• Published 25th Jan 2018
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Game On - Golden Flare

Hit Point, a new student at CHS, has his life turned upside down when he becomes «The Gamer» and has to "level up" to survive the trials ahead of him.

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Chapter 2

Even before entering the school, Hit Point could see and hear the students snickering, not at him, but at what was on their phones; Hit woke up midmorning to find a video linked to him by Pinkie Pie with a message, saying, "This is bad!!!" Hit thought something had happened, so he clicked the link and found the video of Twilight doing...quite a few embarrassing things, which made him cringe greatly.

Sunset Shimmer. I thought I recognized her handiwork. Guess she finally found somebody else to stalk. he thought.

He continued to his homeroom and tried his best to ignore the snickers of the immature students, but it was becoming quite unbearable, even with [Gamer's Mind] in play. The homeroom teacher walked in and began the lesson as Hit looked at his overhead name:

«Devious Tactician»
LV ?? drocsiD


Lunch had finally rolled around and Hit Point made his way into the cafeteria for some grub, when he got his favorite food, a chill dog, he went over to a secluded table and wanted to test something.


Chili Dog [Consumable Item]
A hot dog coated in chili sauce.

+50 HP
Favorite Food Bonus: +200 HP

"...Huh." was all Hit said before he closed the window and ate his food.

He looked around the cafeteria and saw everyone just eating and talking with one another, like any other normal day, almost reminding Hit of the days before he got his power. After another once over of the whole lunch room, he noticed something off about one of the students; the girl with the half blue, half pink hair that he had seen in passing, who always hangs out with that green girl named Lyra Heartstrings, she was named Bon-Bon, but her overhead name was saying something else:

«Professional Monster Hunter»
LV 19 Sweetie Drops


Sweetie Drops
«Professional Monster Hunter»
Title: Special Junior Agent

LV 19
HP: 1450/1450
MP: 500/500

STR: 56
DEX: 57 (+5)
INT: 48 (+5)
VIT: 25
WIS: 29
LUK: 31

Sweetie Drops goes by the alias, "Bon-Bon" to hide her true identity as a monster hunter for her friends' own protection. She and her best friend, Lyra Heartstrings, are almost inseparable, but Sweetie Drops fears that Lyra finding out her true self will not only compromise her safety, but may destroy their friendship. Her title allows her a slight boost in DEX and INT.

Oh, my God, the students here are a bunch of circus freaks! he thought, then sighed in his head, ...Well, no point in brooding over my parents' judgement when it comes to schools, besides, I may have to talk with her when she's alone and see if she can help me.

With his mind made up, Hit finished his lunch and proceeded on to his next class.

The final bell had rung once again to indicate that school was over today, and Hit Point had a goal in mind: talk to "Bon-Bon" alone. He kept himself on the lookout for the familiar two-toned hair that defines the secretive girl, soon enough, he found her with Lyra chatting away at some memories of their childhood together. Hit walked up to the two of them and tried to get their attention.

"Hey, ladies."

"Oh! Hey, Hit Point, what's up?" Bon-Bon asked.

"Well...I need to speak with you...privately."

"Why?" Lyra asked, "Why don't you say it in front of both of us?"

Hit knew this wasn't going well and didn't want to ruin their friendship, so he walked up to Bon-Bon and whispered into her ear, "I know who you really are...Special Junior Agent Sweetie Drops."

Bon-Bon gasped in shock and dropped her backpack.

"What's wrong, Bon-Bon? What'd he say?" Lyra asked her best friend.

Bon-Bon hid her eyes with her bangs, "...Lyra. We'll talk more later."

You have learned a new skill through a special action.

Through sensing murderous intent, [Danger Sense] has been learned.

[Danger Sense (Passive) LV 2 EXP 67.90%]
The Gamer senses danger through others' murderous intents, killer instincts, and so on. Danger is measured by leveled numbers through 1 and 10; 1 being the lowest amount of danger and 10 being the highest, anything above 10 is beyond extremely dangerous.

You have sensed murderous intent: LV 6

Uh...why is it saying level 6 murderous intent...? And why did my skill level start at 2 instead of 1, with some leftover EXP?!...oh, she's mad.

Suddenly, Hit felt himself being partially dragged into a secluded hallway and then slammed into a row of lockers, diminishing his HP a little.

-50 HP

"Okay," Bon-Bon began in a hostile tone, "where did you hear that name?"

Hit sighed deeply, "...Okay, I'll try to explain to the best of my ability, but this might take a while..."

He came clean to her about his Gamer ability, his [Observe] skill, and how he saw her status through the skill.

"...So, yeah, that's how I know. You probably don't believe me, but--"

"Oh, I believe you." she interrupted.

"...Huh?" Hit uttered, dumbfounded.

Bon-Bon sighed, "You're not the only one with special powers, you know."

"I'm not?"

"I'll explain it to you another day, right now, I need to get back to Lyra before she starts asking questions." she took her leave until she stopped with her back turned to him, "Oh, and Hit Point?"


"About my secret..."

You have sensed murderous intent: LV 7

"Don't worry. My lips are sealed."

The level of danger has gone down by 3.

"Besides...I think it's better if you're the one who tells her one day, it'll mean more coming from you."

"...Thank you, Hit."

You are no longer in danger.

Bon-Bon left Hit in the hall as she returned to her friend to reassure her that nothing was wrong. Meanwhile, Hit began to take his own leave when he noticed Twilight on the soccer field talking with the captain of every sports team in CHS, Rainbow Dash, making him curious as to why she's conversing with her. He shrugged as he decided it wasn't any of his business and left for the Sweet Shoppe for some take-out food because not only is he hungry, he needs to replenish his HP.

