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Persona 5: The Phantom Thieves of Crystal Prep - Golden Flare

You tried to protect someone and ended up with a criminal record, got expelled from your school, and forced to transfer to another city to another school, and the only school that would take you is Crystal Prep. Try to stay out of trouble, please?

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4/10 (Mon.)

4/10, Monday, Sunny
Early Morning

You woke up from the most strangest dream you've ever had in a long time.


"Hey, you awake? Breakfast is ready! Hurry up, we gotta be at the school early!"

That was Cadence.

You chose not to dawdle and head for breakfast. It was simple, waffles with maple syrup, you honestly preferred simple breakfasts like this. As you sat down, Cadence spoke up.

"Oh! I almost forgot! Your school uniform!"

You raise an eyebrow.

"Crystal Prep has a strict dress code, all students must wear their uniforms during school hours."

You sigh, you hated schools like that, all severe and serious about who wears what, but you know it couldn't be helped. You continued eating your breakfast as Cadence brings down your new uniform for school, you change into it and prepared to leave with Cadence. As you two were on the road, she chose to fill you in at a stop light.

"Okay, when we're at CPA, you refer to me as Dean Cadence, I don't like being so formal, but Principal Cinch demands it, especially since she's been extra intense after the Friendship Games."

Friendship Games?

Did something major occur?

"Also, come to me if you have any problems. One last thing, you don't have to like her, but at least tolerate Principal Cinch, but above all, do NOT trust her, she tried to blackmail Twilight to compete in the Friendship Games."


This Principal Cinch sounds like she could be trouble, you make a mental note to be wary of her. The light turns green and you two continued toward the school. As you arrived, you couldn't help but gawk at the scene before you; the school looked absolutely fancy, shimmering crystal walls, a barred gate to keep intruders out, this place was the pinnacle of schools.

Cadence giggled at your reaction, "Enjoying the view?" but then her amusement turned into seriousness, "But don't be fooled. The students are still growing accustomed to making friends and Principal Cinch has made the teachers more strict in their teaching, so be careful."

You nod and you both get out of the car, heading into the school. Inside, you can almost taste the tension in the atmosphere; someone was cautious of each other, the teachers glared at every student that passed by, all in all, it didn't look pleasant.

Cadence grabbed your wrist, "C'mon, we should go to the Principal's Office to get your schedule."

You followed her lead and went to the Prinicpal's Office, ignoring the tense students, staff, and faculty.

As it turns out, the Principal's Office was on the second floor of this school and was only accessible through a staircase separate from the rest of the school.

Talk about an ego. you thought.

Cadence opens the door and guides you to a stool in front of the principal's desk, the chair behind said desk was turned so the back was facing you, no doubt the Principal was trying to make a dramatic appearance.

"Principal Cinch? The new transfer student is here." Cadence said.

"Good." Cinch spun her chair to face you both, "Your name is," she addressed you by your given name and family name, "is this correct?"

"Yes, ma'am." you respond.

Cinch nods, "Glad to see that even a criminal can speak to a principal respectfully."

You couldn't tell if that was a compliment or an insult, it felt like a mix of both.

"You had phenomenal grades in your previous school, did you not?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"And do you have any special talents that may contribute to this school?"

"Um...none that I know of, ma'am."

"Hmm..." Cinch leaves her chair and walks over to the trophy case along the side wall, "In case you did not know, Crystal Prep has a reputation, a reputation that must be maintained, as it is responsible for everything we have here, for everything our students have done here...even one who turned her back on this school for friendship."

You can feel the murderous intent coming from Cadence, but she kept her calm exterior.

"But that is a tale for another time. Back to brass tacks, you will be here for an entire year, correct?"

"Yes, ma'am." you answer.

"I have a good feeling about you, a good feeling that you could excel better than Twilight Sparkle ever did." Cadence's dangerous aura intensified, "You better keep your record clean, child, or I shall clean it myself." she hands you a piece of paper, "Here is your schedule, I looked over your previous school's records and found several classes for you to take. But before you leave, Cadence, could you step outside for a moment?"

"Of course." as she leaves, she turns to you and mouths, "Watch yourself".

The moment you are left alone with Principal Cinch, she sneers smugly, "I think it's time I was honest with you. You see, the real reason I let you into our school was to reform and reintegrate a criminal like you back into society, something that Canterlot High has never done. So, let me offer you a deal: in return for keeping your nose out of trouble and focusing on your studies, I will use the influence I have with this school's reputation to guarantee your approval into any college of your choice..." you were about to speak, but Cinch continued, "...Though I suppose I could also simply...expel you."

