• Published 25th Jan 2018
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Game On - Golden Flare

Hit Point, a new student at CHS, has his life turned upside down when he becomes «The Gamer» and has to "level up" to survive the trials ahead of him.

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Chapter 1

After first period, Hit snuck into the bathroom and checked for anybody inside any of the stalls, once he was sure that nobody else was in there, he rushed into one of the empty stalls and decided to experiment with this strange power he found himself with.

Hit took a deep breath and exhaled, "Status Window."

Just like that, a game window appeared:

Hit Point
«The Gamer»
Title: N/A

LV 5
HP: 375/375
MP: 300/300 (MP Regen: 1%)

STR: 12
DEX: 14
INT: 11
VIT: 13
WIS: 10
LUK: 9

CASH: $100.00

Hmm... Hit began to think, I'm ever so slightly higher leveled than every other student here, but a lot of my stats are different, in fact, EVERYONE'S stats are different from each other, so...maybe I should apply my stat points in a balanced manner. Hit applied his stat points carefully to make sure he is at least close to balanced, he was always trying to keep his characters somewhat balanced when it came to their status. After he finished, this was the result:

Hit Point
«The Gamer»
Title: N/A

LV 5
HP: 375/375
MP: 310/310 (MP Regen: 1%)

STR: 13
DEX: 14
INT: 13
VIT: 13
WIS: 13
LUK: 13

CASH: $100.00

Okay, by slightly boosting my WIS, or Wisdom, my MP, or Mana Points, will slowly restore themselves after I use them, all the while, I kept my status balanced and held onto half of my stat points until I really need them; stat points are hard to come by, so I should hold on to at least some of them. Now, onto another state of business...

Hit swiped the window downward to close it and opened another one by saying, "Inventory."

The new window had been split in half by a mere line; on the left was the equipment half of the screen, which only shows his normal clothes, and on the right half of the screen was the item storage, A.K.A. Inventory, which was currently empty.

"I wonder..." Hit pulled out his smartphone and placed it into one of the inventory slots, and lo and behold, there it was, displayed in his Inventory Screen, "No way..." he pulled it back out and closed the screen, "Though it's useful and my smartphone would probably be safer in there from pickpockets, I can't just pull it out of nowhere whenever I need it and draw attention to myself."

Just then, the second period bell had rung, making Hit groan in annoyance. With hopes that he won't be late, he rushes out of the bathroom stall to his next class.

The time for the final period of the day had come all too fast, Hit pretty much breezed through all of his classes mostly because they were a lot of subjects he was good at, and enjoyed his lunch from the nice lunch lady, and now he finally arrived at his last period before going home for the day, when he noticed a massive anomaly in his life.

Sunset Shimmer, in the same class with him.

She saw him, sneered, and waved her fingers at him, making him scowl as he sat behind her, but in reality his [Gamer's Mind] skill allowed him to hide his true intentions and emotions as he fought to hide a smirk from her, the opportunity was right in front of him, and the teacher wasn't here yet, the intel about the true Sunset Shimmer was handed to him on a silver platter.

"Observe." he whispered as he looked at the back of Sunset's head.

Sunset Shimmer
«Fallen Student of Princess Celestia»
Title: Queen Bee of CHS

LV 31
HP: 2295/2295
MP: ?/?

STR: 30
DEX: 26
INT: 181
VIT: 142
WIS: 45
LUK: 67

Sunset Shimmer is not of this world; she is from an parallel universe where magic is commonplace and quite well used, good and bad. She was once a student of a powerful ruler known as Princess Celestia, but something between them made her cruel and dishonest, which made her eventually abandoning her tutelage of her to pursue a different path and somehow ended up in the world seen now.


But [Gamer's Mind] managed to calm Hit Point down before he lost himself in a panicking fit, he had many questions, but no answers. And then another window popped up:

The skill level of [Observe] has increased by 1.

Huh? Is it because I observed Sunset? Because her Max MP is unknown and she's more powerful than anyone here?

Just then, Mr. Doodle walked and everybody became silent as Hit saw his overhead name as well.

«Cranky Old Mule»
LV 10 Cranky Doodle

...I'll think about this later, I have to focus on my studies...


