• Published 24th May 2014
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Crystal Ballerina - BlueSkyHeadLeft010

What is the meaning of life? For me it means getting a second chance. You wouldn't think that buying a simple Pearl from an old geezer at a gas station would transport you to Equestria right? Wrong. Now I'm stuck here with this Pearl on my

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Ideally I was lost. Once I crawled out of the hole and got a far enough distance away from the changelings, I began to notice that there was nothing else but dust around me for as far as I could see.

"Great. Just wonderful!" I moaned as I looked up towards the sky and picked a random direction to start walking in. I had no idea what time it was, navigation was also not one of my strong points, but I figured that anywhere was safer than near those changelings.

This gave me time to think about what had just occurred. The mysterious blue wand that had appeared above me earlier was no longer around as I watched it disappear a few moments after I got out of the tunnel. I guess it was a one time deal or something, which was too bad because I kinda liked the thing. However, I had noticed that sometime during all of this my outfit had changed.

I no longer wore my scuffed up jeans and loose fitted yellow t-shirt. Instead I had on an odd looking ballerina costume with the shoes to match. I ran a hand through my hair as well, trying to brush away the annoying bangs that kept tickling my forehead. To my surprise I found that someone must have cut my hair and sprayed it, because it was now styled 'pixie cut' and had been combed back to stick out at a triangular point behind me. For some reason I couldn't help but think of the 1998 movie 'I'll be Home for Christmas' scenario, except instead of having a glued on Santa suit, I was stuck in a girly ballerina costume. I also noticed that somehow the Pearl I had gotten from that old guy at the convenience store was stuck to my forehead tight, and no matter how hard I tugged on the thing it refused to budge.

A tumbleweed blew by me as I drowned in my self woe, but nevertheless I kept walking. Surely there had to be civilization around here somewhere!


Finally! After probably walking around in circles, getting dust in my eyes and grime in my mouth, I could make out in the distance a town of some sort.

I did a fist pump into the air as I let out a whoop as I picked up the pace. About ten minutes later I was on the outskirts of town and came across a sign that said 'Welcome to Appleloosa' with a, who would've guessed, an apple for a logo.

"Must like apples" I joked as I walked into town to search for a payphone. It didn't seem like anyone was out and about this hour, but I heard something trotting behind one of the stores and decided to walk over towards it in hopes of getting directions.

I stopped when I turned the corner though and gawked at what I saw.

Standing in front of me was a golden yellow pony with a red apple tattooed on its hips, and it wore a cowboy hat on top of it's head. But what really threw me off what that it behaved in a way that a normal human does. It was just walking around picking up flowers and things with its mouth and then setting them down in a flower pot and positioning them with its hooves.

It was so alien to me that I actually had to walk back and do a double take before I accepted it as something really real.

When I did finally calm down enough I decided to head over to the strange golden colored pony and talk to it.

I peered around the corner of the building I was hiding behind and looked around. Yep, that pony was still out there planting flowers. Casually, I straightened myself out and walked over to him.

"Well hello there good sir! Can you perhaps tell me where I am?" I asked. Really brain? That was the best introduction you could come up with??

I noticed that the pony had stopped what he was doing when he saw me. He looked startled by my sudden appearance, maybe it was because I was at least a good two to three feet taller, but after the initial shock wore off he just smiled at me and nodded.

"Why yes ma'am! Yer in AAAAAAA-pple-LOO-sa!" He grinned, "The fastest growing apple town this side of Equestria!" He said.

I had to clean my ears out after he'd finished saying all of that. My goodness that pony did have quite a pair of lungs on him! Wait, did he just say Equestria?

"E-Equestria? So as in not Earth right?" I asked, suddenly getting a very, very bad feeling in my gut.

The stallion cocked in his head in confusion, "I dun know nothin' 'bout a place called 'Earth' miss, but yer welcome to head on over to town hall and ask fer a map!" He smiled as he directed me towards a tall wooden building that said 'town hall'. "Mah name's Braeburn by the way! If ya ever need anythin' let me know!" He called as he waved good bye and went back to planting flowers.

I waved back, "Thank you Braeburn! I'll make sure to let you know!" I said as I started walking towards town hall.

This was going to be a long day...

Author's Note:

Yay! Another chapter done! Mostly filler, but meh. We'll get to the fun stuff soon enough.