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This story take place after the events in the episode Pinkie Keen.

Twilight Sparkle still obsessed over learning about Pinkie Pie's "Pinkie sense" delves into a spell that could give her the answers to finding out what Pinkie sense is. A personality spell that will alter her mindset to become just like the pink Party pony's for twenty four hours.

Spike is then in charge of keeping Twilight within the library. But soon finds himself battling the crazed Twilight who eventually escapes the confines of the library, and starts wrecking havoc upon Ponyville!

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Ooooh this is gonna be fun! :twilightblush::pinkiecrazy:

Oh man I haven’t seen much of Unicorn Twilight that is like this good in a long time. Most stories have been origins but this after an episode is great idea.

Beware Equestria! Twliy Keen is coming to town with parties of cakes, books and magic :rainbowlaugh:

Twilight, you don't know the horror you've unwittingly unleashed on Ponyville. :pinkiecrazy:

That's not good. I can already tell this is gonna a terrible day for Spike, and that's just the start of it.

I find this idea intriguing and terrifying...

Oh dear...:fluttershysad:

Ps: This will not end well...

<LoL!> Now this is a spectacular idea! Twilight getting a first hoof experience of what it is to be Pinkie while Spike has to take over the role of 'Voice of Reason'. This shall certainly be quite the comedic adventure.

Props on the gradual way the transformation is coming about. It is really building up the anticipation on seeing just how far things will go as Twilight become Twilight Pie. :)

This looks like a very promising story so far. I will be very much looking forward to see more of this story again soon.

If Mrs. Cake's reaction to another Pinkie Pie was to faint, just imagine the reaction of everypony else if they find out! :pinkiegasp:

Pinkie is very considerate of other ponies feelings (most episodes). If she has Pinkie's personality, and it's not the filli vanilli episode, then they're probably overestimating the threat level.

Pinkie Squared= worlds end (or Spike's end, either works.)

Multiply discord and I would assume that would be the end of reality as we know it.

What if that already happened and that the illusion of reality if so good no one realises it?

Twilight bowed before Pinkie. “Teach me your ways, Senpie.”

Oh God, that pun was too strong. Excellent job my friend, this was too damn funny! Let the Pinkie wars begin!

Boing-Boing-Boing! Now this was a chapter that needed one of Cheese Sandwich's musical numbers! Twi Pie as a Super-Duper Party Pony is so silly! I wonder what kind of song would go with Pinkie and Twilight plotting together? Perhaps something peppier from "Lesson Zero" or "The Crystal Empire" episodes?

Poor Spike. He's really trying but is always thwarted for Twilight's enthusiasm to learn and grow and get all she wants to live the experience 'for research purposes'. I wonder how she'll feel after the spell wears off? She'll probably need a ton of coffee along with a whole day's worth of sleep to make up for what she's doing. :)

Man, amazing chapter already! I wish this was an episode back in Season 1? Anywho, boy I can’t wait for Ponyville to go into chaos when they find out that there’s two Pinkie Pies :rainbowlaugh:

This is great, like this comment if you had Unikitty’s Tara Strong voice in ur head when ever she was speaking TwiPie


Oh no, Twilight's on the loose in Ponyville! :pinkiegasp:

Pinkie laughed and waved a hoof, “Oh, don't worry about it, Spikey. It's just a magic show! What could go wrong?”.

Oh dear God... Pinkie just had to jinx it, God have mercy on Ponyville, Twilight is on the loose with party interests in mind!

What a great way to start off 2018 for this hilarious masterpiece! :pinkiehappy:

This is a hilarious, brilliant premise for a story. I can't wait to see where it goes from here! :rainbowlaugh:

...Holy wow, that escalated even faster than I thought possible. :rainbowlaugh:

Definitely tracking this story now! And I can't wait to see where it goes next, haha.

Oh, no! Seems Twilight Pie is starting to become a bit of a Discord and Trixie mix. This certainly will lead to only crazier hijinx as Spike and Pinkie Pie try to track her down.
Now I'm wondering what would happen if she came across Cheese Sandwich through her escapades? She'd want to match him along with Pinkie Pie and all that magical potential could lead to tons of disorder.

