• Published 22nd Feb 2015
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A Nobody's Destiny - Golden Flare

Your name is Naxon, you used to work for Organization XIII, but you left, now you find yourself running for your life from dangerous creatures. Can the inhabitants of this world change your life for the better?

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Author's Note:

From time to time, sound effects and music must be played at the same time to fully enjoy the story.

Naxon's physical appearance depends on what your Nobody would look like, but for future reference, the clothing is my choice.

In an unknown city (well, unknown to you), a severe thunderstorm is taking place in the streets. Besides the plopping of the raindrops and the resounding rumble of the thunder, everything seemed peaceful...

Everything, except a person in a black coat and strange, white creatures chasing him down the street.

You were running.

Running as your life depended on it.

How could they figure out you left so quickly? It was only a few minutes ago. Or...was it a few hours? You couldn't remember. You couldn't remember a lot of things. The days of your existence felt like a blur.

But you couldn't focus on that right now! The Dusks were chasing you! You needed a plan of escape and you needed it now!

You created a mental map of the city streets you've ran through so far and calculated your escape route; you turned right at a crossroads and swiftly rushed into the nearest alley. You crouched down and stayed perfectly still and in seconds, the Dusks sped past you, not realizing where you've taken temporary refuge. When you were completely sure they were gone, you stood up and ran into the alley. You found yourself in another street and went in the opposite direction of where you estimated the Dusks would be in the city.

So, what now?

You knew you couldn't outrun them forever, and no doubt they'll find you eventually. With these thoughts in mind, you couldn't help but feel the futility of the situation. You didn't know what to do. They're going to find you. No matter where you go, how far you travel, or what you do to shake them...

They WILL find you.

You stop in your tracks when you hear a familiar sound. You kept still and make no noise, you try to cancel out the sound of the storm to determine and locate the sound.

You felt your entire body turn cold when you recognize the sound...

The Dusks...

You felt even colder when you figured out where they are...

...Right behind you.

You turned your head and saw them, speeding towards you. They were at least fifty feet away from you, but they were there.

You felt something strange within you, something you've never felt before: You desperately wanted to get far away from them as possible, sure, you've wanted that already, but this weird feeling increased that need ten-fold. What was this feeling?

With this newfound influence, you ran harder and faster than ever before.

You ran and ran and didn't stop running. You didn't know where you were now, you were too focused on survival. Why did it have to be this way? If only he stayed just a little longer.

You returned your focus to the road and noticed in the distance a large, wide building and a horse statue on a cube-like pedestal with a mirror on each of its four sides in front of it on the right. You came up with an idea, it's not much, but it'll have to do. You picked up the pace before the Dusks could catch up and jumped behind the statue, pressing your back against the mirrored wall. Right now, you're facing the front of the school, out of sight from the lesser Nobodies. Half a minute passed and you heard the Dusks continued on the road, believing you're still in that general direction.

(stop music)

When the noise stopped, you felt a calming sensation coursing through your body, knowing that you've momentarily escaped them once again. You wonder what people would call that sensation? Suddenly, your exhaustion finally caught up with you and you closed your eyes and began silently panting. As you sit in solitude, you decide to let your mind wander; you pondered on why you couldn't talk or, at the very least, make sounds come out of your mouth, did they create you to be a mute? You leave that thought alone and begin to wonder where he could be right now. You subconsciously tap your coat pocket and feel two of the three items you took with you: a seashell and a popsicle stick. These two items may seem like nothing to anyone else, but to you, they're your treasured possessions. You tapped the pocket inside your coat and felt the third item: your diary. The Organization gave it to you to write your thoughts down and no one else would read it. You didn't write in it very much and you began to wonder why you even brought it in the first place.

"Excuse me, young one."

