• Published 24th May 2014
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Crystal Ballerina - BlueSkyHeadLeft010

What is the meaning of life? For me it means getting a second chance. You wouldn't think that buying a simple Pearl from an old geezer at a gas station would transport you to Equestria right? Wrong. Now I'm stuck here with this Pearl on my

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Creatures and Castles

Equestria has a much, much faster transportation route than back home. I had to admit that even though the place lacked some things, they made up for it in efficiently.

Soon after Spike sent the letter to Celestia with his magic green fire, Twilight quickly left to request a carriage for our trip over to Canterlot. The carriage arrived within five minuets. (Dang, Celestia don't play around).

Two pegasi pulled our carriage as we flew through the sky, directly horizontal somehow, and raced through clouds layers at breakneck speeds.

The cart was a two seater, and since Spike had opted out to stay at the library, it was just me and Twilight.

She had been unusually talkative the whole ride; leaving me unable to even get a word in as she asked me about random things.

"What's your favorite color? Oh! Do you eat gemstones since you consist of gems or is that considered cannibalistic? How do you control your magic and what if-" I tuned Twilight's ranting out after that. Instead I focused on the breeze and how pleasant it was.

Just the clouds and us flying by as some of them touched my face. The wind whipped up around me as a screeching wail could be heard...

Wait a moment. The wind doesn't wail. I blinked back into reality as a Twilight started yelling and poking at my shoulder directing her hoof towards something coming straight for us!!!

The pegasi noticed the odd blob snapped bird too and started to dive, "Hang on misses! Well keep it away but we have to move now!" They alerted us as they launched their wings at breakneck speeds and sped forward. The bird missed us by a yard or so and continued it's path down, screeching the whole time.

"It is over? Did that thing go away?" Twilight asked as I looked around for any sign of the ugly blind bird.


I nodded, "Yea, I think it-", something rammed into our carriage and sent us flying as Twilight screamed and I blanked out for a moment from the shock wave.

When I regained my senses I was free falling and o'crapthatbirdthingwascomingrightatme!!!

I didn't panick though as I repositioned my limbs to better steady myself and felt my gem responding to what I wanted as I summoned my blue wand in sucess.

I changed back from my pony form to normal and the bird came at me as I swung the wand at its beak, making a nice slice, and it screeched in horror.

Meanwhile me and Twilight were still falling and the ground was getting closer by the minute.

Luckily the pegasi running the carriage had gotten away safely and now were heading back to come get us, but I feared they would be too late.

On reflex, I turned into a giant pillow and allowed myself to fall in front of her as I landed in a nearby field and looked up at the falling unicorn.

Once she saw me as a pillow she stopped screaming and tried her best to focus on landing, but she didn't have to as the pegasi rushed out to grab her and then gently sat her down.

Well that happened.

I turned back into my normal form and was about to regroup when I heard the retched screaming again.

It was back.

The stupid bird hadn't learned it's lesson the first time and was now attempting to swoop in and pluck us off the ground like daises.

Anger welled up inside of me and I held out my wand in an offense stance and positioned myself in its view. "You wanna tango?! Then let's dance!" I yelled as the bird charged at me with its talons out and tried to grab me. I retaliated by slicing it's left talon off as it screeched some more and made a turn around, coming back towards me. This time I was ready.

With inhuman like speed I leaped upwards and did a somersault in the air as I landed in the birds back and pierced my wand into its spine. The bird screamed for a half second before it turned a bright blue and literally exploded into sparkles as I landed like a cat back on the ground and the pegasi and Twilight just started in awe.

I blinked in surprise too once the adrenaline had worn off, and I noticed that the bird thing had dropped something so I went over to pick it up. It was the top part of the birds head, apparently the only thing that survived, so I just shrugged and put the thing away for later in my saddlebag.

Once we regrouped, the pegasi got the cart back up and running on magic and we took off again. I once again donned my disguise as a regular equine, and Twilight was busy writing notes frantically as she kept commenting every second about how awesome it was that I took down that bird. I just muttered a small thanks and stared at the ever growing Canterlot as we neared it. What would the princess say about what I just did?

So apparently pegasi landing in the middle of a stone road is nothing unusual because ponies simply moved out of the way as they saw the carriages shadow and we practically descended so smoothly that it felt like we were still flying. The pegasi took us to the front entrance of the castle before stopping to let us off and we headed towards the bridge.

"Halt! Security check!" One of the white earth ponies with golden armor barked at us as I jumped in surprise and looked over at Twilight for assurance.

She smiled sheepishly, "Don't worry, they're just making sure were not changelings since the erm-" she shuffled her feet a but as the guards came over and searched our bags.

I raised an eyebrow at her, "Changelings? Why one earth would they think we were some sort of black bugs?" I questioned before some taller looking unicorns came over and pointed their horns at me and Twilight.

Twilight looked at me confused and opened her mouth to reply but that was when the unicorn guards cast their white colored magic on me and I suddenly felt very tingly before something went very, very wrong.

There was pain where there shouldn't be. It felt like my form was being ripped off me as my body clashed with the foreign magic and clung desperately to me in vain. I would've screamed, or done anything for that matter, but I was stuck between my human and pony form at the moment, making the guards around me startled as they hollered for more of their unicorn friends to come over and help them.

I couldn't make out anything but pain as more of the guards started casting their white magic, finally making my form give up and let go of my disguise as I collapsed in my human one.

I heard Twilight hollering over at me and some hooves rushing towards me, but that was about all I could do before I roughly passed out.

Author's Note:

Ahhh so sorry about this chapter being late! T-T;
I've had a busy summer. ;P