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Peace for Ukraine!


Twilight Velvet is pregnant once again with her second foal. As she copes with her new bundle of joy she also deals with other trials both mentally and physically during her pregnancy.

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That was nice.

Twilight Sparkle cooed, “Come on Shiny, climb on the bed.”

:rainbowhuh: She can talk already?

I'm glad to NOT see a nosy Celestia, wondering if the Sparkle family has The One who will unlock the Elements of Harmony. If Shining already has his cutie mark, Celestia would know to keep an eye on him and the family, since the mark is almost exactly that of the Element of Magic.

Very good work, I thought you got the emotions just right.

This was very well written, and adorable.

Good job on this, Raistlin. :twilightsmile:

7557449 I am laughing so fricken hard right now :rainbowlaugh:


What does that have got to do with the story?

7558006 Shining's thoughts: (I've always wanted a sister!) :twilightsmile:

Shining's speech:

"She looks like a potato."

Nice writing, but know that foal birth is not like that. It is much quicker and much less painful.


Thanks and I know. Im just going off human standards. Xd

Very heartwarming. And also personally relatable, too.

When my wife had our son she was terribly pained when she had to go back to work. She disliked knowing how daycare people may see all of his 'firsts' instead of her. I had long hoped I'd get a job where my wife would not ever need to work so she could spend all the time in the world with our son but my lousy ocular condition messed that up big time. :(

One grand gift I have is how I still had clarity in my working eye when our son was born. After that I developed the corneal ulsar that would keep me going in-and-out of surgeries and appointments until I lost all my sight in December of last year.


Enough personal stuff. You did fantastic in painting a picture of Twilight's family in this little story. I really liked the hints of Shining Armor's personality that would make him the BBBFF and husband to Cadance. It's amazing how some characteristics from your youth carry with you all through life.

Extremely well done. So happy I find these little gems of yours. I certainly enjoy your longer tales of jovial regression but these little one shots are just as delightful in their own right. :)

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