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This story takes place after the episodes "the return of Harmony Part 1 and 2"

The elements of harmony may have defeated Discord and his brief reign of chaos has finally ended. However there was one casuality from the entire ordeal. Princess Celestia was regressed into a five year old filly. She now has to deal with the aftermath of Discord's chaos and the constant patronizing from her subjects.

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Better be prepared for the Royal Canterlot Temper Tantrums.

At least Discord didn't turn her even younger. Just imagine her being turned into a five week old foal instead, taht would have been way worse.

Letter to Twilight.

'Help! Get to work and age me up!'

P.S send some cakes from Sugarcube Corner too

Yeah, this one is a bit darker then what I normally write . But don't worry things will get better for her.

I wonder if this is also part of Discord’s plan. Have everyone around Celestia treat her as a young foal. I hope she can find a way so that everyone stops treating her this way.

Holy celestia. This story is kinda funny but at the same time pretty cool. Ooh light bulb, why not have a point where the mane six and Luna get turned into foals either by a magical mishap when turning celestia back to normal or by a bad guy doing it on purpose? That would be really cool and interesting to see.

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And then Luna took over day court. And deservedly so. Celestia then began to hang out with the CMC's and much tree sap was had.

I hope every creature can get use to the new Celestia fast. I am surprised at how everyone keeps treating her like she is actually as young as she looks instead of someone who has been forced into a much younger body. Hopefully they realize this and slowly modify their behavior.

Her tantrums are going to nuke Equestria at worst and burn Canterlot and Ponyville in a supernova at best.

Meh, I’ll just get me two large buckets of popcorn with butter and powdered nacho cheese as well as a large soda. This gun be gud~

This chapter felt forced in order for celestia to join the cmc

Nice story, looking forward to reading more.

Kinda make sense why it felt a little forced of that they wanted to help her get her curie mark even if twilight and/or Luna should know how she got her cutie mark.

And going Zecora while seems like a brilliant idea and adventure for the CMC, she would probably already have been asked by Twilight, plus it could also lead into some twilight celestia moment, with the everfree forests.

Really nice way of showing how worried Twilight are about celestia that she forcing her friends to be extra careful around her...

Definitely better then the moment where celestia is super panicked over that she doesn't have her cutie mark and Twilight just kinda brush it off and was more worried about celestia making a scene then how she was....

Great chapter :)
Keep up the good work. :)
Hope to get more Twilight and Celestia moment to figure out their relationship, two months are along time especially when she is trying to get her cutie mark, waiting for news about progress on her problem and all of Twilights friends treating her like she is a baby and she has the half foal half adult mind. Feels like celestia is about to turn into a filly daybreaker 😅😁

Thanks, yeah this story will get more interesting. Lol. The next chapter is going to be crazy

Glad to hear it :)
Really looking forward to it :)

I wonder what Celestia will discover about herself?

I always thought Discord's magic was temporary. ...Though, maybe that's just headcanon.

In this story he put a curse on her. But i'm kind of going off my own headcannon for this story.

I have a cute idea what if the curse is Permanent but after making a men's with Discord as a way of self punishment and solidarity he makes himself into a child also

... this seems like sequel-bait. is this sequel-bait?

If a kid can't identify colors and shapes by the age of five, either the kid has a severe learning disability or her parents are spectacularly negligent. That is stuff that a two year-old should be able to do. A five year-old should be reading books and doing arithmatic.

Of course, a five year-old horse should be nearing the end of her racing career.

The older mare bent next to her ear and whispered back. "It’s my pleasure, darling, now before you go to bed...do you need any protection for tonight…"

I can't be the only reader who initially thought that she was talking about condoms. Like, damn Rarity! What are you implying about your little sister and her friends?

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