If Discord was around I'm sure he'd be most proud of what Twilight is doing.

Side thought is whether-or-not Fluttershy returned back to normal? Or maybe she's now a fusion of herself and Angel Bunny...?

Wait till Celestia comes to town today :trollestia:

:rainbowlaugh: Poor Applejack! I can't even begin to imagine what will be in store for Rarity and Rainbow Dash in the next chapters...

Also, it's good to see that Pinkie, while impressed by Twilight's party prowess, is still aware that these antics are going too far. Nice reminder that the party pony is more than just a generator of silliness.

I cracked up at the image of Applejack turning into Mrs. Cake and talking like her. That is kind of what I'd expect Twilight to do if she had Pinkie's mentality, but her own powers. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh... My God, AJ getting turned into a copy of Mrs. Cake is something I never thought could happen, but by God that is hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

I almost forgot just how many stories you have going on right now. My compliments for how you are able to keep them all going at once. It shows great talent if you can keep so many projects active without missing a beat on any of them. :)

You do very well in recalling moments from the show that may have gone by as just banter for the sake of the moment. I believe 'Granny's new hip' was just in "The Best Night Ever". Nicely done to bring back such a memory from, unbelievably, nearly 7 years ago.

Definitely all easy to visualize. Seeing Big Mac caught up in a spell as Apple Bloom struggles to keep sales going certainly would be a great place for a 'commercial break' before the next scene.

Amazing chapter and poor Applejack. At least they’ll get enough bits to payoff many things :raritystarry:

Holy shit, this story is getting crazier and crazier! Twilight's wacky stuff is actually starting to get kind of frightening. (Even if some of it was still kind of hilarious. But yeah, Pinkie's right too. She's really gone too far...)

God, what kind of madness will we see her put poor Rarity through in the name of fun?

Oh no! What is Twilight gonna do to Rarity?! :pinkiegasp:

Twilight Pie is getting completely out of control! Taking over Cheerile's class, turning her into a filly & the class into babies, she's completely losing it!

Whoa! Twilight has taken a page right out of Discord's handbook. I'm sure, if he weren't trapped in stone at this time, he'd be downright proud of the chaos she is causing as a result of merging her personality with Pinkies.

Very jovial chapter. It shows just how powerful Twilight can be if empowered with Pinkie's innate abilities. It also makes you think on, if Twilight didn't think so much about what she did, if she'd have been capable of such magic way back then? Magic, according to Starlight, is emotionally controlled and, with nothing holding her emotions back, Twilight could do a lot! This could be canon, too, as she did turn her parents into plants, super-sized spike, and did a whole bunch of other things during her Entrance Exam. If she could do that then it is very likely she could do what she did in the school house now.

Just wait till Twilight ahead towards Canterlot to see a princess that needs a day off :trollestia:

My assumption is this... Twilights calm collected mind is struggling to integrate with pinkies erratic random mind. And while pinkies mind and identity is slowly taking over it doesn't mix with what twi is used to and as a result she's slowly driving herself insane trying to integrate two totally different personalities. :twistnerd:

Wait when did shy become a mouse ?

Oh shit, Twilight's OCD need for control and desire to be a great student combined with Pinkie's manic need for fun and parties and is evolving into a cascading nightmare of a Pony Joker with high intellect!

Comment posted by Aether Spark deleted Apr 21st, 2018

Wow. Twilight's chaos in this chapter was surprisingly restrained... but that probably means that whatever she's going to do with Celestia and Canterlot is going to be totally freaking insane.

Lots of fun here, as always. I did get a big kick out of little filly Rarity, and also seeing Pinkie Pie load herself into party cannon. That's one way to have express delivery! XD

Twilight bowed before Pinkie. “Teach me your ways, Senpie.”

:facehoof:I Have No Words

Oh no, Canterlot is in for chaos the likes of which it hasn't seen since Discord was around. :twilightoops:

I can just imagine a tiny Rarity. So cuteeeeeeee!

Oh boy, Rarity is gonna freak out when she see that mess of a dress, she created!

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