Your eyes went wide at Cinch's proposal, Cadence was right, she truly IS underhanded!

"What do you think I should do?"




You HAVE no other options!

4/10, Monday, Sunny

After THAT little episode, you went on your way to your first class and sat down at a secluded desk. The teacher was going through his morning lecture, which you paid close attention to, didn't want Principal Cinch to expel you for ignorance, did you?

4/10, Monday, Sunny

Lunch period came around and you got your food already; some fancy stuff that you've never heard of, but you knew it was edible. You sat down at a separate table from everyone else and began eating. As you were halfway through your food, five girls came up to you with hesitant looks on their faces.

"Umm...is it alright if we sit with you?" the lime green haired girl spoke to you.

You swallow what you have in your mouth, "May I ask why?"

"We assumed you had no friends here since you're new and thought we'd give you some company." the girl wearing glasses answered bluntly.

You blinked, "...Um...okay, I guess?"

The five newcomers joined you and you all ate together in silence. The anxiousness in the air was so obvious that you'd have to be blind not to see it.

4/10, Monday, Sunny
After School

The final bell rang and everyone left school in a hurry, except for you, you were waiting for Dean Cadence to pick you up. Just then, you were approached by one of the girls you met at lunch, you recall her name was Indigo Zap.

"Hey." she said.

"Hey..." you mimic cautiously.

She sighs, "Sorry if...we came on too strong."


"We're trying our best to understand friendship, but thanks to Cinch, she's slamming with so much work that we can't even try! I mean, she wants us to be disciplined, but she's WAY too strict, even for this school! Sometimes it feels more like we're in one of those army drill camps."

Just then, a chime came from your phone, and when you pulled it out to see, that app was back again.

"Huh? What's that app?"

Suddenly, you felt the world around you warp and distort into something else, but you don't know what it was.

"WHOA!! What the...!"

You look toward Indigo and saw the school change into what looked to be an armed forces' base of operations.

"What happened to the school!?"

"I don't know...but I think we should check it out." you suggest.

"You think so?"

You shrug, "Wouldn't hurt to try."

"Well...alright, if you say so."

The two of you entered the base to see what was going on, but little did you two know that you were in for a world of danger...

Present Day

You clutch your head as finish your memory.

"I see..." Velvet spoke, "So you accidently stumbled upon a different world...through a cellphone app."

"You sound like you actually believe me." you remark.

"That's left to be decided. Now, what happened in that other world? The Metaverse, as you call it?"

You try to remember what happened beyond the point you and Indigo entered the armed base...

4/10, Monday

After entering the base, you immediately notice the walls were draped with flags baring the Shadowbolt mark of your school, which in itself was weird. All the students around you two were dressed in outfits similar to the school uniform, more so like combat suits, and marching through the hallways like soldiers in a war.

"What's going on!? What happened to the school!? It's all...warfare like!" Indigo said.

"I don't know." you answer.

"This is too weird for me! Let's get outta here!"


You two began to leave the premises, but you were stopped by several of the Shadowbolt Soldiers.

"Freeze!" one of them ordered, "Why aren't you two in uniform!?"

"Uh...we kinda are?" Indigo said.

"That may be a uniform, but it's not ours! Troops! Apprehend them!"

The troops advanced on the both of you and used their assault rifles to rifle-butt you behind the heads. You heard one last thing before you completely blacked out.

"Take them to the cell block!"




"...ey...ake up..."


"...Wake up..."


"...Dude, wake up!"

With a gasp of air, you awoke and sat up, hyperventilating to regain any lost air when you were unconscious, after you got enough air, you looked around the prison you two were in, "Where are we?"

"My guess, a prison cell." Indigo said.

You sigh, "This was a bad idea."

"No shit, Sherlock."

After that remark, two guards accompanied by Principal Cinch arrived, but something about Cinch was different, instead of her usual business-like attire, she wore a Shadowbolt military outfit that made her appear to be an admiral and she had golden yellow eyes.

"Principal Cinch!? What's going on here!? And what's with that getup!?"

One of the guards punched Indigo in the face, knocking her to the floor, "Show some respect for Admiral Cinch!"

"Ugh..." Indigo groaned in pain.

The other guard saluted to Cinch(?), "Admiral, what should we do with these two?"

"Since these two don't know how things work around here...shoot them both dead." Cinch(?) ordered.

The two guards each pulled out a handgun and leveled them at yours and Indigo's heads.

"W-What...?" Indigo was in shock.

