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This story is a sequel to Finding Sunburst

Its been a week since Sunburst was turned into a foal. He's enjoying himself playing with Flurry Heart, and when Shining armor and Cadence return from vacation. They fall in love with the colt and allow him to be a foal for a few more days. But trouble strikes as Shining is suddenly turned to a foal himself. As Twilight and Cadence search for the culprit Shining vanishes, and Sunburst and Flurry Heart set off on a new adventure to find him.

Editor: SuperPinkBrony12

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Should have a Comedy Tag.

I am guessing Shinning's Parents, or Chrysalis

Awesome so far, I can't wait for a another Rugrats adventure!

8016097 Funnigly enough, there was an actual episode of Rugrats where Stew got hit on the head and thought he was a baby, and Tommy and his friends had to try and get him to turn back to normal.

8016817 I remember that! Man, that was a great episode

8016994 Rugrats in general was a great show, sure wish they'd re-air it.

8017058 I know right, or they could make a sequel with their babies which would be neat! :pinkiehappy:

I'm going to bet the sequel of this story we'll be called... Finding Flurry were Flurry Heart uses the growth potion/magic to become an adult and runs off to have fun while Sunburst, Starlight, Shining and Twilight have to keep it a secret from Cadence.

Also Flurry would try to get Sunburst and Starlight together secretly :pinkiecrazy:


Or I might have Flurry become the adult. And everypony gets turned to a foal. And she feels like she cant do it and flys off and as Foals they have to go find her. :rainbowkiss:

Nice so far, we'll the foals from the last story make an appearance or well there be new ones?

I wonder if Princess Cadence secretly applied the powder herself, not knowing it would regress Shining to such an extent, and is now trying to keep things quiet until she can figure out how to turn Shining back? That's probably not the case, but you never know.


My OC's will be here and theyll be going to the crystal playplace too. And youll be shocked to know who stole the powder and the cure.

I still say Flurry Heart is responsible. Shinning did say that he didn't have time to play with her. Perhaps she did it so she could play with Shinning?

Ooh! How fun to see a sequel to "Finding Sunburst". We have a new mystery along with comedy antics from our favorite former captain of the royal guard.

I think the only person missing is we need an Angelica character in the story. Someone to boss the baby's around behind everyone's back with Flurry being scared of her.

It would be really neat, since this feels like rugrats.

Shining and Sunburst better start learning how to work together, that way they can team up with Flurry Heart and cause some real chaos! :pinkiecrazy:

8030637 I would loved that too! Also, them fighting over for Flurry friendship is really enjoying :rainbowdetermined2:

8030709 Let's just hope it doesn't end with one flushing the other down the toilet. :rainbowlaugh:

8030716 Hehe, yeah they'd better watch out. Sunburst especially, as this time his dad's not gonna be there to save him from going down the drain. :rainbowlaugh:


:twilightsmile: Umm... Flurry were are the boys?

Flurry Heart: Blah du Blahge (I flush them down the toilet) :pinkiecrazy:

:twilightsheepish: You seem happy today.

He, He, He......For some reason baby Shining never gets old.

I have a feeling the birthday party will very memorable :pinkiehappy:

8035186 :twilightsmile: - Silly Shiny, we've already gone and started decorating for it, and sent out invitations.

<LoL!> What a delightful chapter! The part with the formula was hilarious! Cadance's question regarding pictures was also fun to think on. No doubt they'd have been keepsakes for her.

Plot is moving along nicely. Looking forward to more. :)

Hm, I wonder if that clown is at all related to Party Favor? Seeing as Party Favor was capable of making balloons that could function as things like binoculars and bridges. :trixieshiftright:

love the backstory and the foals... so many foals :pinkiecrazy:

Cadence: Hey pinkie pie, Twilight Starlight, the other moms and I want a girls night out. You think you can watch all the foals by yourself?

:pinkiehappy: okie dokie! You all have fun!

:pinkiesad2: awww. All these foals are so cute.

1hour later

:pinkiegasp: (every foal starts running about in stinky diapers) you all get back here! You need diaper changes now! The foals all just giggle and run all over the place.

2 hours later

:pinkiecrazy: foals, its time for nap time! Must get them to take a nap! (The foals are all bouncing up and down in their cribs)

8 hours later

:pinkiesick: you guys are back...thank celestia...

:twilightsheepish: sorry Pinkie pie. We kind of lost track of time last night.

Attacking a clown? That's a paddling.

If Spike were turn into a hatchling, he would do what no other baby has ever done before.

Chapter 4 was delightful! Very whimsical while also forwarding the story.

It's cute how Sunburst is getting jealous of Shining. Twilight Velvet also added a whole new dimension to the situation.

Velvet joked, “You just don’t have the touch yet.”

”Um, the touch? I’ve never read anything about the touch.” Twilight nervously pondered.

Cadance can't keep Shining as a foal forever. There are only certain things a stallion can do for a mare *Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more*

Yay! I was really hoping that Laughing Rump was the clown. Great way to bring characters from one story to another. Creates a more solid alternate universe.

The scene with Shining opening presents was super cute. Very easy to imagine. Looking forward to more.

Diaper dance sounds like twerking.

Thats not what i was going for and i hope it doesnt get interpreted like that.:applejackunsure:

8085549 Can it really qualify when their intent is two different things? Twerking is supposed to be sexual, diaper dancing is supposed to be cute. Big difference there.

"A babies gotta do what a babies gotta do." Great job with the Rugrats quote.:raritywink:

8087356 Well, that's not the only Rugrats reference in this fic. The clown potty is a reference to Chuckie, who had a similar potty in Rugrats.

<LoL!> Chapter 6 was hilarious! Shining's special dance along with the whole scene in the throne room was just too good. Yet again another part that shows how well these tales you write could translate into actual episodes.

Love the cameo by Cannon Feather. We've seen Laughing Rump and Cannon Feather so far. I wonder how you'll bring other OCs of yours into this or future stories? :)

just a suggestion for the future but type out Foal Speach normally but use some kinda symbol to denote Foal Speach, as sometime I have trouble reading Foal Line's and I am sure some others do too,

I suspect Night Light, Shining's Dad.

8092314 How would he even be able to do that if he and his wife weren't coming into the Crystal Empire until Shining's birthday? Unless you're saying he somehow snuck in early and knew about the powder.

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