• Published 24th May 2014
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Crystal Ballerina - BlueSkyHeadLeft010

What is the meaning of life? For me it means getting a second chance. You wouldn't think that buying a simple Pearl from an old geezer at a gas station would transport you to Equestria right? Wrong. Now I'm stuck here with this Pearl on my

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The walk to town hall was a little more interesting.

I saw several other ponies walking about chatting with each other while doing their daily thing, but unlike Braeburn they seemed scared, as if afraid of something or someone. More specifically me...

I suddenly realized I was the scary giant, as they would quickly dash back into the closest building nearby and shut the doors and close their windows. I watched as some of the younger fillies were pulled into houses by their moms, or peek out windows to look at me only to be pushed by down by older siblings.

It was terrible! I didn't even have to see them flee to feel I was being rejected. I felt very small. Smaller than I usually felt. So small I was-... Shrinking?!

I looked at myself in panic as I watched my form waver and twist into new dimensions, replacing my hands with a flat stubby surface, and my face stretched out as my teeth flattened. In few seconds I was no longer human shaped. I opened my eyes in disbelief as I realized what I had turned into. A pony.

Okay I screamed. Then screamed some more. Then smacked my face with a hoof as yelped in pain as it left a dent. Ouch! Why did I think that was such a good idea?!

After panicking a bit, I finally calmed down enough to look at my new form. I was an off white color, close to a cream, but not quite. My mane stayed in the same pixie cut my human form had, except now I had a tail to boot, which sported a similar sleek cut to it. I still had no clue what I entirely looked like, silently frowning that I still hadn't found a mirror, but my thighs seemed to have a ballerina slippers logo with a pink ribbon extending from the slippers that were wrapped around a criss-cross image of two of the blue wands I had used earlier. My face scrunched in focus as I tried to figure what that mean't, but I didn't have time as a pair of hooves suddenly wrapped around my waist and yanked me into a building.

I opened my mouth to scream in surprise, but a hoof clamped over it. "What the heck were ya doin' out there with that munster roaming about huh?!" Someone said as I was spun around to find myself in a parlor of some sorts with a bunch of scared looking ponies. The pony in question talking to me walked forwards, donning an old-timey sheriff's vest with a silver star pinned to it and a brown cowboy's hat.

I looked at him puzzled. Did he not just see me out there trans-? Oh, wait a moment! This was perfect! I could still get the information I needed!

I hung my head low and nodded, "I'm sorry sir, I was just passing through and was curious t'was all..." I lied, as the stallion seemed to ease off a bit and smiled at me warmly. He patted me on the shoulder, "That's alright. At least ya weren't hurt none. What brings ya ta Appleloosa?" He asked changing his tone to a friendlier one.

I perked up a bit, "Oh! I was hoping for a map of some sorts!" I said as I blushed sheepishly, "I got a little lost, and a pack of bandits stole everything I had." I fibbed. Smooth girl, like butter on toast.

"Oh you poor thing!" A green female pony gasped as she ran over to me and looked at me sympathetically. "I've got a map here and a few bits to spare for a train ride if you need to get back home!" She offered, pulling a backpack shaped like a saddle out of nowhere.

I gawked in surprise at how generous she was being. "Um, thank you." I said, feeling guilty that I had to lie to get help, but shook it off. Easy now, it's necessary. That's all.

"Not a problem!" She smiled as she practically sat down the pack on my back and put a map and some odd gold coins into them. "Just tell the Ticketmaster where ya need to go and she'll print ya out a ticket! Stay safe and keep an eye out for that hideous monster!" She cheered as once again I found myself being pushed out of a public building by cartoon horses and shoved into the streets.

Curious, now I was facing the direction of the train station. I raised a hoof excitedly as I somehow magically able to pull out the map from the pack and pry it open with my hooves. Lucky for me, the map was written in English! Yes!

Okay, so there was 'Canterlot'. Probably a big city I guessed since the map's inaccurate proportioned buildings indicated it as the biggest thing on the map. I don't think I'm ready to handle a big city just yet.

Then there was a pretty looking place called 'Cloudsdale', but in the fine writing it noted that it was only for Pegasi and ponies with a 'cloud walking' spell on, and since I wasn't either of those, that was a no go.

Oh wait! Right below 'Canterlot' and 'Cloudsdale' was a place called 'Ponyville'! It looked small enough!

With my course decided I rolled back up my map and took a step forward towards the train booth.

Of course without proper instructions on how to walk in a pony's body I immediately fell flat on my face... I grunted as I picked myself back up and instead very slowly made my way over to the train station. I'm so glad no one was there to see that!

The Ticketmaster said nothing as she printed out my ticket, but a quick glance and you'd miss a ghost of a smile...

Author's Note:

Yay! two chapters done in a day!
In the future they'll probably be short like this, for simple reading, but nevertheless I hope everyone is enjoying them!
Until next time Blue Sky is out~! :D