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It was at time that Equestria was thought to be the only land place for all ponies kinds and mythical creatures alike but from a far away land lies a another land inhabited by earth ponies only with no magic but believe in the ancient powers know as The Three Sovereigns that descend from the heaven and bring order to the land. One become their sun and bathed its home with its sunlight. One became their moon and heal the world with its moonlight. One became the sea and nurtured the world with its water. However when the time of strife known as Sangokuden now put the three kingdoms to fight each for power and authority, a PON scroll revealed to all nations:

When the Sovereigns and the ancient tree of harmony combine, the nation will rule both lands as the true ruler of both Mirshitia and Equestria.

And so the three kingdoms now left their homeland, in order to find the mystical tree of harmony and bring the Gyokuji to it, however it'll soon ignite another war to their homeland and thus became known to Equestria as- The Legend of the Sangokuden.

So this is Sd Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors but the characters will be in pony forms and it set after the final episode and in the MLP, set after season 4.

Chapters (4)
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Lol I saw the show its based on lol but that was based on the romance in the three kingdoms book witch also used for dynasty warriors. So....
all made so far

whoa this is coo! i cannot wait for the fight scenes,please keep it up

whoa i love this chapter,here is the song for it:

5534408 Patient, my friend. Good stories take time.

You have A LOT of empty space at the bottom of your document here, GundamBrony.

she thoughted about it.

You need a proof reader bro.

5725910 Not really, but its kinda distracting. It feels like you meant to put something there but didn't go through with it...

5725966 Well its just that I already finished with that chapter so I guess that explained of the empty space.

When is the next chapter coming out?

Believe it or not I didn't think is was going to get updated. but glad to see a new chapter. Just wish I can see the image for the main cast as well Ryubi new upgrade from.

This chapter is like from the episode 15 where Ryubi and Sou Sou had fought

I do feel kinda sad when this story still isn't continue yet with next chapters, but I still like it!

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