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This story is a sequel to And Then There Were 10...Er...67

Jason Hughes has changed much during his stay in Asgard. Not only does he rule part of a kingdom but has united two warring races and married two fine mares. Peace rarely ever lasts and things are about to get heavy, especially when parenthood rears its ugly head.

Edited by the ever amazing m2pt5.

** Featured same day as it released on 5/21/15**

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His only reply was a chorus of, “You what!?”

How can we get him out of that?


Rariity's Reaction tho! Also I would love to see Sunset come to Equestria and meet Hodges there!

So... anyway to get Hughes his own body? Not sure if Sunset would like a part-time boyfriend.

I am glad that Sonata gets some sort of redemption, but I would personally have preferred if she had been turned into a pony, seeing as her siren magic is now gone.

Prolly should cut out the reposted part from the last story, extremely weird to jump from that to this and have to read the same thing again.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that Chrysalis is preggers and the chapter I did with you will be put up a while after the birth?

Not fond of the opinion on Aria and Adagio here, but overall, not too bad of a chapter here.

I told him he should put a note to skip to the first dividing line if you've read the epilogue of the previous story.

6003459 An oversight on my part, due to my extremely tired state when this chapter went up, I'll fix it now

Hughes as a British/Irish(not too sure) punk rocker... I like :rainbowkiss:

6002664 Im not exactly sure why people think this. The lose of the jewels just means that their singing is no longer magical, not sure why that would change their species.

6002606 well there is what Ben did with echo echo that one time and since Jason has a total of three personalities that might work.

6003713 hey still up for a crossover with my a key in equestria story? I'm sure Jason would like James del light a bit... though if my guy goes anti form you might want to restrain him just in Case.

and here I was hoping you were done doing crossovers with that dickhead Ben fic.....sigh.

6003713 My reasoning: The singing is an actual part part of a siren, and an essential one at that. We do not really know if they feed of the energy they collect or not, but if you're suddenly unable to do access the ability special to your species, adapting is the only option. Or starving. If they do not feed of the energy and simply require it for power, it's still one of their natural powers. Taking it away is like taking fight from a pegasus. Therefore an adaptation is required oonce returning to Equestria.

6004945 Fine then Rarity or freakin Sonata if that happens gets all pregged. Point still stands!

Well things just got insane. By a lot. Shagohad you just couldn't resist this episode could you. I only managed to see the second half of this. I'm sending my token over to watchless for back up. James del light is a keyblade wielder and thus unaffected by the bomb. He's currently wearing a different version's of him self's Omnitrix so he counts as a temporary displaced so yeah this should be interesting. Just send me a pm about this. We can work it out somewhat.

So we went from a battle of the bands (complete with rescuing an adorable-as-fuck Sonata :twilightsmile:) to a battle of the Bens. Strange, and yet... inspiring.

6004527 you and me both mate... you and me both...

although, I wish someone would smack some sense into him, "hating humans for what they could become"? he's a fucking defeatist emo if he believes that no matter what, humans will only bring suffereing

6005300 Sorry but, we already have all the parts of this crossover finished.

6006012 you mean he was inspired by Cthulhu?

6006053 Typos don't you just hate them... :facehoof:

“Omnitrix, Hodgepodge,” Jason commanded, shifting forms, “Come on, we have things to do,” he said. Grabbing a zipper that had appeared out of nowhere in midair, the draconequus unzipped a portal. “Ladies first,” he said, smirking at Ben.
“Then why are you looking at me?” Ben asked with a smirk. He gestured towards the portal. “Ladies first.”
“I insist, Jen,” Hodgepodge said, snapping his fingers.
“Hodge, I swear if you just gender swapped me, I’m not getting you a Hearth’s Warming present.”
He just laughed, patting Jen’s head, “Oh, you weren’t going to get me one anyway, liar,” he said, pushing her through the portal. “Th-Th-thats all folks!” he said, looking into the fourth wall and giving a wink before zipping the portal up behind them.

:rainbowlaugh: good ole Hodge

Well, sort of glad that that wackiness is over. Oh, I heavily enjoyed it, and it was well-written and fun, but I had to start making flowcharts to keep track on all the Omni-wielders!

I want another chapter like this one soon!:rainbowlaugh:

Honestly, that blast shouldn't have effected Jason or Ben Ten, since they're, as Paradox would put it, 'from another tree'.

oh damn :facehoof: no matter how hard we try to get rid of assholes,there will be three more to take there place,there worse then cockroaches :eeyup::ajbemused:

Well, this kinda cancels some of the details from that crossover you and I did, eh? Guess we'll have to edit that at some point.

6009770 Yeah... that was fun but... completely non-canon.

XDDDD Hilarious chapter.^^

That was impressive. Not to mention Hodge's R63 bit there.That was pure gold. :twilightsmile:

Oh i would so like to crossover with this. (So... Awesome!:rainbowkiss:)

I have to ask is there a story line for this or is a bunch of random adventures? Not that it matters I'll read it anyways.

6010841 Oh no, there will be a story line, I just took a fun detour.

6010843 Ah Kay just curious. Love the Jason saga keep up zee great work.

6010298 yeah! Ok well im on holiday and don't have my pc at my disposal right now so maybe when i get home?

“No, it looks like you have a worm on your wrist,” Ben counter countered. “It’s not supposed to be obvious you’re wearing the most high tech piece of equipment in existence.”

As opposed to the heart-stone you wear on your chest every time you transform? That no one who's not after the omnitrix doesn't aim for this obvious weak spot has always been beyond me.

And now Parenthood begins. I wish you luck Jason

A wonderful chapter, and now a story I must read! :pinkiehappy: Vash is awesome!

Huh. Since vash didn't summon them I'm going to assume the half-displaced baby is the reason for the world hop.

Sonata gasped, looking around. “They’re gone! Oh wait,” she paused, pointing her hoof, “There they are!” Said thief was attempting to flee down an alley.

Soon as I read that, I knew who it was. Good to see Trixie back.

Also, I think Starlight has become the fandom' favorite punching bag. I honestly expected the meeting to go like this.


"What is that?"


"No, bad Chrysalis! Besides, the rest are victims, she's the only bad one."

"Fine. Surrender or I kill you."



Yes! I love this story

XDDD This ending will prove to be interesting.:D

Oh, and recently saw some new Displaced fics with Negi Springfield, Megatron, and Alex Mercer. Potential abounds. XD

6039909 I might do Megatron and Mercer, but I want to space the crossovers out more.

Wow. Jason handled that better than I thought.

Also, want to know what became of Starlight.

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