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Princess Cadance has been busy lately, Hippogriffs coming to visit, Crystal Fair around the corner, and nobles demanding her constant attention. Fortunately, today is her special day off to be a playmate for Flurry. Diapered for the day and being treated like a foal by Shining it’ll be a long day for the Crystal Princess.
Contains: Diapers, Diaper Usage, Age Play, Embarrassment

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Actually there really hasn't been a lot of padded pony works involving Cadence as the baby. This seems like a great start so far, aside from a few spelling errors. :heart:

cute. I like how it is a way for Cadence to reduce her stress while bonding with Flurry. It may not be a conventional way but it certainly is a unique way to really throw all responsibility aside while feeling as connected as possible to your foal.

I like how Shining is stepping up to give Cadence this time on a monthly basis. He's being a good husband to recognize all his wife does while allowing her this time with Flurry.

I'll definitely follow this story through. Great job! :)

My bad, I meant there have been several Cadance pics lately. I'm not sure why, but it Cadance being babied makes more sense then Shining. Spelling mistakes are the bane of my existence, can you point a few of them for me please? Thanks for reading, I'll have more soon.
The show never goes into it but after being kidnapped by changelings, having to rule over an empire that's been lost for 1000 years, and having an alicorn foal, there is no way she is fully able to handle everything. I gave a little hint that she's a little depressed (wanting to stay in bed), but Shining knows that. Instead of letting her stay in bed all day to sink further down into negative thoughts, he throws her out of bed and has her be with Flurry.
All of that could be an actual non-diaper story but I like the idea of Cadance being a foal with Flurry. Thanks for Reading, this has been a good challenge to write.

8796209 Okay, here are a few:

revealing the rooms owners still lying in bed.

there's an apostrohe (') for singular nouns with an s.

“I know your tired sweetie,

you're, which means you are, your means ownership of something.

That was true Flurry loved, having another alicorn playmate to play with.

the comma should be after "true".

right down the hall from there-own

their own, "there" is a direction.

desert for a week,” he threatened holding the spoon at its original position.

“That’s cheating,”Cadance thought as she turned to let the spoon into her mouth, he would take away her desert

"dessert" has two s', "desert" has one.

Smiling at her daughters antics

Now this is where the aposthrophe (') before the s comes into play, creating "daughter's".

he once white diaper now had a growing yellow stain as I continued to absorb her accident.

it, lower case i and a t.

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