Your eyes jolted open at that moment. You quickly calmed yourself and slowly raised your head to see the owner of the voice; it was an older woman with light blue skin, deep blue eyes, her hair was two tones of blue, one dark, one slightly lighter, with three tufts at the top of her head, she was wearing a white collared, purple shirt with a crescent moon symbol on the collar, dark blue pants, and regal-looking silver high heeled shoes with pointy tips. She was looking down upon you with a dark blue umbrella in her left hand over you and her, "Are you alright?"

(stop SFX)

Inside the gym at Canterlot High School, all of the students were preparing makeshift beds while chatting amongst themselves. Especially, a group of six colorful girls.

"Ugh, I can't believe we gotta sleep in the gym 'cause of this stupid storm!" A rainbow-haired girl said.

"Now, now, Rainbow Dash," a curly, purple-haired girl began, "the principals said that it was far too dangerous for anybody to go home in this weather, so they had to accommodate us in the gymnasium."

"You'd think they'd give us a better place to sleep. I thought you'd be freaking out about sleeping on the floor, Rarity!"

"Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna are doing the best they can, at least show some gratitude that they didn't just shove us out into the storm!"

"Girls, girls, girls," a poofy, pink-haired girl interrupted, "look on the bright side of this, we're all here together, aren't we?" Each member of the group voiced their agreement, "There, see? Annnnnd we can all have, one. Big. SLUMBER PARTY! WHOO-HOO!!"

Everyone in the gym cheered at her words, they knew excited Pinkie Pie could get and with her around, nobody could have a bad day.

An older woman giggled lightly at her happiness; she had very light pink skin, deep purple eyes, her hair was like a type of rainbow of blue, green, and pink with three tufts at the top of her head, she was wearing a golden yellow one button jacket with a brooch shaped like a sun, a white and purple undershirt, a purple bracelet on each wrist, purple pants, and regal-looking golden high heeled shoes with pointy tips. She was glad that some of her students could make the best of a bad situation.

But it was not to last when the double doors to the gym opened, everyone turned to see you and Vice Principal Luna entering the room. When they saw you, an eerie silence filled the air, they felt intimidated by your black coat and they couldn't see your face because of the hood over your head.

You two made it to the stage when Vice Principal Luna spoke, "Take a seat."

You nodded and sat on the edge of the stage, keeping your head low.

Principal Celestia swiftly walked up to Luna, "Sister, what is the meaning of this?"

"I found this youth propped up against the statue outside, he looked exhausted, so I brought him in."

"Do you know who this person is?"

"No clue. He wouldn't speak when I tried to make small talk on the way here."

"Hmm..." Celestia walked up to you and crouched a little to be at the same height, "Hello." You raised your head to look at her eyes, but she couldn't see yours, "Could you please remove that hood so you can introduce yourself?"

You sat for a moment, then you slowly took both your hands to your hood and just as slowly lift it over your head and to your back, allowing them to see your face.

Celestia smiled, "You're quite a strapping young man." You nodded in thanks. "Can you tell me your name?"

You open your mouth...

...But nothing comes out.

You put both hands to your throat and try to force the words out, but to no avail.

Celestia put a hand to your shoulder, "Don't strain yourself." She looked at you with worry etched on her face, then turned to Luna, "Do you have a pen and paper?"

Luna pulled out a pen, "Here, but I don't have any-"

"You can have some of mine, Principal Celestia."

Said principal turned to one of her students, one who she's knows all too well; she had light amber skin, turquoise eyes, her hair was red with yellow streaks, she was wearing a black leather jacket with a studded collar, a purple shirt with a shimmering sun emblazoned on it, an orange skirt with purple and cream streaks, and black and purple boots with the purple imitating some kind of regalia. She, too, had a look of worry upon her features as she handed the principal a stack of paper.

Celestia briefly smiled at her, "Thank you, Sunset Shimmer." She turned back to you and held out the pen and paper, "Can you write?"

You nodded and took the items. You gripped the pen firmly and slowly began to write your name. The three women watched you intently, never tearing their gaze away. You stopped and handed Celestia the paper. She read it...and instantly gained a look of confusion.