Just like that, school was over for the day and everybody began to leave, except Hit, who decided to walk around school a little longer; his mom said that she was going to be working late and that Hit could do whatever as long as he finished his homework when he got home, luckily for him he finished all of his work in school and had no homework to bring home. As he walked through the halls, he heard a commotion in the gym, being the curious guy he was, he chose to check it out, but not before a screen popped up:

You have detected multiple hidden presences.

Hit knew right away that it was Sunset, but that didn't stop him from going inside. When he walked in, he noticed four people and one dog, who all had overhead names:

«Silent Big Brother»
LV 15 Big Macintosh

«Honest Middle Child»
LV 14 Applejack

«Gleeful Optimistic»
LV ?? Pinkie Pie

«Equestria's Newest Princess»
LV 28 Twilight Sparkle

«Twilight's #1 Assistant»
LV 2 Spike

Well, Pinkie's isn't all THAT surprising now that I know her, but...wait, what were those last two?!

"Uh...can we help ya, pardner?"

Hit noticed that everyone in the room was staring at him when Applejack spoke and he chuckled nervously, "Um, sorry, I heard noises in here and wanted to check it out, I apologize if I'm intruding."

"Oh, then no worries." Applejack smiled.

Hit smiled back and walked to a near secluded area of the gym and looked directly at the new girl named Twilight, "Observe."

Twilight Sparkle
«Equestria's Newest Princess»
Title: Bearer of the Element of Magic

LV 28
HP: 2090/2090
MP: ?/?

STR: 17
DEX: 42
INT: 162 (+5)
VIT: 113
WIS: 96 (+10)
LUK: 74

Twilight Sparkle had just arrived from a parallel universe called "Equestria" in search of her crown and Element of Harmony, which was stolen by Sunset Shimmer. She had just become a princess by finishing an impossible spell by a famous Unicorn, and in doing that, she had ascended from a Unicorn to an Alicorn, which is a being that possesses all traits of Unicorn, Pegasus, and Earth Pony, thus making her royalty. Her title gives her a slight boost in INT and WIS. Arriving in this world has divided her overall status by 3.

Interesting...but where does that dog of hers play in all this? He then focused on Spike, "Observe."

«Twilight's #1 Assistant»
Title: N/A

LV 2
HP: 100/100
MP: 50/50

STR: 10
DEX: 12
INT: 11
VIT: 10
WIS: 10
LUK: 6

Spike the Baby Dragon, now Spike the Dog, had ran after Twilight in hopes of aiding her in her quest to retrieve her crown from this world. He always helps Twilight and wants to be helpful, not just to her, but their friends as well, and felt like helping her on this quest may strengthen their bond if by a little.


Before Hit knew it, Twilight began to take her leave with Spike in tow as he chose to follow them, hoping for answers about Sunset Shimmer and this whole "other world" business, not noticing Sunset herself bursting in through the main doors...

After overhearing the conversation between Sunset and Twilight, Hit began to leave the school with many questions in his head as clubs began to start up for the day, as he continued to think, he made it home without him even realizing it. After entering the front door, he looked around to see that nobody was home, he knew there wouldn't be anyone here, but he thought his dad would be home early for once. [Gamer's Mind] prevented him from being bothered by this, so he went upstairs to his room to look for something, and he eventually found it: a wooden baseball bat his dad gave him when he was in his Freshman year at his old school.


Wooden Bat [Rarity: E rank] [Type: Bash]
A bludgeon made of wood, mainly used for the sport "Baseball". It doesn't do much damage.

Strength +1
Condition: 95%

"Usually in games, when the condition of the weapon is weakened, its power is weakened too. Since I only used it very few times in Freshman year, its condition only shows a little wear. But if and when the weapon's condition drops to 0%, the weapon breaks, never to be used again, even if you have the materials to repair it." Hit Point theorized, "Well, anyway, I'll probably need it if this 'Equestria' place is invading or whatever. Inventory!"

The Inventory Screen appeared and he shoved the bat into one of the slots, closing it afterwards and heading to bed, unaware of what will soon come...

Author's Note:

How was that? My first time writing the [Observe] skill many times, hope you guys liked it!

EDIT: The WIS stat was edited to correct a slight hiccup in my writing

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