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Favorite Series - Kingdom Hearts, My Little Pony, Bionicle, Gundam, Kamen Riders. Love to Make Crossovers and hoping to make it the best.


Set in between Movie Magic and after Mirror Magic, the Rainbooms resume their high school life while making sure no Equestria Magic causing any mischief around Canterlot Town. A new student was transferred to Canterlot High after his parents found a job around Canterlot Town, Chrono Blaze, a silent and loner boy who only cares about is the mecha from the series Mobile Suit Gundam. However, when he begins to find the rumor of 'unknown energy', a new battle begins as the Rainbooms must face a new danger that's far beyond the Magic of Friendship can handle, that will pit magic against machines and the fate of their world.

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Book 1 of My Little Pony Equestria Girls - Gundam Extreme Versus Magic series

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I wonder what will happen next? At this rate Ex is going to learn the hard way some Gundams don't always go with your plan.

To that misguided God-wannabe, I have this message:

Yeah as his blind pride will be his downfall and actions will come back to bite him in the rear ass.

Soon, that false god will learn that the more prideful you are, the harder your fall will be.

The song that fits Ex (aka Chrono):

Shit just got real brah, the girls need to do something or their world is doomed. :twilightoops:

What's the machine name and what anime it came from I the picture

That machine is called Gundam Astaroth Origin from the manga series Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Moon Steel Side Story

They can and will find a way as Chrono is a bit similar to the action of Sci-Twilight when she became Midnight Sparkle and a few others.

In the end, Chrono will have to answer for his crimes as his actions will actually make people in this world hate Gundam and the franchise will be abandoned to the point it almost becomes extinct thanks to him.

That's gonna suck unless Sunset or Sci-Twi use some sort of worldwide memory erase spell on the public.



Trust me when the final battle is over, everyone beside the Rainbooms, will forgot the apocalypse that Chrono did to ensure the Gundam franchise is safe.

How is something that Sci Twi will use her magic to fix everything and erase the event. Chrono too will fix it.

For those who are waiting for the next chapter, it's going to be a long chapter because the next one is going to be Rainbooms vs Gundams battle. So until then, I'll try to get it done as soon as possible after work and such.

Ponies and Gundams? Color me intrigued.

The war is far from over, but it looks like the tide is turning against that false god.

Also, FWI Fin Funnels and DRAGOON Bits can't fly in atmosphere, they can only work in space.

I hope the girls get a gundam form each as I know Ex is going to turn into a gundam at some point. Call it a gut feeling.

The next chapter will not only be long but have more battles and even one secret about Gundam Astaroth Origin. And like the first one, it'll be a while due to work but I'll try to get it done as soon as possible.

This is pretty nice. I like it. I'll keep reading.

"Chrono, that's no way to act like this in front of our parents!" Time Break said.

You mean Your. Not Our

Yes. This is so good. I want more.... But I shall wait for more

Is there a character with AS ?


Hey man when are you updated your story 😕

Sorry but with work and online classes I got a plate full of stuff but I’ll try to get back to it.

Will Spike be able to remember it too?

"I guess you're right, girls." Sunset sighed "Guess sometimes there are others that don't need friendship."

True that, but no-one seems to take this information to HEART, thereby forcing the virus to spread.

"Don't say the K-word!" Pinkie shouted, "You're making the readers having a mental tick!"

No pinkie you thinking I am a child that can't handle reading that word is giving me a mental tick. You prick.

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