"What is it, sister?" Luna asked. She peeked at the page and adopted Celestia's expression.

"What's wrong?" Sunset asked.

"It's...hard to pronounce. I've never seen a name like this before." Celestia said.

"Um...'Nah-zon'?" Luna said.

You shook your head.

"Um...'Nack-son'?" Celestia enunciated. You nodded. "Naxon. A strange name for a strange boy."

"I think it's a nice name." Sunset commented.

"You do?"

"Yeah. It's very unique."

Celestia giggled, "Alright then," she turned to Luna, "I'll search the school records and see if I can find anything about Naxon, you get the nurse and make sure he's in good health."

Luna nodded, and Celestia turned back to Sunset, "Can you watch him for a moment, Sunset Shimmer?"

She nodded, "Of course."

"Thank you." With that, they went toward the double doors and exited the gym.

Sunset looked you over briefly and sat next to you, "Hey."

You looked at her and nodded.

"So...you're a mute, right?" Sunset said, trying to strike up a conversation.

You nodded.

"Where did you come from?"

You thought to yourself before answering; your superiors told you that during your missions (if you'd ever get any), you can't let on where you're from. Also, you want nothing to do with the Organization anymore, so you decide to wash your hands of it as you write your response:

Somewhere really far away

Sunset looked a bit skeptical, "Um, anywhere specific?"

You write your next response:

A really bad place
I do not wish to talk about it

Sunset's eyes widened slightly, "Oh, okay. I understand."

You two sit in uncomfortable silence, you can feel her stare directed at you, yet you're not even looking at her. Out of nowhere, you feel a pair of arms wrap around your body and turn to see Sunset embracing you. Why? More importantly, why does it leave a warm feeling inside of you?

She looks up at you, taking note of your surprised expression, "I just thought you needed a hug."

You get ready to write, but Sunset stops you, "A hug is something that friends give each other, sometimes when they're troubled by something, like this, 'bad place' that you don't wanna talk about."

Your eyes widen, how did she know what you were going to ask?

By that time, Luna returned with the nurse, who had a medical bag in her hands; she was almost as tall as Luna, she had pale white skin, crystal blue eyes, pink hair done up into a bun, she was wearing a white cap with a red cross, a short white nurse's uniform, and white shoes. They came up to you and Sunset as Luna spoke, "Miss Shimmer, could you please release Naxon for a moment?"

Blushing, she swiftly let go and moved away from you, but still remaining close to your side.

The nurse approached you and said, "Hello, are you Naxon?" You nodded. "Weird name. Anyway, my name is Redheart, but in school, I'm referred to as Nurse Redheart. Vice Principal Luna has come to me to give you a checkup, so let's get started."

She rummaged through her bag and took out a stethoscope, a thermometer, an ophthalmoscope, and a reflex hammer. She started out with the stethoscope, she put it in her ears and pressed the diaphragm in the center of your chest, "Okay, breathe in," you inhaled, "and breathe out." And then exhaled. She then took it a little to the left and felt something in your inner pocket, "Do you have something in your coat?" You nodded. "Could you take it out please? It's hard to check your pulse with items in the way."

You did as you were told and took out the item, your diary; it had a black cover and marked with a grey-colored number "0".

"What's that?" Sunset asked you.

You wrote on the paper Sunset gave you, you weren't going to risk anyone peeking in your diary by using it to speak instead.

My diary

"Your diary?" You nodded. "Hmm..."

Nurse Redheart continued the rest of her checkup by checking your temperature, your retinas, and your reflexes, all of which passed by pretty quick. After it was done, you put your diary back into your pocket, and Celestia came back and took you into the hall as Luna and Nurse Redheart followed...

In the hallway, Celestia opened a door that led into a room with a large desk and two chairs, one big, one small, and the big chair was behind the desk from where they entered, where the small chair was adjacent to it.