After ordering some muffins to go, he entered his home to see that nobody was inside, again. Hit assumed his parents were working late again and went over to sit at the dining room table to eat his grub, but not before he saw what they do.


Banana Nut Muffin [Consumable Item]
A muffin with the flavor of bananas and has nuts baked into it.

+50 HP
+50 MP

Chocolate Chip Muffin [Consumable Item]
A muffin with chocolate chips baked into it.

+75 HP
+50 MP

Hit was hungry enough that he ate both the muffins and recovered his lost HP, then shoved whatever was left in his Inventory and went to bed for the day. As he drifted off to sleep, he had a weird feeling about tomorrow all of a sudden...

The Next Day...

A screen popped up as Hit began to stir:

Good morning! Your HP and MP have been fully recovered!

"Ah, geez...does that notification ever stop?"

Before Hit got dressed for school, he checked the Options Window and saw that their was no way to turn off the morning notifications.

"Oh, forget it, I'll deal with it when I'm not busy. Besides, the Fall Formal is tonight and I need a date."

Hit's parents have been urging him to go to the Fall Formal since they heard about it, believing it was a great way for Hit to make new friends, much to his dismay. But Hit only agreed that he'll go when and if he is able to get a date for the occasion, otherwise the deal would be off the table, he wasn't going to go alone, he thought it would make him look pathetic, especially in the eyes of Sunset Shimmer. Hit Point had only two problems with that: one, he doesn't know who to ask, and two, he thought, "who would go to the Fall Formal with a complete and utter gamer nerd?"

Regardless, Hit went through his daily routine as he was think about this and to prep himself and headed off for school.


That's what Hit felt.

He had arrived to his classes on time and the moment the teachers started their lectures, he tuned them out because he was so bored, even with his new ability. Without warning, a piece of folded-up paper bounced off of his head, snapping him out of it, when he saw where it come from, he was a bit surprised, it came from Bon-Bon. Hit noticed the teacher's back was turned to the chalkboard, so she chose a good time to give him a note, before Mr. Doodle turned around, he opened the note and read it.

We'll talk AFTER the Fall Formal, meet me on the roof tomorrow after school.

Hit turned and nodded to Bon-Bon as she nods back, he put away the note and began to focus in class this time.

Hit didn't know what to think.

In front of him was the strangest thing.


In the cafeteria.

Singing and dancing.


It was like the school had done a complete 180 and everybody were now friends, despite what Sunset had done to everyone here. But he'd be lying if he said he didn't like it as he let [Gamer's Mind] slip a little bit this time and crack a smile at the sight. He left the cafeteria to leave Twilight to her little campaign only to hear an unwanted voice.

"Take those off!"

He turned and saw Sunset Shimmer along with her cronies.

"I have something I need you to do."

Sunset had bared a malicious smile upon her pretty face.

Hit had to hide when a screen appeared:

You have sensed dangerous intent: LV 5

The evil group made their way past Hit as they didn't notice his presence, he decided to follow them to see what they were up to.

And knowing HER, it's nothing good.

He waited until Sunset and her little troll buddies entered the gym until another screen popped up:

Side Quest: Confront the CHS Witch!
Information: Encounter Sunset Shimmer, Snips, and Snails in Canterlot High School - Gymnasium!
Time Limit: 30 Minutes
Clear Reward(s): +5000 EXP, Key Item
Fail Penalty: -1 LV on all skills

[Accept] [Decline]

This'll be one hell of a gamble...but I need the EXP. Hit thought before he pressed [Accept].

Hit rushed into the gym after he accepted the side quest, he may have had 30 minutes, but he couldn't waste any time with this, he knew this to be true.

He swiftly opened the doors with a loud bang, earning the troublesome trio's attention as Hit glared at them. Sunset turned to her lackeys and motioned with her head towards the rest of the gym, they nod and got to work with Sunset facing him once more.

"And here I thought you'd stay out of trouble." she said, "I may've never gotten any blackmail material on you, but you're not gonna get in my way."

"Even if you had anything on me, you can use it all you like, because all I care about right now is knocking you down a few pegs."

She smirked, "You really think you can do it?"

"Someone's gotta, with all the disrespect you throw around, and it's no wonder why Flash ditched your fat ass."

You have sensed murderous intent: LV 8

Sunset grit her teeth in anger at Hit's words with a growl, "You're gonna eat those words...!"

Without speaking, Hit mentally called for his Inventory Window, hoping that she couldn't see it right now, "Come at me!"

Sunset charged forward and tried to knock him down, but luckily she couldn't the Inventory Screen pop up and Hit whipped out his bat and smashed her in the face with it, throwing her off balance and knocking her off to the side. Hit almost pictured this to be some sort of boss battle and envisioned a good piece of music that would accompany it.

You have learned a new skill through a special action.

Through imagining music playing in the background, [BGM Create] has been learned.

[BGM Create (Active) LV MAX]
The power to bring music in your head into the real world.

Just then, the music he envisioned started playing, but Sunset was in a blind enough rage that she didn't notice.

With a roar of defiance, Sunset rushed Hit again, but like before, he was ready. He shouted a battle cry as he charged at Sunset as well, both sides eager to end this.


"Yes. It is just as you planned...the boy is confronting Miss Shimmer as we speak."


"Of course. I shall make sure that no real harm comes to him...for now, anyway."


"Yes, the Fall Formal WILL continue as planned, regardless of what Miss Shimmer does."



The unknown figure hung up the phone and proceeded to watch the security cameras in the gym as the battle between his two pawns continued with a smirk on his face.

Author's Note:

EDIT: The level of [BGM Create] is now maxed out.

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