• Published 24th May 2014
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Crystal Ballerina - BlueSkyHeadLeft010

What is the meaning of life? For me it means getting a second chance. You wouldn't think that buying a simple Pearl from an old geezer at a gas station would transport you to Equestria right? Wrong. Now I'm stuck here with this Pearl on my

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History Repeats

Having a thousand volts of pure magic run through your system as your form gets ripped to shreds in front of your eyes is not something I would recommend ever experiencing...

The first thing I did after I was conscious was make a mental note not to trust anyone who points their horn directly at me. (Lord knows what others kinds of damage they could do to me...)

When I opened my eyes I noticed that I wasn't laying on the ground somewhere passed out, but rather I was placed in a comfortable bed with plush pillows inside some kind of fancy looking four star hotel. The second thing I noticed was a sleeping Twilight in the room sitting, or more appropriately laying, on a chair passed out from exhaustion. The third thing was that I was back in my human form again.

I stirred in my bed a bit and tried to summon my pony form, so I could feel more comfortable in the equine sized room, but it seemed like something was blocking or had depleted my energy, so I was stuck to crouching down off the bed and gently nudging Twilight...

She stirred gently before blinking in surprise. "Crystal? Thank goodness you're awake!" She cheered as she hugged me with those soft hooves of hers.

I hugged her too, not knowing what else to do, before we let go and I looked around still confused. "Um, Twilight? How did I get in this room?" I asked as I studied some more of the layout, looking for clues.

Twilight smiled sheepishly, "Um, well this is actually my old bedroom at Canterlot Castle." She laughed embarrassed, "After the royal guard magi accidentally harmed you and revealed your form, they felt bad and brought you up here after the Princesses saw you and-"

I looked at her in surprise, "Whoa, whoa hold on! You're saying the actual Princess Celestia told her men to bring me into her castle?!" I gasped in surprise.

"Well ya! She and her sister Luna offered to repay you for your troubles by bringing you to the guest quarters, well mine specifically since it's on the west wing away from the public, and then offering to meet you later." Twilight explained.

I blinked and then said dumbly, "Celestia has a sister???".

Twilight groaned and smacked her face with a hoof.

"Princess... Twilight Sparkle has informed that you and your sister's guest has awoken and requests an audience with the both of you immediately." A guard spoke as he entered the throne room.

Princess Celestia was busy with paperwork at the moment when the guard spoke to her. Nevertheless she cast her glance over to the guard and nodded in approval. "Ah, so it seems our guest is finally awake." She smiled coyly, "Tell Twilight I'll be there shortly, and kindly arouse my sister and infrom her the same please." She asked. After all, it just wasn't kind if one didn't add a please...

"Right away your highness." The guard bowed as he trotted off to attend to his duties.

Celstia watched him go and then glanced over at the paperwork once more before sitting up from her position at the desk and walking out of the throne room. "I suppose work can wait... If one has returned, then the others won't be far behind..." Celstia muttered to herself as she headed towards the west wing of the castle.

I'll be honest. My first impression of Princess Celestia was underwhelming...

Twilight has convinced me to rest some while I waited for the princesses, even if it was cramped in my human form which totally stunk, but when the Goddess of the Sun herself knocked on the door I found it very hard to relax indeed.

Her form was-... To put it nicely, not as shiny as I was imagining?

I mean, don't get me wrong! She still was a lot taller than most of the other ponies I had met, but she only came up to my stomach in height when I stood up, but even crouching she still was smaller than me. Not to mention she did have that whole 'I'm on acid' appeal going on with her mane as it ebbed and flowed on its own accord, but no one seemed to notice or care.

Naturally she had those sun tato- erm, I mean cutie marks on her thighs that marked she was the sun goddess, but nothing else screamed 'I'm a god' to me.

When she saw me though, I was a bit taken back when she freaking bowed down at me!

"Um, hello to you too?" I said confused as Celestia finished bowing and her sister, Luna the moon god- I mean princess, entered too.

"Welcome Pearl, it has been a long time." Celestia smiled as she looked at me like I had just turned into Jackie Chan.

I cocked my head in confusion, "I'm sorry, have we met before?" I asked, still wondering what the heck she meant by 'Pearl'.

Celestia moved to open her mouth, but Luna beat her too it. "We must apologize for our guards attacking you earlier." She nodded at me respectfully. "Had we known you were coming as an earth pony, we would have sent a summon so that wouldn't have happened." She said.

I shrugged it off, "That's okay. It's not the worst I've been through." I lied. Ok, technically it was right up there with getting a tooth pulled, but I wasn't going to admit that in front of someone who could very well bring the sun down on top of me.

Celstia sighed, "Yet, we did not wish to have any more changelings sneaking about Canterlot after last week's-" she paused mid sentence and looked at me oddly but regaining her formal composure.

I looked to Twilight for help, but she simply shrugged. "Are changelings that bad of a threat around here?" I asked.

"Not usually. Like I said, there have just been many around recently." Celestia said quickly, "Tell me, are you fit for some tea and small talk? We have many questions for you Pearl." Celesita said as she summoned a tray of tea and cookies in front of us.

Magic... Don't know if I'll ever get used to it...

I nodded and sat down as everyone enjoyed the food and then we started talking.

"So..." I started, still munching on some of my chocolate chip cookie in the process, "You guys keep calling me Pearl... That's not my name." I explained. "I think there must've been a mixup."

Celestia looked at me confused as she sipped her tea, "So you are not her then..." She hummed in thought, "I had just assumed because you look a lot like Pearl." She sighed, "Well this complicates things." She frowned before taking a bite of a cookie, "Tell me, what brings you here?" She asked.

I looked to Twilight who nodded and then back to Celestia. "Well, my Names Sarah, but feel free to Call me Crystal Gem when I'm disguised as a pony. I came seeking your aid in finding my way back home, oh, and to find information on a certain species of humans called Crystal Gems, since I'm apparently simular to them." I explained.

At the mention of Crystal Gems both Luna and Celestia nearly spit out their tea in horror.

"Did you just say Crystal Gems?" Celestia asked in confusion and fear...

Author's Note:

ahhhh sorry for neglecting this for so long! ;A;

More is on the way, I'm just bogged down with homework! XP

(hehe, and so the real mystery begins... >:3)