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The events of this story take place during and right after Firendship is magic parts 1 and 2.

On the eve of the Summer Sun Celebration, three Royal guards fought valiantly to save Princess Celestia from Nightmare Moon. But were struck down by the mare on the moon's magic and were transformed into toddlers. Now as they try to find a way to prove to Celestia that they can still be her royal guards. She tries to teach them that they're foals and keep them from causing trouble.

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Daww, the first colts in the history of the royal guard:yay::heart:

So cute! I like your new profile pic by the way! :D

Don't think there's ever been an age regression fic featuring the royal guards before. This should be interesting. :rainbowkiss:

Royal guards and mommy Celestia? I love this idea

Please tell me that cover is an actual official comic panel.

I will buy two copies of that issue.

If only I could find that comic!


Not official. The art style (and humor) strongly resembles CSIMadMax. They did do a print run of a book of comics at one point, and I suspect this comic was in it.


Yeah, it's honestly obnoxious, and usually reads like adults pretending to be kids rather than actual toddlers speaking. I usually don't say anything because it's so common that I assume some people like it for some reason.


I like writing in foal babble just because it is cute. But I didn't get any complaints except for one. So I assumed it was fine. But I don't really plan on changing the formula.

I actually just watched the first two episodes last night. So, in reading this, I was easily able to remember the part where Nightmare Moon blasted the guards. What an interesting way to take their story beyond being "Those token guards to show how powerful Nightmare Moon is".

You do a great job with character names. Very fun names along with providing some deeper character to those assigned to ensure security for the Summer Sun Celebration.

I used to be an adventurer like you, until...

I got a stable job.

I normally don't touch regression fics because of the confusing grammar, but this is spot on. Also, I really want Celestia to read about the guard who got an arrow to the knee. Also, random fact: the arrow to the knee is a synonym for marriage.

Celestia and luna would make good mothers, no doubt. And nice move how you countered blueblood, shining armor

Man I just can't get enough of this story keep it up and see you next chapter hopefully soon


Thanks for reading guys. I worked all weekend on this chapter. Im glad that you guys enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

<LoL!> I liked how Blueblood and the guard got to use the foal-a-fied guards as ways to get to know some of the party guests. Cute and clever.

The adorable factor is very high with Chapter 2. Every pony thinking the guards are just foals pretending to be guards. Good laughs with plenty of d'aww. Nicely done.

So far I like it but as pointed out by a commenter in the last chapter the toddler speak is tough to read. I would of had them use simple words and grammar structures instead, so it was easier to read. But this is not my story so I will stop complaining now.

Look forward to read more, Keep up the good work.

Im gonna be that guy, but Christ does the babble get annoying after a while.

Other than that nice story.

Death by spanking......

That sounds like one of the least awesome ways to go.

Those three are becoming a foal equivalent of the CMC, trying to prove they can still be royal guards despite their age, size, and even mentality. :rainbowkiss:

Luna would make a good mother. And I like how cadence helps the little guard, so cute and adorable:yay:

Chapter 3 is definitely a great follow-up from Chapter 2. It does well is gauging how much extra help our little guards need while also bringing back that lovable aspect of Cadance being a foal sitter. (I would like to think she foal sat more than Twilight)

It is also interesting how much Princess Luna has learned that changed since she had been banished. Her fascination is most intriguing. Thinking of her as wanting to be a mother leaves a lot of wonderful doors open to a "What if Luna had a foal?" possibilities. :)

I found the story just after you uploaded chapter one but only now got to read it.
And already in the middle of the first chapter I noticed: This will be a very good story!

<Insert words like 'cute' and 'daww' here.>
I'm curious what will happen next.

Small suggestions:
If you want to indent paragraphs, don't use spaces. Use the "Indent Paragraph"-button provided for this. (Seriously: spaces are looking weird; especially since you seem to be using a different number of spaces each time...)
I recommend to add the cover-source, by the way.
Also: It's Cadance, not Cadence.

One of these days those three are going to get into real trouble, and they won't have the princesses to bail them out.

It warms my heart to see that they have a good Play time and fun. Also, I like despite their age, that they try to make night shifts and do their Job as good as they can.:yay:

I can't believe that Nirn is fictional here. But I can see the Frozen North being a milder version of Winterhold, if you ask me. Also, if anyone wants to experience alien and unhospitable weather, it would either be Morrowind or Black Marsh. As any Elder Scrolls fan knows, post eruption-Morrowind is shrouded in volcanic ash and the ground there makes it hard to cultivate anything at all. Barring the cliff racers (if there are any left by the events of Skyrim), the average Dunmer also has to contend with reavers, netches and whatever else Morrowind has. As for Black Marsh, I heard that the swamps are poisonous to non-Sahxleel (Argonians) and the Hist makes the others hallucinate things. Also, the Hist is a sentient psychic parasitic tree or something, so there's that.

I like the story but one thing that I dont like is the spanking. I see it like same sort of child abuse


Thanks guys I really appretiate your comments. Thank you for reading.:twilightsmile:


It would be weird having Equestria and nirn on the same planet. Xd. But to be honest I just added the bit about skyrim due to the cover art.

7926018 Spanking can be child abuse in certain cases, but at least most of the time it is intended to be a disciplinary action only. And sometimes, children will only learn not to do something if they associate an action with a negative consequence or outcome.

7926964 I disagree with you spanking is always abuse for you are hiting a child.

7927101 There's a difference between hitting a child and spanking a child. Yes, there are plenty of bad parents that cross that line. But not every instance of spanking is automatic child abuse.

At least Celestia and Luna give them a good spanking when they misbehave. They've got to learn that actions have consequences.

Great story BTW, keep up the good work! :raritywink:

Look, can we not have this argument here? Let's leave the comments section for more on topic discussions, if you would.

But, if you ask my opinion, I was whooped (as we Southerners say) when I did something wrong, specifically with either a belt or a switch (a long, skinny, flexible twig). Looking back, I don't hate my parents at all for it, I understand why they did it. Compare me to people whose parents didn't discipline them, and you'll see a big difference, not to toot my own horn.

So... When we'll their family's find out what happen to they're guards?

Also I would think one of them being married as well... but doesn't seem like it. Even though it would be funny to if that had happened


Next chapter ill be getting into that. Also I thought of various scenarios of the guards's family. And I think I came up with the perfect backstory for each.

D'aww! Chapter 4 was wonderful! It makes me think of how our brave guards may have underwent a bit of mental regression along with physical regression. That was certainly one potent spell that Nightmare Moon used upon them.

The dynamic between Celestia and Luna is very nice. Certainly furthers the depth of the story as we continue to be introduced to more characters beyond the canon.

:rainbowlaugh: Nice to see them playing with the princess of the night! Heart warming or should i say heart melting?

Sounds like the princesses are going to be more of a family for those three than their actual families.

I hope the other two families are going to be completely different from Cannon Feather family. I don't want to see them being... being the first choice to stay with the princesses but have a conflict between choosing.

I really love to suggest that Bucket Barry has kids and they well cause mayhem for him when they found out! :rainbowlaugh: :pinkiehappy:

Also... Is it possible for all three to be adopted by each princess? Like one goes to Celestia, other goes to Luna and last goes to Cadence. Would be interesting plot and conflict for the princesses to start fighting who to adopt who with poor Shining in the middle of it :rainbowlaugh:

Good chapter. I see you have toned back the toddler talk and it is much easier to read now (or I could be used to it).

Look forward to more. Keep up the good work.

All of their families can't be that bad.


No their not. Only Cannon Feather's family are mean.

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