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I'm a Proud ABDL mommy. Writer of padded pony fics, a lot of fics about Shining Armor and his mom, several about Rainbow Dash and her family, and far more mom stories than you can imagine.


Sunburst can't leave the idea of a natural born alicorn alone. It's never happened before. There has to be something he isn't seeing, something that can make it make sense. He tries to get answers. Cadence, Flurry's mother, isn't happy about how he tries to get them. And when he reaches a conclusion, it will shake him to his core.

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Nice feghoot.

These are just going to be everywhere, aren’t they?

Is Sunburst suggesting Shining Armor is an alicorn?
If that's the case.
I would like to see a sequel to the story or at least an epilogue.

For everyone wondering this, there’s basically a few interpretations you can take from the ending here. Just to be clear. How you personally take it is up to you.

1. Shiny is technically an Alicorn, just with no wings.
2. A recessive gene from Shining having an Alicorn sister aided this.
Or, the conclusion I hoped to imply,
3. There was more than one female Alicorn involved in Flurry’s, ahem, creation. Either in a magical or non-magical way. Likely Celestia, if you’re wondering.

Here is the comic that inspired that conclusion. I hope it gives you all some clarity.

I don’t think I’ll ever quite understand why it’s so popular to imply Cadance cheated on Shining to have Flurry and he isn’t the father.

This was a fun short story to read; I loved Sunburst's inquisitiveness and desire to seek out the truth, even if he does get a little 'Twily-nana' at times because of it. Good show!:twilightblush:

My take on Flurry is based on the idea that alicorns are in fact not born as they are shown in the show rather they are born as one of the three tribes who then ascend with the help of sort of mentor figure.

Celestia doesn't take personal students for her health after all.

Shining is a nascient or non-ascended alicorn.

The story was a nice, short read. Although Cadance's attitude is downright offensive. 'Just shut up and accept a miracle'. It works only from the storytelling point, your highness, not within your universe!

Twilight was an alicorn before Flurry was born. Could she have gotten it from her

None of this makes sense.

Twilight wasn't born an alicorn, she was made into one. Therefore, there is no way she and Shining could share any 'Alicorn genes'.

You know who was an alicorn when Flurry was made? Cadance. It seems to me that the simplest of answers is the correct one in this case.

After all, I don't believe that Celestia and Luna ever openly admitted giving birth to any non-alicorn ponies. Blueblood, for all intents and purposes, is probably an adopted relative (the same way Cadance is). Therefore, Flurry is simply the first alicorn baby ever because, well... Celestia and Luna failed to produce foals.

I assumed that Flurry was some "The Last Jedi" thing. "Darkness Rises and Light to Meet it" and all that. Equestria's villains and crises are getting stronger, not weaker, so Harmony willed an Alicorn into existence with what it had available. And like The Last Jedi, the people working on the project didn't really care that doesn't really fit with what came before.

Well the problem with that last point is there is literally NOTHING in the story to lead us to believe that Celestia or Luna had anything to do with this.

There aren't any hints of Celestia spending time with Cadance, or maybe private meetings, or something of Flurry even looking like Celestia.

It's just Sunburst thinking "Maybe both parents are alicorns" and then fainting. If anything he mentions Twilight more, so my guess would be she's the mother.

I see this as less "open ended" and just: "Here's a random ending"

So I guess the take away is that Shining Armor is not the father? I don't know what the big shock is.

It's understood that Hollywood sells Alicornication.

Same as with the Cake Twins: potential DRAMAAAA~

Blueblood isn't Celly's actual nephew, in theory. He's the last remaining descendant of House Platinum, related to the unicorn nobility, not physically or genetically related to Celestia at all. Same for Cadenza. Born a Pegasus, ascended like Twilight, which makes it more likely that "Alicornification" is a bit like something being able to penetrate the placenta in utero to get to the fetus.
TL;DR- Blueblood is old bits, and alicornism is like thalidomide or AIDS but with superpowers

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