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This is grup for all fans of the koei warriors games (Dynasty, Samuri and Warriors Orochi) or any other koei games like D.o.A. ninja gidan or troy and so on.

Feel free to blog chat and discus story ideas and fave game moments here. Also i hope to see storys counecting the games. sach is HIE of your fasve warriors in pony land or maybe the ponys end up in a koei world.

That said rule are simple have fun no limets on counten other then it be inspired by koei game or be a crossover of some Type. (Note this also alows in onepice and gundam cause koei has games that cuntain them in it ok)

Ok everypony thats all i got. Oh one more theing my ponys sona is a pegusus named Ace Crimson Moon so feel free to call me Ace.

"Ok now thing are going to get intresting." - Xiahou Dun

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There's a couple of typo errors in some of the sections. Is it ok if you fix those? ^^;

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