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I love to create stories.


The story follows Jinn Hubert, a kid who had a special gift within him, and the government wishes to abuse that gift "for the good of their country". Luckily, the parents of Jinn caught on to their plans and escaped to Canterlot City to start over with Jinn making some new friends. Eventually, he was pulled into a citywide Card Wars card game with two sides warring with each other for complete control over all; The Crusading Wondercolts and The Servants of the Tiara, they fought for a relic that could ensure that special control: The Goddess Card.

But when magic that has leaked out of the portal to Equestria enters the fray, everything changes; the creatures, spells, landscapes, everything in Card Wars becomes real, not only that, it also earns the attention of the government, the same one that was hunting Jinn. The fate of Canterlot City and maybe even the world rests solely on the shoulders of Jinn and his special gift. Let us see where Jinn's road to greatness takes him.

A crossover of Equestria Girls and Adventure Time's Card Wars card game and a parody of South Park: The Stick of Truth for Xbox 360.

The story and gameplay is based off of the Card Wars Kingdom phone app.

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remember everyone.. FLOOP THE PIG!

Why? Because i suck at most games and i’m better at healing than anything else
Well that and anything that has to do with being a mage

"Frontline, huh? So I guess we'll never truly be friends."

I gotta ask. When you played the game, did you betray the Humans in favor for the Elves? Will Jinn go through a similar experience?

9151456 Allow me to explain; I have an Xbox 360 and Xbox One, in the 360 I chose the Elves, in the One I chose the Humans, if it reaches that point, I'll allow the readers to decide with a vote

1.) I see. I personally joined the Elves, because to me that made it seem like an authentic South Park episode (plus I hate Cartman beyond belief:flutterrage:), but rejoined the Humans after defeating Butters. Kicking his ass made me feel like a monster:fluttercry:.

2.) So let me see if I got this right:
Douche-bag = Jinn
Cartman = Scootaloo
Kyle = Diamond Tiara
Stan = Silver Spoon
Kenny = Apple Bloom(?)
Butters = Sweetie Belle
Clyde = Snips and Snails
Jimmy = (?)
Randy Marsh = (?)

If I messed up anything, let me know.


1. Agreed on both terms

2. Pretty much

Yep. Well, can't wait to see it all. But in the meantime, "Screw you guys, I'm going home."

GACK! JAKE! COME ON MAN! there goes the table again..

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