.)

:twilightoops: Okay, I think Buggy deserves a second chance.

My point is that this story seems very rushed. I like it, but I could do with a bit more pacing.

“Um, listen Buggy. I’m for trying to attack you earlier. :rainbowhuh:

Comment posted by Perteks deleted Jan 23rd, 2015

What this story lacks in actual plot, it makes up for in FLUFF FLUFFING FLUFFITY FLUFF!!

The story has promise, but it's incredibly rushed. You blast through the build up, the discovery of the egg, the caring of the egg, the hatching of the egg, the realization that it's a changeling, the caring of the changeling, and the others discovering the changeling in 1308 words. That's an average of 187 words per important event. I know you want to get to "the good parts" but a lot of what makes those good is the emotional investment we put in the characters. We build this investment by getting to know them. How can I care that the changeling was discovered when you don't take time to establish that this is a bad thing? This one chapter should have been at least three times the length, five times would be better.

We've got a bit of a snow storm going on here, so I'm not going anywhere. If you'd like I can help you improve this chapter. Perhaps I can help with the others too, if you'd like.

The part with the Mane 6 was badly handled. Buggy is very clearly and obviously only an infant. Regardless of their dislike towards changelings, none of the Mane 6 would say "abandon a baby [anything at all]". And even the common "but he could grow up to be a monster like all the rest of his kind!" excuse sometimes seen in fiction is vastly out of character for them.

Buggy is also far too mature. He has a child's impetuousness, but other than that there's little to suggest that he's a baby or only a week old. He understood the conversation, took the form of a creature he never had the opportunity to see himself, and overall displays a disconcerting lack of childlike behavior.

"But the Changelings are a threat to Equestria." Twilight
Same can be said about dragons but that doesn't stop her from raising spike does it

This is so cute... I love it...

oh snap everyone duck and cover motherly angered fluttershy mode is awake!!!! *jumps into a nearby trench that had a sign that said "incase of either a made celestia, luna or a motherly protected mad fluttershy hide here at all cost!!" on it*

*pops head out of the trench* guess its safe to come out now glad i had this trench set up with a force field built in for incase even celestia gets mad

Buggy? My Little Pony: Friendship is Racism!

6066253 Tell me, how is the name Buggy racist?


:flutterrage: *reads the sign*

:flutterrage: Ah ha! There you are!

:flutterrage: *leaps in*

6185618 oh now you dont *pulls out a device which then opens a portal jumps through the portal and closes it behind*

This has the starts of a good story but it is a little rushed. Slow the whole thing down. Add some 'aww' moments and stop and descript what Buggy is doing how Fluttershy react etc. Two, slow down the turn around of the rest of the mane 6, have Twilight and Rainbow Dash bring up valid points about changeling and somepony else (most likely Pinkie) argue the other side. Add in Applejack playing the middle between the two side and you have an interesting scene. Three, remove the timber wolves unless you can turn them into an actual problem instead of something for Buggy to go god mode on.

Aaaawwww this is cute . Please write a squeal.

Story is a bit rushed.
But really great story!

Good so far will continue to read, the only thing I noticed was that you made flutters and raritys spa days, daily, they are supposed to be weekly. Other than slowing down the pace, this is a great story!

It would have been nice if Fluttershy came up with a somewhat better name for Buggy the baby changeling.

You tell them fluttershy. Elemaents of harmony, ha. Yeah right:twilightangry2:

I love the story:pinkiehappy:, but is a little rushed:fluttercry:

Pinkie Pie had set up her party canon

Typo canon.
Still i loved the story and we all hope to see a sequel.
Were did you get the idea?

Two things

A: This needs a sequel
B: You broke my feels meter, agian:facehoof:

Fantastic story. Just one critique. Don't use numerals in your prose. Other than that, adorable.

That ending! Oh! That ending! Oh can breathe! Stop laughing!

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