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Trixie uses an old forgotten spell written by StarSwirl the Bearded himself. Things change. One of those changes is Starlight. And Sunburst has to deal with it.


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We need more adorable stories like these, instead of the usual bad clopfics! Still, just what I needed on a Saturday evening! :derpytongue2:

Lovely start I can't wait for the next chapter i do hope that Twilight will fills the mother role anyway can't wait for the next chapter hope you will update soon

Okay I'll admit, that was adorable.

Kind of a jerk move by Twilight to just dump Starlight on Sunburst without any foal supplies.

This was perhaps the most adorable story I've ever read thus far. I hope you continue to amaze us with weaponized cuteness.:heart:

Princess duties excuse is kind of weak. Cadence makes the time for Flurry Heart.

Plus having Starlight could make the boundaries easier for Twilight to make, like Cadence says in that one episode.

Only excuse I could come up with so that Sunburst could be the dad.

Don't get me wrong. I'm enjoying the story. It just seems Twilight should know better, considering she is most likely not as busy as Cadence probaly is with running an empire and all thst.

upon a rereading i want to ship sunburst and trixie so hard

Interesting. I'll definitely be following to see how things go now that Starlight is with Sunburst.

Getting Starlight to Sunburst seemed a tad rushed but things seem to be pacing lots better now that she is in his care. I have a feeling future chapters will be better paced now that, from my guess, we're where this story is meant to be focused. :)

“So, Starlight is now permanently a baby. She has to grow up again,” Princess Celestia explained.

“Oh, no!” cried Twilight and Trixie together.

“And she’ll lose all her memories of everything. You’ve essentially murdered your best friend, Trixie,” Celestia continued.

“Oh, that’s bad too, I suppose,” Trixie replied, without a hint of remorse.

“Yeah,” Twilight added. “I mean, we both had very deep feelings for her and would normally be kind of upset that such a close friend has been removed from our lives, but what ev.”

“She’ll need to be raised again,” Celestia hinted as she nodded so hard toward Trixie and Twilight that she nearly sprained her neck.

“Oh, I couldn’t possibly act on the already very maternal relationship I have with her,” Twilight exclaimed. “And Trixie can’t do it, because she’s irresponsible and lives in a wagon, even though she’s been shown to adore Starlight and normally might be wracked with guilt over doing something like this. I mean, I suppose I could have Trixie move in with me and then this story could turn into a sort of Odd Couple with a Baby, which honestly would be hilarious, but hey! Why don’t we just dump her with Sunburst without any warning and then leave?”

“Trixie thinks that’s an awesome idea!” the travelling showpony replied as Celestia rolled her eyes so hard they threatened to break loose and roll around the throne room.

“Now, let’s get Starlight up to the Crystal Empire and abandon her with Sunburst, so that the story can get to what’s really important: descriptions of baby products!” Twilight said as her horn began to glow. With a flash, Twilight, Trixie, and the now infant Starlight vanished from in front of Celestia’s throne. The reigning sovereign of Equestria stared at where they’d all stood and sighed.

“My subjects are total monsters,” she grumbled, climbing down from her throne and trotting off to the kitchen to drown her disappointment in cake.

You are, by far, the most hilarious person I have seen on the internet in years! And yes, it is important to describe what Sunburst is buying, because i'd look super lazy. But your comment is comedy gold! :rainbowwild::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::heart:


And yes, it is important to describe what Sunburst is buying, because i'd look super lazy.

I think it's more a matter that they're what's important to you, but that's too be expected in a story like this. I just think that you made Twilight and Trixie look kind of awful and hand wave the detail that Starlight has had her life and memories all wiped away. That's kind of a big thing. You could have just had Starlight and Sunburst studying an old spell together and have him accidentally do this to her. That would have made it funny and ended up with her thinking he was her daddy without requiring her best friend mind wiping her or her devoted teacher just abandoning her.

Ok, well then...

I have no bucking comment for that. So whatever. It's not like Trixie did it on bucking purpose! She was just using an old spell and one of the effects that weren't listed was her memories fading. So, Trixie didn't really mind-wipe her on purpose or anything relating to that. So if that was your impression, then sorry, but that's not what I was going for. :pinkiesad2:

Please, I'm not trying to attack you or your story; I read through it because it has some thematic similarities to the one that I'm writing, and I was curious. But it's like you set this up as if Twilight and Trixie would be working together to fix this, and then suddenly have them abandon Starlight as soon as Celestia told them that it's permanent.

