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We all know the gist: during the first Nightmare Night after Princess Luna returned to Equestria she went to Ponyville, tried to mingle, got rejected, terminated Nightmare Night and got it reinstated in one single night...

But in this universe we're visiting, after that, the existence of a certain common brown Alicorn, brought something else that Night...

Now, With the Nightmare resurfacing on the eve of all saints' days, the Mane 6, Princes Luna and the Ponyvile Alicorn Alfonso Rodriguez will have to stop the Nightmare from gaining a new host, but in the shadows something else might lurk too...

- Crossover tag added due to moiedrator's request, there will not be pony Spike Spiegel, but the flow of the big fight will shift as the playlist does-

First Published
22nd Nov 2016
Last Modified
21st Apr 2017

>>7739741 It's more a side story, as once "Enter the Dragon" Finishes,I'll do the stories covering the seasons of the show, this one occurring after Luna Eclipsed ends

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