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Twilight Velvet is very close to her kids, especially her son, Shining Armor. This Mother's Day, she plans on sharing something with him that she hopes will bring them closer together. She always knew that he had more in common with her than his father, and today, she was going to prove that.

Hopefully her little Shiny won't be too upset at the flank-kicking he's about to get.

Rated Teen for brief innuendo and retro video game violence.
Pre-read by Naughty_Ranko.
Cover art by me.

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That's... surprisingly sweet. I like it.

This is a pretty good story, man. I personally have never really been too big on fighting games, but they seem like a pretty rad way to pass the time, and I guess that, if two anthropomorphic cartoon characters can play them, then I should, too.

Also, Rule of Two days Velvet can only have one student at a time, so it looks like Spike will have to wait for either a) Velvet to beat Shining real bad or b) Shining overtakes Velvet as the best player. But whatevs, this is neither the time nor place.

Great story and great character interactions. Thanks again for letting me pre-read.:twilightsmile:

Nice story. It reminds me of the tradition I have with my mother. We either go out to see a Marvel movie or have a marathon of them. For Fathers day I play my dad in videogames.

Cute story :twilightsmile: For someone who has never spoken a line in the show that Twilight Velvet is a lady of many talents.

I think the fight with Tirek didn't involve quite so much body-shredding.

I would love a killer instinct and mortal Kombat crossover game.
Shining = sabrewolf

No, Spike=Riptor

Also, Cadance=Sonya

twilight's dad=johnny cage?

But then that would mean he'd have a child with Cadance. Since Velvet is Kitana, Night Light would be Liu Kang.

no I was just saying what their main characters they play would be

i wasn't sure about this because this didn't seem like my kind of story, but i thought sketchy never let me down before and i gotta say you still haven't i loved this story, and for such a lovely story you gets a nose boopi492.photobucket.com/albums/rr289/axlthehedgehog_2008/responses/nose%20boop/boop_by_otakuap-d6tbrdn.jpg


Well paced and a nice slice of Life fanfiction.
Anyone that does like to see Velvet in the main focus should really give this mother's day themed fanfiction a read. Also I loved the concept that Twilight is that overprotective Sister to her "Younger Brother" Spike.

This story in My opinion really should have a sequel or having it's own little slice of life serie with Shining Armor, Velvet and Spike in the main focus with Twilight needing to loosen her grip on Her Younger Brother complex on Spike through it. It could lead to a lot of potential humor and shenanigans ensured.

I don't know what this says about me or my browsing history on FimFiction, but when I first looked at this story I thought it was a clopfic before I checked and saw the 'Teen' rating on it. :twilightblush:

Still was entertaining though.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

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