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Dr Whooves just wanted a normal year. The soon to be married stallion however would soon be put through on his families more embaressing traditions. Well at least he still has Derpy to take good care of him.

Co author Zubric

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Fascinating! Dr. Hooves being a part of a long line of ponies that allow a New Year to begin. I had never thought of it but such a concept would certainly make sense in a land where sun and moon can be magically raised and lowered.

Props on utilizing his original name to create the 'family line' name. I'll never forget getting his card out of Series 1 and reading "Time Turner". I know some folks were upset it couldn't be 'Dr. Whooves' but they soon found a way to make it work. Then you two got it to work both ways by making what you have here.

I like the grandma and how she used Dr. Hooves' Cutie Mark to engage the magic for the New Year. Very clever. I also like her Cutie Mark.

Derpy engaged to Dr. hooves is cute! They would make a great couple. Kind of like Mr. and Mrs. Cake. They have their respective ways of complimenting each other.

If more is to come I shall eagerly await it. :)

This is going to be one very interesting year!

Interacting with a cutie mark directly is an amusing image, I approve of activating magical effects in that manner.

Very sweet! Seeing some softer side of Discord along with good humor with Derpy falling in love with him as a result of the love arrows.

I wonder if Rarity may have always had a little crush on Dr. Whooves? Playing along may have actually played into her true interests prior to Derpy being the one who truly put herself out there for the good doctor?

It will be neat to learn how Rarity feels in the morning. she'll, I think, return to normal as Dr. Hooves will still be on his path to finishing the Time Turner responsibility.

Lots of fun and a wonderful read. Hurray!

<LoL!> The exchange between Luna and Celestia was epic! Easily able to imagine that one happening.

Discord involving himself in the "Time Turner Tradition" definitely has made matters extra interesting. Perhaps he'll take some time with the next Time turner to see what mischief he can cause? Maybe see if he can pop in on Princess Cadence and shining Armor? He hasn't had a whole lot of fun with them up in The Crystal Empire and having some good times with Flurry would certainly make for plenty of chaos.

Great chapter with loads of mischief. You always get to excellent additions in your adorable series. :)

You had me with the picture. You combined two of my favorite things, Doctor Whooves and babies. Wish you had completed this story, though.

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the writing is getting better

Any hint as to who gets foalified next?

Yay! What a super adorable and ultra creative chapter!
I laughed out loud when I read the part about Celestia being fussy about eating until she got upset about not getting cake. The visual of that was delightful!

I also liked Dr. Whooves having his magical making machine. super adorable. The water ducks and Celestia getting stuck under Lina's inflated diaper were also super silly.

Great job! Thanks for another great read!

“I still don’t see how she mess up that badly,” Luan jested.


Oh, oh, oh! Make Maud into a foal for the next chapter!

Would be cool if you made Pinkie Pie into a foal next chapter. I wonder how she would react.

You should do Rainbow Dash and daring do at the same time that would be so adorable

Interesting. Thunderlane having a crush on Derpy is definitely cute. If this was prior to Dashie being a Wonderbolt I know the cyan Pegasus would certainly encourage Flutters into the relationship to vicariously get closer to her idols. :)

Discord is certainly having a great time throughout this year-long adventure. It will certainly be interesting to see where this all ends. I know Dr. Whooves will certainly be excited to get back to his science ASAP. Maybe he'll decide to propose to Derpy as the New Year starts? The thought of having their own foals inspiring him to take the next step?

This chapter was really cute. Maybe Pinkie can be a foal on Hearths warming?

Lots-and-lots of adorably fun visuals in this chapter. Derpy as a stork is just so fitting for her, too. I'm honestly surprised I never heard of this concept before. Brilliant!

Plenty to love in this section of the story. I also get the feeling you had a total blast writing it as there are a number of silly spelling errors that, to me, imply a mind that is so excited that the keyboard can't keep up with how quickly you want to get those super-cute concepts out.

I truly do feel a lot is said in this chapter. The most important, if I guess right, is that you genuinely just enjoy writing. Fan fiction need not be 'perfect' and the little spelling oopsies just add to the charm. They aren't bad enough to disrupt the flow of the story but, to me, give a glimpse into just how much you enjoyed writing it. Makes me feel your heart was really into sharing this with everyone and I like that.

Great costumes, scenes, and precious moments. Making Sweetie Belle 'The Princess of Foals' was wonderful. I'm sure she'll remember that for a long time to come. Discord is enjoying himself way too much this year. <LoL!>

Very cute. My favorite part was all the gifts that Discord was able to get out of the Santa Sack that Dr. Whooves had. The best, of course, being Fluttershy in a box. Priceless and adorable to imagine.

This certainly has been a super fun story. I'm guessing just one more chapter to go? It's certainly been quite the ride.

I must compliment you on how you never stop coming up with new material. I think you could write stories forever and still churn out a collection of delightfully memorable tales with no problem at all. It shows quite the talent. :)

This chapter was... ...interesting to say the least. My favorite part was when pinkie was turned into a newborn.

With a quick snap he dressed her in a soft bundle of clothes and chuckled as blueberry cradle her. “Aww it’s newborn Pinkie.” PInkie tried to talk but just spittles and make cooing sounds.


D'aww. A very cute story for sure. It shows a 'softer' side of Discord. Though, when you think of it, foals are quite chaotic in nature and him wanting to make others into foals while interacting with them certainly works well to his chaotic nature. :)

My favorite parts of the chapter were when Dr. Whooves grew back up and Derpy still babied him. I wonder if he'll ever get her to truly stop that? It was a full year that went quite well for both ponies. Derpy seems the super caring type, too, so getting her to stop being 'helpful' would definitely be a task in itself.

Fluttershy is an adorable New Year's Foal. Here's to happy times ahead as Equestria flutters in a New Year! :)

am i aloud to make a sequel on fluttershy´s year?

I love the final chapter. You should make a sequel about Fluttershy. I would read it from start to end.

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