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Rara had just opened up a spa . She thought to invite Applejack (her fillyhood friend) and her friends. They were really excited (Except for Dash of course) and went the next day. They arrived, thinking that it was a normal everyday spa and assumed that 'Youth' meant making a mare feel younger. Boy, were they wrong.


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That was.........AWESOME!

:rainbowhuh: Are you Crazy, you saw what happened to me and the other girls right?

True, but you saw the last part of the Story right, where AJ sent that letter to Rara about the Spa, this way she will never go back there and since she won't go that means you won't be going either.

:rainbowlaugh: Oh......Oh man what a relief then, I don't want to EVER go to another SPA again.

8168454 OMG! Thanks so much!

I'm glad you liked it!!!!!!!!!!!

8168493 Your Welcome, though if you wanted to do something sex related this story could be altered to that kind, this way the Mane 6 could get laid as young fillies instead of as foals, unless you would be into that kind of stuff.

It was good. But I suggest hiring a editor the story could use a clean up in its grammar.

8168693 No. I'm not into writing sex related content in any of my stories.

Comment posted by TwilieTheFoal deleted Jun 19th, 2017

I'm just not sure about Jenga.... Not even sure if an adult pony could play it with hooves, but foals should be totally not capable to play that with their limited motoric skills.... better you give them finger paints ...uhm I mean hoof paints .... or you give them baby toys like one of the block boxes where they have to put in the right block into the right hole form. And Dashy should totally fail on it by trying to put a square block into a round hole. Or some toys who talk when you press their buttons, or a damn rocking horse ... a pony on a rocking horse, that would be great.

Comment posted by freedome blitz deleted May 21st, 2017

im liking alot this is a good story and im love reading mlp diaper story

Comment posted by freedome blitz deleted May 22nd, 2017

8179098 your welcome wish i make stories like you with my oc and other ideas but im not that good of making stories like you or other people

8180608 Aww, don't say that!

I believe that you can make awesome stories. It also takes time!


8180691 but im not that good to come up with a diaper story just like that you now what to say or what to type or what kind of story you want to be and i have nothing i cant even think of a story that would be good for my oc with is in a diaper or a main 6 diaper story

Comment posted by TwilieTheFoal deleted Jun 16th, 2017

Rarity is really going to regret encouraging everypony not to read the rules. XD

To be honest, I’m a little sad that it ended the way it did. They played, had fun, barely complained once they got the hang of letting themselves be little, and then the the story ends with them talking about how thrilled they are to get out of there, and Apple Jack writes Rara telling her she hated the spa? :( I just think that the end didn’t make sense, given the direction the rest of the story took.

I’m not saying I hated the story or that it was bad, though. My only issue was with the last chapter. The rest of the story was really good, and I really liked it.

cute chapter, It inspired me to do my story, course it keeps rejected, cause I forget to do double spaces... and what not

don’t we all ramble from time to time?

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