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This story is a sequel to A Baby Zebra's Apple Turnover

The events of this story take place during and after the episode; "Suited for success."

On the day Rarity showed off her fashion designs to Hoity Toity he suddenly turns into a foal. Not only that it seems that his entire line of foal clothing went missing in Manehatten. Now he has to go to the big city and win a foal fashion show and figure out how to turn back into a stallion.

Editor; Superpinkbrony12

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 56 )

An adorable start, but this need an Alternative Universe tag considering everything. :eeyup:

Hoity Toity has his own character tag, just so you know.

You truly are on a roll this year. Your stories are not only extremely unique and tie-in to a very plausible Althernate Universe but you've been building up a potential mystery as to how previous regressions have happened while keeping some great OCs going strong.

You did very well in bringing back Bucket Bridle, Cannon Feather, and Bright Wing. Giving Cannon Feather a back story with Hoity Toity was a delightful surprise, too.

The whole scene before the disaster that was Rarity's fashion show did a great job in illustrating Cadance's existence well before we naturally knew of her in the Season 2 finale. Keeping her as a foal sitter beyond that of one for Twilight was very clever. She really didn't have a lot going on in canon regarding being a Princess until the Crystal Empire appeared. Being talented in sharing and giving love would definitely make her inclined to keep helping young fillies and colts who could most benefit from her special magic.

The episode connections you have made from "Friendship is Magic" to "Suited For Success" definitely are creating a very unique take on the Equestria we know. The key events are still happening while a whole side story that has long term plausibility happens as a result of your clever work.

I do believe you have some past stories that you could eventually link to the series, like "Finding Sunburst", when you reach Season 6. Then you could start creating links through the "Create New Story" / "Modify Story" feature to tie all these together as one epic series!

Yep! 2017 has certainly been a great year of growth and development for you as an author. My many congrats to you for always finding great ways to build upon your talent. You are certainly a writer who has a great future ahead of you in, and out, of FiM Fiction.

how did he turn into a foal is my question but very cute start

Thanks so much. Im only going to link certain age regression fics together but overall im astounded at how much ive written this year and I only want to continue. Thank you for your amazing comments. I really hope I can continue making stories that'll you enjoy.

That's a mystery for right now.

Turned into a foal AND his entire fashion line was stolen? This is quite the mystery!

I foresee trouble at the boutique.

Foalsitting mistake number one, Rarity. Leaving a foal all alone, no matter how old they are, leads to trouble. :facehoof:

This story is coming out very cute while also really fleshing out the alternate universe you've been working so hard on developing. All the call backs to other stories, references to episodes, and alterations to canon timeline working out perfectly.

Something I thought on is how the situation with Hoity Toity kept Rarity from shutting herself in as a result of the depressive funk she got into. Her friends never made her the dress and now Rarity is set for a potentially different outcome at The Gala. Perhaps her experiences here will make her think about her crush on Prince Blueblood as she will be more distracted in her world of fashion and getting more involved with Canterlot Couture over impressing the snobby prince?

<LoL!> Silky Padding is such a great name for a character. It's even better than the 'Rump' family. Wasn't that Bucket Bridle's family?

Lots of great details making for tons of writing possibilities. You also are doing wonderful in portraying Rarity. She is quite spot-on, in my opinion, in handling all this.

I find it funny when foals are flushed. It just seems so silly!:derpytongue2:

8454644 Well, one thing's for sure, Sweetie Belle is NOT good with foals!

<LoL!> Now this was an adventure of a chapter! Lots of silliness as Hoity Toity declared war on his fear of the porcelain monster. Keeping Sweetie Belle from laughing added a lot to the comedic misadventures that went on between every pony. She'd certainly still be 'Squeaky Belle' at this point and it was fun imagining her going through all her filly emotions to hold it together before having a laugh and then going into panic mode to keep the foals from taking a lead from Baby Plucky Duck and 'Going down the hole'.

I had also almost forgotten about how Cannon Feather played the role of a Sales Associate in the previous chapter. That was so great. So many fun visuals in these tales.

These have always been worth finding as soon as they update. I'm eager to learn how Cannon Feather saves the day and how Rarity handles a fowl smelling foal upon their imminent return back to the boutique. Perfume will be flying! :)

8456058 Well, Cannon Feather took a page from Baby Plucky. Plucky unintentionally went down the hole when he removed his diaper, though thankfully he got spat back up. Cannon Feather intentionally went down the hole to save his friend.

8454644 Is that why you've had it happen in two of your padded pony works?

Scootaloo as a foal sitter. My first thought is of a foal being launched by a giant slingshot while riding her scooter.

Just wait til Zecora hears what Hoity Toity and Bucket Bridle got up to together. :rainbowlaugh:

<LoL!> I am really liking the way the fashion ponies are getting their 'digs' in at each other. Cannon Feather really adds to the fun of this as he knows Hoity Toity and Hoity knows Prim. I wonder what other surprises will come out of those little mouths as the story continues...?

Getting to have a mental image of what Hoity's mom may have been like by comparing her to Rarity was quite clever. A few sentences helped to figure out a basis on how seriously Hoity's mom was about fashion. Kind of makes me think of her as a cross between Rarity and Spoiled Rich.

