• Published 24th May 2014
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Crystal Ballerina - BlueSkyHeadLeft010

What is the meaning of life? For me it means getting a second chance. You wouldn't think that buying a simple Pearl from an old geezer at a gas station would transport you to Equestria right? Wrong. Now I'm stuck here with this Pearl on my

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Stirring up the Hive

"Get off me!" Someone screeched.

I blinked back into reality only to be greeted by several million blue glowing eyes...

"Off!" The voice said as I felt whatever I was laying on buzz angrily and shift around. Needless to say I got off the thing.

"Sorry!" I apologized as I brushed myself off, "I didn't realize I had fallen asleep! I'm sorry-" I paused as I looked up at the being's eyes.

They were of a sickly green color, the kind that spoke of greed and envy, and were slitted like cat's eyes except they were much bigger than any cat's eyes I've ever seen. They seemed to glow with unknown and terrifying power; which made me tremble a bit I have to say, as I felt like they were able to peer into my very being...

"Well? I'm waiting for your explanation." The creature frowned with their very sharp canine fangs, as its two toned bug like voice echoed off the walls of the room we were in.

I backed up a little bit after that... The thing looked sorta like a small horse, maybe a pony? But ponies don't talk, nor do they look or sound anything like this one did!

"I er-..." Was what I said intelligently as I tried my best not to panic at the sight of this beast like being.

The bug like pony took a step towards me and snorted, "If you cannot explain why you suddenly appeared and landed in MY hive, onto MY back, and fumbled around like a nymph AFTER I ordered you to get off, then I will have to kill you for trespassing..." The creature grinned as it eyed me hungrily.

I opened my mouth to scream, but then shut it again, then once more opened it to explain, "I'm sorry I landed on you! I have no idea how I got here and pleasedon'tkillmeeee!" I squeaked as I tensed against a wall I had somehow wound up against and kept my eyes focused on the bug like creature and the millions of icy blue eyes watching me...

The creature laughed, "That is the most pathetic excuse I've ever heard!" She smirked before she narrowed her eyes and revealed her fangs in a menacing grin. "I guess I'll have to kill you then odd being..." She growled as she leapt towards me like a hungry cougar.

I screamed in panic and ducked at the last minute as the evil bug pony rammed into the wall I had just been leaning against and howled in pain. I took a detour down one of the bug holes and crossed my fingers it would lead to an exit. I could hear the sound of bugs buzzing behind me, and briefly turned my head back to see if the thing was still following me and then I screamed some more.

Okay so, apparently the bug pony had friends because those millions of blue eyes? Yeah they weren't just for show, she had an army of mini bug ponies and o'craptheywereafterme!
I started to sprint after that, pushing the air down my lungs faster as adrenaline ran through my veins... The buzzing was starting to become deafening, and my eyes started to cross as I could barely hear myself think! The only thing I could focus on right now was getting away, so I turned down another tunnel and ran some more.

The ground beneath me started to shake, and I let out a small scream as I saw more of those bug things crawling out of the ground in front and behind me, trying to launch themselves at my legs. I had to keep my eye out as I kept trying to run and avoid them.

Eventually I saw something that made me stop in horror. The tunnel was a dead end! "Nonononononoooooooooooooooo!" I yelled as I dug my heels into the soft ground and turned around quickly as I sprinted the other direction. If I was quick enough maybe I could jump over the bug things and- nope!

They were too many of them!

Panic rose up once more. The creatures smirked as they realized they had trapped their prey and slowly started walking towards me.

I backed up against the wall and waited for the end. One of the black things hissed and launched itself towards me, and everything started slowing down again.

You know how when you're about to die everything slows down and you see your life flash before you? Yeah well, that's what was happening to me. Except as I braced myself, something started glowing right above my vision and my hand subconsciously raised itself up towards the glow. The black bug pony was still frozen in time with its fangs bared towards me, but for whatever reason my left hand was quicker and pulled on something above me before using whatever it had grabbed to smack down the creature in one swift flick of the wrist.

The thing screamed as it exploded into sparkles and the other bug creatures stared in shock.

I'll admit, I did too. I looked down to where my hand was and noticed a glowing blue wand was in it. It had a spiral curved point to it, and seemed to be very sharp from the looks of it.

I couldn't believe it! I had no clue where this wand thing had come from, and no idea how I had used it to slay the beast, but my hand didn't even flinch as I turned to find another angry bug pony attacking, only for my hand to defeat it once more.

"This is a dream." I muttered to no one in particular as bug pony after bug pony launched at me, or hurled green fire blobs, only for my body to seemly move to deflect their attacks on its own while using the wand for offense.

Eventually the beings seemed to give up after they had watched about maybe fifty of their comrades dissapate into sparkles from my sword, or be dissolved by their own acid green fire that I deflected.

They moved back with their ears flattened and hissed at me in anger. I let out a breath of relief I didn't even know I was holding. "Who's next?!" I hollered, feeling more confident now that I knew this wand thing was helping to protect me.

No one moved for a good minute...

Finally the bug ponies stopped hissing and let out a small low growl as they suddenly parted to the left and right, making a pathway for someone to enter.

I could hear something clopping on the dirt floor.

"Well this has certainly been an interesting development." A familiar two toned voice said in a sarcastic sounding tone.

I squinted as I could barely make out the outline of the taller bug like pony, but I knew who it was instantly from the voice.

"Stay away!" I warned as I held my wand out for defense.

The ruler bug pony laughed, "So that's what you used to defeat my fellow changelings?" It smirked.

Changelings, so that's what these things were.

I frowned and walked back further to the wall, "I'm warning you! Stay away! I don't want to fight!" I called, but the ruler changeling only took a few steps forward and yawned.

"Such a waste." She said, "I wasn't going to kill you, you know..." She smiled as if knowing something...

I lowered my weapon a bit, "You're bluffing!" I said, as I tried my hardest to steady myself against the wall...

The ruler changeling licked her lips, "on the contrary I'm not. I just wanted to cocoon you and then steal all the love you had!" She said as she took another few steps forward.

I raised my wand up to her face, but she just smirked and walked until the point of it was lined up right between her eyes.

She looked at me, "If you think that you can kill me with that stick, I'm sorry to burst your bubble." She smiled as she lit up her horn with that familiar green fire and launched it at me.

I ducked once more in defense and the fireball went whizzing up to the ceiling and made a huge gap in the hole.

"Argh! Stay still!" The ruler screamed as bits of dirt and gravel fell from the walls and light poured in.

The smaller changelings hissed in pain as it hit their black chitin and they back up further into the tunnels to hide.

The ruler changeling winced and squinted her eyes at the light, but didn't seem to be so negatively affected.

"I'm going to kill you!" She screamed. "You've compromised the Hive!" She roared as she launched at me this time full force, but somehow I knew how to dodge it as I grabbed her in mid air, impressively, and flung her to the side where her head collided with the hard wall making a cracking noise.

I squirmed as I knew that was going to hurt in the morning, but then looked towards my window of escape.

With the other small changelings distracted by their ruler being down for the count, I climbed my way out of the 'Hive' and ran...

Author's Note:

So fun fact.
When I had originally come up with this story it was set back on thousand years before nightmare moon, aka Luna, had become the nightmare and the main character had met a dragon called 'Amethyst' and they went on adventures and such.
I decided not to go with this because one it was too lengthy, and it also really didn't make any sense with what I was going for..
Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and stay tooned for more! :3