I'm not suggesting that Trixie did it on purpose, but as soon as you lay out that Starlight's stuck as a baby and will lose all her memories, you've just killed her. Not literally, but the old Starlight is now gone, and her two closest friends barely comment on it. It just comes off as weirdly coldhearted. And then they just dump her with Sunburst and bugger off?

Again, I realize you just wanted to write a story where Sunburst has to raise Starlight as his daughter, and that's a cute concept. But you're laying out some pretty heavy stuff and then not even exploring the ramifications. Trixie should feel really guilty about this, and be fretting that her best friend is now gone. Twilight should be furious with Trixie. Like, to the point of wanting to press charges.

There's so much to explore in a situation like this, but you're just ignoring them.

Yeah! It's an AU. And, I'm not mad. I'm just not getting at why you have to think about the dark side to this? It's as if you want to make my cute story into a dark fic with sadistic age regression on purpose! I'm sorry, but again, not my intentions. I thought that if Starlight's regression was permanent that Twilight and Trixie's life would get in the way of trying to bring up her as their daughter. Like with Cadence, I would think that Sunburst had to take care of Flurry most of the time, so, it only seemed natural to them that Sunburst was a perfect choice. But yeah, that's my reasoning. And, sorry for coming off as offended or anything, cause' i'm not.


Yeah, see, I’d just assume that the regression being permanent would simply cause Twilight and Trixie both to adjust their lives. It’s Trixie’s fault, so I’d assume she’d feel some responsibility towards her friend and want to make it up to her. And Twilight is practically her mom already, so having her actually adopt Starlight would also make sense for her. Your concept is cute, but I just think you should have cut out all the setup with Trixie and Twilight and simply have had Starlight with Sunburst from the start. If you’d made the whole thing his fault, then him taking responsibility for raising her would make sense. As it is, he’s just kind of a victim.

I guess my problem is that you’re trying to make this out to be a wacky comedy, and there’s all these elements in the story that are kind of fridge horror when you really stop to think about them.

Where did u get the idea that I wanted to make this a bucking wacky comedy? Sure it's tagged as that, but it's not meant to be over the top comedy. I ain't Pinkie Pie after all. Can't you see the good side of things for once? Like, please point out your favorite part. And tell me why. Since you seem to like killing the atmosphere with dark thoughts...
Even though I do like a good dark fic.


Can't you see the good side of things for once? Like, please point out your favorite part. And tell me why.

Well, your general concept of Sunburst having to raise a regressed Starlight as a single dad is cute. That’s pretty much my favorite thing about this story. I’m afraid there wasn’t much else for me to like. I think your portrayal of Twilight and Trixie is fatally flawed, which was why I wrote that initial comment. I know you found it funny, but it was meant as a critique. I was trying to point out the main problems I saw in a way that was gentler than me doing it this way.

Well I prefer that way over that initial comment. I honestly thought you were trying to be funny. I didn't take the comment seriously. And, if this weren't an AU where literally anything could happen, I would've done it differently. After all, this is my stupid fanfiction about ponies from a cartoon being regressed.

This was adorable!!! My heart went squiiiiiish


Thanks! I'm glad to know that some think it's cute! :pinkiehappy:

I'm low on adoable starlight fics can you update please

Thanks for the update I was getting worried taht you might not update but i am very pelased that you are continuing the story. I hope that Twilight will be in the next chapter and she takes on the role as the mom. Anyway I cant wait for the next chapter I hope you will be able to update again soon.

yep sunburst has his hooves full with starlight

no it hasn't. :facehoof: Also, i'm also working on another fic. :pinkiecrazy:

be patient...:twilightsmile:

It's a fic that I haven't submitted yet. And, it's alright.

Aww, thank you. Though I'm not sure if people will like this certain one. For it doesn't have the same...content as all of my other stories have.

Thanks. Surprised you finished so quickly. I put lot's of words in that chapter. But, I'm glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for writing it seashell is adorable

Aww, thank you. Glad you like Seashell. :3 :twilightsmile:

I do hope sunburnt and jewlbox get the foals back

Jasper made his mommy cry! I hope he gets punished.

I think this story should be rated T. I've seen other stories with diaper usage and they were rated T or M (depending on if there was actual sexual content). Could you at least put the "Fetish" red tag on it?

Actually, diapers ARE considered a fetish to some.

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