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Crystal Ballerina - BlueSkyHeadLeft010

What is the meaning of life? For me it means getting a second chance. You wouldn't think that buying a simple Pearl from an old geezer at a gas station would transport you to Equestria right? Wrong. Now I'm stuck here with this Pearl on my

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The Message [Epilogue]

Crystal held the blue hued spear longingly in her hand as she carefully traced the spiral curved edge before looking back up to Twilight who was standing a few feet ahead of her.
"Are you sure you want to do this?" Twilight asked nervous, shifting her front hooves back and forth, a habit of hers, as she glanced back at the crystal warp pad that sat ontop of the highest accessible part of the Crystal Empire.

Sighing, Crystal let the spear fall limp in her grip as she neared the platform part of the warp pad. "Yes..." She said, a brief flicker of uncertainty crossed her face, before she steeled herself and looked back serious. "I think it's for the best." She answered.
After Wade had left over two weeks ago, Crystal had put much thought into their little team up adventure they had. He'd helped distract Sombra, and even entertained the crystal ponies to keep them from panicking. On the train ride back, Crystal thought about what Wade had said. He wasn't alone, sorry, she wasn't alone. There were others. Displaced as he had called them, that were stuck in similar worlds and in similar situations. Though she knew not what other worlds lurked beyond yet, Wade was living proof there were other humans out there.

It wasn't a question of if she could return home anymore. It was now a question of how many others were out there needing help?
My help... She thought as she returned her gaze back to the warp pad.

Twilight had backed off to give Crystal some space as she held one of many summoned magical spears over time, in her grip.
If she could do the same thing Wade could, then she needed to do it. Like her mother had always said, With great power, comes great responsibility... Wait no, that was Peter Parker's Uncle.
Regardless, she had been given the ability to help others. And by George she was going to use it!

She flung the spear high above the warp pad, the Pearl gem on her head glowing a bright white as Crystal mentally prepared herself.
"To anyone who hears this... My name is Crystal Gem, and I am here to help! If you find yourself in need of assistance, do not fret to call for me... Simply point this spear upwards and I shall come at the speed of light." Crystal chanted the magic spell Twilight had taught her a week ago, Echo, one of the first of many spells she had found herself able to cast. (But that was another story for another time.) Then activated the warp pad the moment the spear touched the smooth crystal structure, and input the command for the warp pad to split the spear, Refract; another spell Twilight had taught, and send it anywhere that wasn't in this dimension.

It took much of Crystal's spare mana to maintain the command, but after a shaky start the warp pad obeyed and sent the multiple spears through small tears in the fabric of reality before closing them neatly.
She panted as the spell ended and she plopped down to catch her breath.
"Are you alright?" Twilight came up next to Crystal, worried as she put her neck under Crystal's arm to help support her.

"Yeah... Yeah..." Crystal breathed as she sat still and waited for the sky to stop spinning outside. "I think I did it." She finally managed to say. "It was hard to remember all the steps I needed, but I managed.." She admitted.

In reality she'd done rather poorly. Magic just wasn't something she was good at. Pony magic that was. Gem magic was easy enough. She could literally do almost anything that came to mind with it.
Being able to cast pony magic had come as surprise to both of them. But still an added bonus Crystal supposed.
Yet she had been eager to learn Echo and Refract as two of her first spells for this purpose.

She had wanted to be able to provide help to others. And this would give her a leg up.
True, she had to spend extra time figuring out how to attach the spell to the warp pad; which already had numerous 'gem spells' capped on it, but in time she had been able to come to a sort of happy medium between the two varying types of magic.

Now she just hoped she hadn't botched it. She had no idea where the warp pad had sent the spears. Frankly, she wouldn't be surprised if one ended up in Twilight's bathroom one day, but the warp pad had been stable so there was that.
Time would tell if she had been right or not. But for now, she had lunch with a certain Alicorn of Love and a student of the Sun.

Author's Note:

Crystal had been unlocked for summoning!
Plz, pm me before you use her thanks!

(Also, this is the end of Book one. Book two is coming soon!)

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Yay sequal time soon.

That was pretty neat, glad I found this Displaced story.

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