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I am a brony and a long time writer. This site will be for my MLP fanfiction, and you can read my other works on Deviantart.com under the name potsticker13.


After getting married, Lyra and Bon Bon discover that a a bat pony foal has been left at their doorstep. Can the two mares handle the pressures of parenthood?

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im fairly certain its a crime not to report this

Aw the concept of this is so wholesome I really want to see how this plays out

This fits so well with the Ignite prerelease the came out recently.

Best of Friends by Faulty, John Kenza, & PegasYs.

Can't wait to see more.

First things first, I enjoyed the story so far and I am hyped for it to continue. But I have some criticism: Your story is very nice, but it feels a little fast paced, if you know what I mean. You are telling the story, but you are not describing it. It's like you are looking at a body and only seeing the skeleton. It's missing it's skin and flesh around it, if that makes any sense. What I am trying to say is, that you have an amazing idea for a story, but your story needs to be filled with "meat". That will of course take time and effort but I think it will be worth it. You definitely have potential. Like I already said I loved your story so far and I hope you continue on it very soon. Keep up the good work:raritywink:

I can see Nightwing and the Cake Twins getting close.

This is a great story! Added to my read list.

Didn't this story used to be complete?

I don't think so since I put it in my still going tag :D

Boy they just got married And now they have a kid now goodness This should be a very interesting day for them lol

Aww thays sweet the baby cake are getting Along with nightwing 😊

Funny, I had the idea once that Tootsie's Lyra's biological daughter

You had some funny parts in here

He is such an adorable little bat Pony

So adorable and funny spoiled Rich got a diaper in the face

Good chapter can't wait for another update

Great update. Looking forward to seeing more. :twilightsmile:

Hey nice to see that nightwing is grown up and started school and I kinda Figured there's going to be a problem i really hate Bullies so much i know how that felt 😔 but at least he has friends to help him out its cool to see this story again keep up the good work

I guess you're taking a break for a while I guess that's okay

A new shirt and this update... This has been a good birthday.

This needs a Bat Pony Character tag. :P

It's been awhile ever seen the story good to be back as well so Nightwing just got back home from school but Lyra bon bon have a surprise for the kid they're going to see the Wonderbolts and you look so excited to go over there after the show they meet up with the Wonderbolts even his favorite Pony Soarin and it's so adorable to see him so excited and someday he will become a Wonderbolts this was a cute chapter can't wait to see what's going to happen next

I've been with the story from the beginning and I love it in the chapter was amazing

Nice to see the story once again and it looks like it's Nightwing's 7th birthday and he is pretty excited all of his friends are there and Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich knows how to pump up the party but when the end of the day came pumpkin cake give a special gift for him which he did not see the kiss coming and apparently he got his cutie mark but it looks like he was distracted about pumpkin cake kissing him boy I wonder what's going to happen next guess we'll find out next time

p.s. What does his C.M mean ?

great work cant wait for more

As they headed out the door Lyra turned to Bon Bon. “I think that we are ready for this parenting thing.”

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

Ah, puppy love.

“Well, things got very big pony with this month’s book Fifty grains of hay.” Lyra said.

Why is Lyra reading that? She’s not gonna try anything, is she?

(Also, capitalize every significant word in the title)

That’s a young age to have detention.

Nightwing is so precious. Aside from the fast pacing, I really like this story so far.

It looks like Nightwing is having some thoughts about the cast that pumpkin gave at the birthday party so he ask her about it but then a bully name rusty is messing with Nightwing and pumpkin but in rage Nightwing push him but that was a mistake because Cheerilee give Nightwing a detention and Lyra and bonbon have to punishing him but they are proud of him for sticking up for a pumpkin I wonder what else could happen I guess we'll find out next time

I like how Nightwing stood up for his friend

So it looks like Nightwing is going to flight camp and apparently he also made a friend named Gill a griffin which that is pretty cool it's always good to make friends and it looks like he had fun with him despite the competition and both of them even got the chance to meet one of the two Wonderbolts that they admire this was a pretty good chapter nice to see it a little bit Fast Pace but good I wonder what's going to happen next I guess we'll find out next time

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