Great work and wonderful callbacks to our three favorite guards. Here's to more fun, as you get to writing it. :)

I wonder what sort of "issues" Hoity has with his mother. Maybe she's the doting, smothering you with affection, kind of parent? :rainbowkiss:

Ah! I should've known there would be some additional plot beyond the mystery of Hoity being regressed to a foal. Sassy Fancy certainly definitely shows where her true interests lie and Cannon Feather definitely can remember enough to know he didn't like her all that much.

What made the chapter was Sassy Fancy and her 'hostile takeover'. I also liked how you started Rarity in total drama mode over how much trouble and... smell.... go into caring for foals. She also recovered from complaining through getting a bit of a routine of trying to laugh at it while waving a hoof. Perhaps this is a nervous tick that shows how she really had more to gripe about but wanted to distract every pony from her feelings that would surely not sit well with Luna nor Applejack?

Certainly a lot of progression here. I'm eager to learn more as the story continues. :)

I have a feeling that Cannon Feather will get his hooves on some chocolate, and the result won't be pretty :pinkiesick:

8483219 I know he's just a foal, but it'd be hilarious if he ended up like the one fish from "Chocolate with Nuts". :rainbowlaugh:

Mixing formula with soda? To quote Chuckie from Rugrats "Uh-oh, I smell trouble." :twistnerd:

Comment posted by BubblePuff deleted Oct 16th, 2017

Mixing formula with soda? What's the worst that could happen?

Oh, Rarity. You nailed her perfectly yet again. This also gives a nice foreshadow to how she was in Manehattan in Season 4.

Great character development with Zecora now making her own 'potions'. Goes to show how the regressions on those who are regressed don't take away that natural desire to pursue their special talents.

I was most impressed with the scene where we got to meet the mystery mare and Silky Padding. The hospitality worker certainly made a fine 'colt' for the show. Now to find out how things will go when mystery mare finds her 'filly'. Lots of possibilities here and, even better, you brought us back to the original mystery before that of Sassy Fancy / Hoity's mom.

Nicely done!

Bell Hopper and Pencil Pusher are gonna learn soon enough, that Silky never intended to keep his word. :facehoof:

Yay! There was a little moral that came with this chapter. This being how cheating is not a good choice as it is your own work that can really shine through your love and commitment. This latter point also goes for how we learn it is possible to rally to make everything work out despite a complication if you get help along with believe you can succeed despite the odds. :)

Props for how you got Bell Hopper and Pencil Pusher to serve as Silky Padding's stand-in foals. Something tells me he's off to find our mystery mare to make some furious statements for how his plan failed. Now what could come of such an encounter is definitely up in the air.

Lots of mystery and plot-points to tie together. All the chapters have really blended for an adorable little mystery. You know just how to balance cute with substance. Way to go!

awesome story so far looking forward to more

Looks like we have more ponies stuck as foals. At this rate, all of Equestria will become one giant daycare. :derpytongue2:

Comment posted by MJP deleted Oct 27th, 2017

Karma's a real you know what, ain't it, Silky Padding? Now you know what they mean when they say: "Cheaters never prosper." :rainbowlaugh:

awesome chapter looking forward to more

And the plot thickens all the more. Wow! Epic mystery going on. If Silky wasn't behind the trouble than who is? Could it be Hoity's mom? Or perhaps some pony else who is delighting in their ability to create chaos and confusion through their unseen power to regress whomever (s)he targets to whatever age they want.

So far the only one I could think capable of this would be Nanny DeFoal. However previous stories show how she would not be behind such antics... or would she?

<LoL!> I loved the events at the restaurant. Very visual. Kind of like something straight out of a comedy. Super cute and creative.

Way to pack a whole lot of drama and intrigue into such a cute package. Can't wait to read more. :)

A foal apocalypse? We're gonna need a lot of pacifiers.

8514499 And diapers, and bottles, and formula, the list goes on and on.

We'd have to tummy kiss to fight them back!

Awesome! Now I never-ever saw this coming! Season 1 intro for Starlight is extremely epic!

The genie's personality was definitely of a discord quality. Choosing when and how he'd bend the rules. That's a Djinn for you. They are very mischievous spirits.

I was surprised that Hoity, Zecora, and Cannon Feather decided to stay as they are. Though, for cannon Feather, I think he is having a far happier life with Luna. Certainly what retained knowledge he has will make him, as with his colleagues, excellent candidates for The Royal Guard's Elite Team... Or maybe Hoity and Cannon will figure out new adventures to do together?

Now that's a thought. Hoity and Cannon back in school. Oh, the mischief. :)

Sweet job, great twist, and I doubt this will be the last we see of The Genie nor the last of Sassy Fancy.

Was anyone else reading the Genie's dialogue in Robin William's voice?

Aw, Rarity will make an excellent mommy for Hoity Toity. :raritystarry:

If Celestia wants to be a foal so badly, she can always do what Luna does and visit her son in his dreams, then turn into a foal there. :twilightsmile:

i am so looking forward to the next story in the series

Ooh... Now the plot is really thickening. The Alternate Universe is starting to progress into a total revamp of the events of the Season 1 "Grand Galloping Gala". I wonder if this will change Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, or Rainbow dash's feelings towards attending? Perhaps Spike may be a tad more worried and protective towards Twilight and Rarity?

Definitely a lot going on from all the Season 1 adventures you've worked with. Here's to what's next!

Blue Blood as a foal. This won't be pretty.

That mare with the equal sign for a cutie mark is the one who’s been turning ponies into foals.”

Wait, Starlight Glimmer’s in this too? :rainbowhuh:

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