Celestia walked you over to the small, but comfy-looking chair, "I know it isn't much, but it should be comfortable enough to sleep in." You give her a quizzical look. "I didn't want you sleeping in the gym with everyone else, no one knows you and vice versa, besides, I think you deserve a better place to rest." She smiles.

You didn't know why she was being so nice to you, but right now, you didn't care, your exhaustion from your prior chase through the city was beginning to catch up with you as you sat down in the seat and instantly passed out. Celestia went into one of her cabinets and pulled out a white and yellow checkered blanket, which she draped over your body, leaving your head exposed.

"Good night...Naxon." That said, she flicked the light switch and exited her office.

When she closed the door, she was greeted by her sister, Luna, and Nurse Redheart.

"How did the checkup go, Redheart?"

"He's in good shape; normal pulse, normal temperature, normal reflexes, and his eyes are perfectly fine. Other than some minor exhaustion and the inability to speak, there's nothing wrong with him."

"That's good..."

"How was your research, sister?" Luna asked, "Have you found anything about our cryptic guest?"

Celestia sighed deeply, "No." Luna and Redheart were taken aback, "I searched school records, medical records, I even tried to find a birth certificate...nothing. It's as if Naxon just came out of nowhere."

"Woooow, that's not creepy or anything."

The three turned to the sarcastic voice, it belonged to the rainbow-haired girl named Rainbow Dash; she had sky blue skin, rose-colored eyes, wearing a white shirt with a cloud and a red, yellow, and blue, lightning bolt below it, a blue jacket, red, yellow, and blue bracelets on both of her wrists, a pink and white skirt with black tights beneath it, red, yellow, and blue socks, and blue and white knee-high shoes with white laces. Behind her, five other girls appeared, one of them being Sunset Shimmer.

"How long were you all standing there?"

"Long enough," Sunset answered, "Principal Celestia, how is this possible?"

"I don't know...all I could think about was how he was able to survive without a family of his own, if he even had one."

"He told me he was from a really bad place, maybe they took him away from his family?"

"All I know is that we can't make assumptions so early, there's a lot that we don't know about Naxon."

"That's his name? Pfft, lame!" Rainbow remarked.

"Land's sake, Dash, ya don't even know the guy!" The blonde-haired girl in the group said.

"The guy's creepy! End of story! Don't you remember what happened the last time someone new came along, Applejack? The entire school was brainwashed by three power-hungry Sirens!"

"I don't think he's evil," Sunset interjected, earning everyone's attention, "When I was talking with him, sure, he seemed a little off, but not like The Dazzlings, he was...different."

"Different how?" The poofy, pink-haired girl asked.

"I don't know, I just...can't describe it. He doesn't seem evil, but I feel like he's hiding something."

"We'll talk about this tomorrow," Celestia interrupted, "It's past 9:00, and everyone should be in bed right now."

"Yes, Principal Celestia." The six girls said in unison, and headed back to the gym.

Redheart spoke up, "I should be getting back to the infirmary, you never know when a student could walk in needing medicine. Plus..." She sighs. "I have a ton of reorganizing to do, after the incident with Derpy, when I was trying to give her her booster shot."

"But that was two weeks ago." Luna said.

"I know." Redheart deadpanned, then left the two principals.

"Luna, could I use the computer in your office?"

"Of course, sister, but what for?"

Celestia pulled out her cell phone and began dialing, "I'm going to call the courthouse and have them fax over citizenship papers for Naxon, and, well..." She hesitated to say her next words: "...Adoption papers."

"What would you need adoption papers for-" Luna stopped herself when she put 2 and 2 together. "You're not suggesting..."

"Yes," Celestia looked at Luna with a serious, but calm expression, "I'm going to adopt Naxon."

Luna stared at her for a minute, then became serious, "No." She walked up to Celestia and put a hand on her shoulder and smiled.

"We are going to adopt him."

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