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Every year Luna amd Celestia go Trick or Treating together. But this year Celestia decides she needs to stop the emberassing tradition. Luna doesnt take the news to well and decides that its about time Celestia got more im touch woth her foalish side. But the age regression spell Luna uses transforms Celestia into a foal and Luna takes the oppurtunity and goes trick or treating with the foalified Celestia regardless.

editor Zubric

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Comments ( 11 )

Such a cute little foal~

Too cute! i think I'm gonna (blue screen).

This was cute, would've liked to have been asked to help proofread it though because it felt kind of fast paced in some spots. :rainbowkiss:

Very entertaining also happy Halloween ^^

A super awesome Nightmare Night / Halloween story. Lots to love in it with so much that makes me think on how much of it could easily have been genuine show content.

I really liked the interaction between Sunburst and Moondancer. Could love be in bloom?

The 'slap fights' between Celestia and Luna were super cute! Fun to imagine.

<LoL!> No parent would pass a chance to get some time to be husband and wife instead of mother and father. Especially if it was for a true party where they could have oodles of fun. Sure they broke down during the art show but, by now, they are likely far cooler about having time without the baby... albeit brief time away from Flurry. :)

Oh my goodness was this a humorous and adorable little story. Gah, I just :heart: Flurry so much

Nice work you did there, as always keep it up.

Aw, this is so cute! Celestia looks adorable.

Nice story with a fitting image.

This is an adorable story! Thank you!

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