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Yes, finally! Here we go!

So... Let's see if I've got this straight. After the events of the main story, Xemnas eventually finished doing his time, and was released. Rather than stay in Jason's Equestria, he decided to go to a new one, one that had not yet encountered the Displaced, and make a fresh start for himself. That was this Equestria. Upon arrival, he noticed that the events of the season 5 premiere were going horribly wrong, and stepped in to fix things. After that all was cleared up, the ponies found Alex/Xion, and we know the rest from there.

Is that right?:rainbowhuh: Also, been looking forward to this. Insta-like and fave for you!:pinkiehappy:

There's a little bit more to it than that, but I'm sure shag will get to that in one place or another.

(I know because I'm editing on this one too.)

I almost feel sorry for Starlight... key word: "almost":pinkiecrazy:

I'm just waiting for the real Jason sequel.

Just completed reading the original, and now Sexman... I mean Mansex is much cooler than before. Before he was the mediacre shadowy guy who doesn't talk much, now he is the SUPER-AWESOME heroic guy.

You really should start writing this again. I would like to see more.

Starlight I'm guessing was either never seen again, or so traumatized that she was praying to do ANYTHING for anyone to help them if only to have a chance at redemption and never earning Kat's ire again.

little bit explainy, but for the majority, good. i look forward to seeing where this goes

5912245 Yeah, but, after having seen the end of season 5 and all of 6 prior to reading this, i do feel bad for her. i just hope Kat only made Starlight fear earning her wrath again and didn't outright murder her

So this has died? Well that sucks it’s gasnt been updated since 2015 and it’s 2018 now.

As of today it's been updated if you're not aware yet.


Is this a restart or this chapter concern the previous chapter?

Nice update.^^ Wonder how she'll react when told that he's become a character from a fictional work from his world.

Lovr the restart here!

Hm. A more volatile reaction than Diplaced usually have. Then again, most Displaced don't wind up significantly younger and the wrong gender, so there's that. I look forward to seeing where things go from here.

Another great chapter, as usual.:D

I wonder if the medical scan will find a lack of heartbeat. Or even nothing in her body due to being a Nobody.

Er, Xemnas said in this chapter that Alex was human, not a nobody.

He has no way of knowing that for sure. Only that his spirit is human at most. Not that he's physically human.

And he has full control over all nobodies. Alex is human, not a nobody.

By Displaced rules, Alex is neither. You yourself said he has Xion's body and powers. And Xion IS NOT HUMAN, but neither is she a true Nobody. She's a different type of existence made from the same material as Nobodies though.

Author Fiat; Alex is human. Don't really care about Displaced rules, which should have been clear from Jason's story.

9385290 Co-writer fiat: Alex is human, and Xemnas knows because Xemnas would only see the crystal doll if Alex really were Xion. Instead, he sees Xion as the player of the game does, and thus knows that Alex must be something different.


*shrug* Doesn't make a lick of sense, but your story, your call.

Building up a good rapport there and I’m eager for more!

Oh damn, that is going to be severely ominous down the road if somebody is headhunting Hearts for new Heartless directly.

Black glass... Vanitas? And apparently the Dark Hunter from 0.2. I knew it was only a matter of time before SOMETHING reared it's ugly head. Can just hope things won't go pear shaped TOO quickly.

Red instead of yellow? Sounds more like Unversed. Interesting.

I like this chapter, it give the character to get to know each other better.

lol Nice.^^ And interesting board game.

Finally, someone uses "blood is thicker than water" correctly!

Excellent job here and I absolutely love it!

Huh, now that's a reaction I'd like to see more in Displaced fics really. Honestly, them seeming to have no reaction to a new body, and a new life is always annoying, especially when they seem to instantly master whatever skills they gain. That's a huge no for me. Now, this... This is something different. Might be keeping an eye on this one.

Another great chapter, as usual.:D

Another great chapter, as usual.:D

Excellent job, though I wonder if Celestia will get a new Keyblade. Not to mention who their old teacher could’ve been if a woman. Ava perhaps? Kairi? Aqua?

After ordering a copy of the as yet to be released Kingdom Hearts,

So... Spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III, then?

After it comes out? Yeah most likely.

9415816 Right now I've only played 1&2, and Shago has, as far as I know, played everything included in the 2.8 collection.

Neither of us has played 3, as it has not reached street date (and I lack the console) and neither of us is paying attention to the spoilers breached by youtubers eager for those contract violating early views.

As such, anything that has been written and posted before the street date that uses any information from KH3 that has NOT been included in previous PROPER AND SANCTIONED NEWS RELEASES ABOUT THE GAME is the result of fabulous coincidence and not malicious spoilering of a much-anticipated game.

Feel free to read without concern that we would dare purposefully destroy someone else's enjoyment.

Evil cliffhanger.

Well, good to see that summoning a Keyblade breaks mental magic on the bearer. Makes sense, all told, seeing as the keyblade is tied to the bearer's heart, which the siren's music evidently doesn't affect.

Wow, I like how you have Sonata being pretty neutral about the feeding. She seems to care more about enjoying the song than causing mayhem. Alex under control was interesting for sure. Love the song choices. Taking suggestions?

9417955 Shago and I have a pretty unique take on the sirens for this story in general, but saying anything more would be a bit of a spoiler. Stay tuned.

Another great chapter.^^ I do hope more than just Sonata has a chance at being redeemed though, in part since... well, they've lived their lives controlling others. They literally don't know any other lifestyle. I can see Adagio's light as being the fact that she cares about the well-being and success of her sisters, in her own crude fashion. And as for Aria... she's ambitious and wants to lead to prove her own worth... but, though she has good ideas, she's reckless and doesn't consider consequences or the larger picture, thus why Adagio never lets her lead. At least, that's my view on it. ...and Adagio's constant looking down on her is likely why Aria is always so dang grumpy.

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