"...Start with Ms. Zap, since she has shown such blatant disrespect of me." Cinch(?) commanded.

Indigo was frozen with fear as were you, the gun pointed at your head was also incentive to remain where you were. You watched helplessly as the guard aiming the gun at Indigo pulled back the recoil hammer and readied herself to pull the trigger. Just then, you heard an unfamiliar voice.

What's wrong? Are you just going to watch the closest thing you have to a friend die? Are you surrendering her to save your own skin? Death will claim her if you don't do something. Was the choice you made a mistake?

You immediately remembered the incident with that aggressive man and defenseless woman, "No..."

The guard placed her finger on the trigger.

Fine then...I have accepted your answer.

You felt your body pulsate and you scream as a rush of power was coursing through your veins.

Vow to me. I am thou, thou art I...thou art willing to commit several disgraceful acts for thine own justice! Call upon my name, and release thy rage! Show thy strength to ascertain all on thine own, even if thou became chained to Tartarus itself!!

You glared at your enemies with defiance and determination.

"Fire on my mark!" Cinch(?) ordered.

"...I will end your madness." you uttered.

"Huh? What did you say to me, child!?"

Your enemies' focus turned to you.

"You wish to die first? Very well!"

The guard pointing the gun at you pulled back the recoil hammer.


The guard readied her trigger finger.


You felt something within you grow.


And explode outward in a sudden gust of wind, knocking the guards away from you and Cinch(?) and Indigo stared at you in shock. You felt something stuck on your face, it felt like a mask, it was black with a red gem above your face, and it fit solely on your eyes, leaving your mouth uncovered, you desperately tried to take it off and when you did, you felt your skin peeling off your face, once it came off, the upper part of your face was covered in blood.

And you immediately felt the change.

The power.

With a manic smile, you looked up at your aggressors with golden yellow eyes and a blue aura emitted from you as the blood vanished and your whole body was coated in the same aura and took shape as something else as it appeared above you and your eyes returned to their normal color, you felt like it was a part of you, so you didn't resist as you unleashed a powerful wave of energy and blew away the guards. Cinch(?) tried to step away as Indigo stared at you in shock and awe.

"So...awesome..." she uttered.

You continued to stare with that same smile, knowing that this battle was already won. The blue aura finished forming and dissipated to reveal another being; a warrior wearing golden draconian armor, complete with a helmet that covered the entirety of its face and armored wings, wielding a golden shield and a unique sword.

"I am the god of thunder, Zeus!" he declared, "I am the rebellious side of your soul. If you so desire, I will lend you my strength to escape this trial."

"Give me your power." you said.

"Hmph...as you wish."

Cinch(?) spoke in shock, "What are you...? What in the hell ARE you!?" she regained her composure and barked her orders, "Guards!" they stood up, "Start the bloodshed with that one!" The Shadowbolt Soldiers transformed into two floating carved pumpkins each wearing a wizard's hat and cloak and carrying a lantern, "You shall feel the full might of my army!"

You felt the world slightly shift around you into a small battlefield.

"Despise the enemies before you! Change that hatred into power, and unleash it!" Zeus advised.

You felt your emotions well up within you, and you released it as a bolt of lightning that hit one of the strange Jack-o-Lanterns, whom of which charged at you in retaliation, doing significant damage to you.

"Swing your blade!"

You had no idea what he was talking about...until you noticed the knife with lightning bolt shaped blade in your hand. You took a chance and rushed towards the Jack-o-Lantern you attacked with the lightning, sliced upwards as you jumped into the air, and stabbed it on top of the head, making it vanish in black mist. The last enemy tried to mow you down, but you jumped out of the way.

"This power of mine...is yours! Kill them however you want! Run wild to your heart's content!"

You finished off the last opponent with a powerful knife attack, making its fate the same as its comrade. You felt yourself grow stronger and, for some reason, your pockets heavier with money. After the battle ended, the world warped back to the prison cell and you took notice of your new attire; you were wearing a black full-body suit with dark blue kneecap guards and a black cape-like coat with dark purple in the interior along with the mask you recently ripped off your face over your eyes.

"What the hell was that!?" Indigo demanded.

Cinch(?) began to approach you to with a handgun of her own, "You vile brat!"

Indigo got up and body slammed Cinch(?), "Ha, ya like that, ya blackmailing whore!?"

You saw a key ring that she dropped, "Lock the cell!"

"Huh? Oh, right!" Indigo swiped the keys and locked the door behind her as you two exited, "Got it!"

"Insolent children!" Cinch(?) roared as she got back up.

