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This story is a sequel to A Guide To Surviving Baby Alicorns

It's been over a year since the age regression epidemic started. Now after the evil alicorn Midnight has been caught and Discord has stopped turning ponies into foals things have seemed to have gotten back to normal. However the lord of chaos has cursed dozens of ponies and the only way to remove the curses is to have a wedding for the royal couple Shining Armor and princess Cadance. But, things take a turn for the worse when Chrysalis crashes the wedding causing a chaos bomb to set off as more chaos ensues.

Editor: Superpinkbrony12

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Well, this should be interesting.

Bless her heart. That is one adorable Chrysalis. She can drain all of my love.

It's great to read another tale by you. I imagine your new job responsibilities take up a lot of time. Hopefully all is going well and that writing this story was a fun distraction from the day-to-day.

Golly! So many tales coming together in this one tale. I certainly had a number of flashbacks to a number of your classic works. You did great in reminding us of how far this series has come over the past two years, or even more.

<LoL!> I like how Dr. Hooves figured out a way to make his pull-up tell him when he should be making a break for the bathroom. Perhaps he can market this invention to parents once the curse is over? I'm sure it would make potty training a whole lot easier.

I enjoyed the scene with Rarity and Twilight. I could certainly hear the 'drama' in Rarity's voice amidst the discussion.

I wonder who will be her adoptive mother.

Maybe Fluttershy she has lots of love to spare.

True. But, maybe Cadence and Shining Armor. Bright Wing could use a sibling.

Chrysalis turning into a baby might actually be helpful to her in the long run. She'll get all the love she wants without having to steal it from other ponies, and she might be able to grow up to be a lot nicer. :rainbowkiss:

Let's hope so. Love the hair, though.

10078802 If she misbehaves, there's always spankings or in extreme cases a royal flush. :pinkiecrazy:

I guess your right. But, doesn't this picture look different from 'The Cutie Squad' one?

10078976 Well, Chrysalis looks a lot happier in the cover image here, whereas in "The Cutie Squad" one she looked really angry.

Setting up a chaos bomb? That's like setting up a flame to draw a moth. :twilightoops:

It's always a delight to see your stories continue. Especially given all your responsibilities coupled with this crazy virus that is sweeping the world.

Times, like we have in RL right now, is when we writers, artists, etc. are most needed to help keep spirits up through providing happiness even if this is a sad time.


This chapter had all the wonder and delight as all your stories do. It's hard to further comment on those things I must seem like a broken record in applauding you for.

So, for highlights, I really enjoyed the 'Bathroom Battle' between Luna and Celestia. It was hilarious and their bickering was downright foalish. Fancy Pamps coming in and poking fun at how they should've just stayed in diapers was icing on that cake. :)

Highlight 2 was how Celestia and Luna still call Twilight 'mom'. The bickering in front of Twilight was delightful to hear. Very easily visible in my imagination.

The ongoing effort to not say, "I have to go potty!" was adorable. It makes you wonder if, for fun, a comedy show may ever do an episode where they have a grown-up always say (s)he has to 'go potty' over all the fancy ways grown-ups refer to going to where they need to take care of business. Perhaps it could be a joke where an actor sits near a couple and says, "i'm new to this restaurant and need to go potty. Do you know where the potty is?". <LoL!> The reactions would be priceless!

Lastly, I loved how cadence and Shining Armor behaved. Shiny certainly is wearing his 'grumpy pamps'. Good thing Cadence knows how to keep her stubborn hubby happy. :)

Oh, wow! I should've expected this. However Discord did seem to have a 'backup plan'. Why else would Flutters get turned into a kangaroo?

This gives "A Canterlot Wedding" a whole new set of possibilities. Can baby changelings even change? How well can they feed on love when they may not even have love to feed on?

The other items in question is if Twilight was banished to the caves beneath Canterlot Castle and if the real Cadence had been imprisoned there the whole time?

Will Shining's love for Cadence, yet again, be what sends the changelings away? Will our favorite trio of foal guards be a part of the response?

And, lastly, now that we know of Thorax, will he be able to become a 'reformed changeling' even faster than before?

Lots of questions. Now to wait patiently for the answers. :)

From a royal foal wedding to a foal war between baby ponies and baby changelings! :rainbowkiss:

<LoL!> Rainbow Dash: Stroller of the futre! Now that was a sight to imagine. :)

Hmm. I think I may remember this particular foal from awhile back. Could this, possibly, be your OC?

The frustration that Shining and Chrysalis had was very cartoon-like and enjoyable. You certainly could feel, despite how serious the situation was, just how the silliness and foal-like activity toned down any possible scary stuff. :)

It will be fun to see what is next for our Padded Patrol of Swaddled Soldiers...

...After naptime, of course. :)

Parent will be parents, no matter how old they get or how old you get.

I already answered it. He wanted to know if Maneiac will be foalified and im considering it.

Uh, if Bright Wing and Chrysalis are going to be adoptive siblings, whose the older sibling?

10258099 Well, Chrysalis is a little bit older. Bright Wing is about two years old now, Chrysalis is three.

Oh. So, if they get close, it'll be another Twilight and Shining.

So, all changelings will be raised again...what about Chrysalis though?

She'll be adopted by shining armor and Cadance

Is that going to be an epilogue?
She's probably gonna be very pouty. xD

The epilouge will be quite long as this is the end of the second arc in my age regression universe.

The first arc was from Royal guards in training to The foal prince. It qas about my OC princess Midnight trying to take over Equestria into a foal paradise

The second arc was about Discord liking the foalish chaos and his arc was from Two Cakes and a baby pie to this story.

Arc 1= season 1
Arc 2= season 2
That means Arc 3= season 3.

Chrysalis is lucky she's a toddler now and that Shining chose to be a bigger pony. He could've easily given her a royal flush.

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