"What happened back there!? And what in the creator's name are you wearing!?" Indigo asked you.

Suddenly, in a flash of blue, your school uniform returned to you.

"Whoa! It changed!?"

Cinch(?) banging on the bars broke the two of you from your conversation, "You devil kids!"

Indigo growled, "Agh, this is too messed up! Let's get outta here before we have to deal with a welcoming committee!"

You two began to run as Indigo dumped the keys in a nearby wastebasket, Cinch(?) kept yanking on the door to open it, but to no avail.

"Goddamn thieving whiners!" Cinch(?) saw her reinforcements arrive, "After them! Do NOT let them leave here alive!!"

As you and Indigo continue through the hallways, you noticed some of the walls are marked, "CELL BLOCK C".

"Hey! Stop messing around and let's go!" Indigo shouted, "I found a stairway! C'mon!"

You two enter the stairway and climb up until you reached the very top, you burst through the door only to find more prison cells and the walls marked, "CELL BLOCK B".

"DAMMIT!!" Indigo cursed.

"Hey, who's there?"

That was a voice you didn't recognize.

You look over to one of the cells and see a strange cat-looking thing standing on two legs instead of four like normal.

"Lemme outta here!" it said.

"Sweet Faust...a talking cat thing!" Indigo shouted.

"What!? I'm not a cat!" it argued, "Anyway, keep your voice down! The Shadows will find you if you keep that up!"

"Oh, man...this is getting to be too much! Let's just keep looking for the exit!" Indigo said in a frantic tone.

"Wait!" it called, "If you break me outta here, I'll show you the way out!"

"W-What!? You gotta be yankin' me!"

"It's the truth, I swear!"

"What do we do, man!?" she asked you.

"Hey, did you hear something?"

"I think it came from this direction!"

It sounded like rough voices headed this way. The guards are catching up!

"Listen, you can stumble around until you get caught again, or you can take your chances with me and actually get somewhere!" the cat made a convincing argument.

"A-Alright, alright!" Indigo opened the cell door and the cat thing came out and stretched.

"Ah, it's good to be free again!"

"Alright, ya freaky cat! Get us outta here!"

"I told you I'm not a cat! And I have a name! It's Morgana!" it said.

"Let's just go already!"

Morgana led you and Indigo to another stairway, after climbing it you burst through the door and came face to face with two more guards.

"Oh, crap! They found us!" Indigo shouted in fear as your strange outfit appeared once more.

"Amateur!" Morgana jumped over her and stood in front of you two, "Hey, kid, you can fight, right?"

You nod.

"Then let's go! Come! Odin!"

Morgana glowed the same blue aura as you and another being came forth; it was a tall, elderly man with an extremely long beard, wearing Nordic garments and shoulder guards with a long spike protruding out of each one, wielding a gold staff.

"Y-You got one of those things, too!?" Indigo asked him.

The guards morphed into more creatures; the Jack-o-Lantern from before and a winged demon.

Morgana crossed his arms, "Hmph. We will promptly shut them up!"

The battle begun once again as you and Morgana prepared to fight while he pulled a sword out from...somewhere.

"Damn Shadows...they've taken up intercept positions! It means they're holding nothing back and are serious to kill us! I'll back you up, so fight like your life depends on it! Let's go!"

Because it kinda does. you thought.

You summoned your other self, Zeus, and called down a lightning bolt like before on the Jack-o-Lantern.

Morgana smirks, "Hmph, I knew you were an amateur. This is how you fight! Odin, show them your power!"

Odin came out and a gust of wind knocked the Jack-o-Lantern completely off balance, which surprised you.

"Strike at an enemy's weakness to knock them down! Use that opening to strike again! That's the most basic of basics! Remember it well! C'mon, let's hurry and get through this!"

You nod and prepare yourself for a retaliation response, but none came as Morgana attacked again, perhaps he had a point.

"Persona!" Odin came forth again and struck the flying demon, but it didn't fall flat like the Jack-o-Lantern. The demon attacked Morgana as the Jack-o-Lantern rose up and attacked him.

Now it was your turn, you couldn't screw this up!

You called Zeus and finished off the demon with another bolt of lightning as Morgana followed up with an attack with his sword, destroying the freaky pumpkin. You suddenly became even stronger, as if you "leveled up" inside a game, but you knew better. After that battle was over, you took a breather from fighting so hard.

"Not bad. Your Persona's pretty powerful." Morgana complimented.

"Persona...?" Indigo questioned, "Are you talking about the people that come outta you guys all dramatic like?"

"Yes. You saw how the kid here ripped off his mask when he summoned it, right?" Morgana began to explain, "Well, everybody wears a mask deep within their heart. By removing that..."

But he didn't get a chance to continue as you transformed back to normal.

"What the...? He changed back again..." Indigo noticed.

"Hm, it looks like you don't have full control over your power yet." Morgana said, "The transformation shouldn't normally dissolve like that. After all—"

"Ugh, stop already! This doesn't make any damn sense!"

"Can't you just sit still and listen for one second, Goggles!?"

"That's not my name! It's Indigo Zap!"

"Hold up! There's no time for me to lecture either of you! You wanna escape this place without being in tiny pieces, right? Let's move! Oh! Before we continue on, take these. Use them carefully, alright?"

Morgana hands you three little jars, they look like medicine, so you stuff them into your pockets with your newly acquired money.

"Okay, let's get moving. The exit should be one more floor up."

The three of you start running to find another stairway to lead you to the exit.

"Just make sure you don't tire out all your energy, okay? There's still a chance that we'll have to fight again."

As you three continue to find the way out. Indigo notices other people within the compound, some of them being students from your school. After dawdling for too long, you and Morgana had to fight again, but luckily you won yet another battle and pressed forward to the next stairway. Once you climb up, and make sure there weren't any guards behind the door, you enter and notice two things; one, the walls are marked with the words, "CELL BLOCK A", and two, there's a hardly noticeable, beat up vent cover propped up on the wall nearby.

"Hey, where's the exit!?" Indigo demanded.

"Amateur. This is the most basic of basics." Morgana lectured.

"A ventilation shaft?" you guess.

"That's right! As I thought, you're a natural at this." Morgana praised. "I used this entrance before I got caught, if you follow it straight out, it'll take you outside this base."

"Alright, let's go!" Indigo began to crawl, but then realized if you go behind her, you'll look under her skirt, the thought made her blush, "Hold on...you go first."

"Just hurry up and get going already!"

"What about you?"

"There's still something I have to do. We're going our separate ways."

"Don't get caught again, Morgana." you said.

"Heh, you be careful too, kid. See ya."

As Indigo requested, you went in first and she followed, but if you two stayed any longer, you would've heard Morgana's mumbling.

"Those two seem useful...especially the kid, if my judgement's right..."

4/10, Monday, Sunny
After School

You felt the world warp back to normal as you and Indigo find your way back to the front gates of the school.

Indigo was panting as she was out of breath, "Did we...make it...?"

You looked at your phone as an automated voice spoke from it, "You have returned to the real world. Welcome back."

"Returned? I guess that means we got out safely."

"Most likely." you said.

Indigo sighed exasperatedly, "Good." she then focused on you, "The hell was all that...? That base, then Cinch, and now a weird cat!" she clutched her head, "What's going on here!?"

"There you are!"

You both turn to see Cadence running up to you.

"I was so worried! Where have you been!?"

Indigo began to explain, "We were just leaving the school, when all of a sudden there was this—" you place a hand on her shoulder and slowly shake your head, "What are you...!?"

"Give us a minute." you say to Cadence as you pull Indigo to the side, "If I told you what we just saw, would you believe me?"

Indigo opened her mouth...and couldn't think of what to say. She knew you had a point.

"Fine." she relented.

You nod and turn back to Cadence, "I got lost in the school and Indigo was showing me the way back."

"Y-Yeah. That's right."

Cadence smiled, "Well, I'm just glad you're okay and that you're making friends. We should get home now, though. It's spaghetti night."

"Yeah, I gotta get going, too. My folks will worry if I'm gone too long. See ya, pal!"

Indigo ran off into the direction of the city as you and Cadence got in her car and drove back home.

4/10, Monday, Sunny

You were completely exhausted before, during, and after dinner, so you immediately went to bed afterwards.

That armed base...

What WAS that all about?

And Morgana...what's his deal?

You decided to think on this another day.

Tonight was dreamless...

Author's Note:

Level Up!

(your name)
Lv. 1 > 2
HP: 50 > 60
SP: 30 > 36
Melee Atk: 30 > 34
Defense: 25 > 28

You have obtained a new Persona!

Level: 1
Arcana: Fool
Strong against: Lightning
Weak against: Curse
Skills: Zio

In case you were wondering, Cinch is what is known as a martinet, if you don't know what that is, look it up

The 2nd person protagonist's Phantom Thief outfit is based on this:

EDIT: I was recently informed that I needed to add a distortion to Indigo's dialogue, fixed it