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Crystal Ballerina - BlueSkyHeadLeft010

What is the meaning of life? For me it means getting a second chance. You wouldn't think that buying a simple Pearl from an old geezer at a gas station would transport you to Equestria right? Wrong. Now I'm stuck here with this Pearl on my

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The Crystal Empire: Part 8

"No." Wade said, crossing his arms.
"Baby," Rainbow spat back.
"Call me what you like, I would rather sleep on a cactus than sleep in the same room as you," Wade snorted, "I'd probably get more sleep that way." He retorted.
I groaned as I tired my best to block out the two arguing while I was playing cards with Pinkie. Apparently there were only seven bedrooms on each wing of the castle, and seeing how there were eight, minus Cadance and Shining who slept together in the Princess' quarters, we were going to have to split. However, Cadance didn't really think that was a good idea since one if would make it harder on the staff to have to work two different wings simultaneously, and if an accomplice of Sombra's still lurked it would be easier to pick off the separated being.
I personally thought it was a little eccentric on Cadance's part, but seeing that she was the Princess, and a good one at that, I didn't argue.
Now here we were trying our darnedest to block out Wade and Rainbow arguing over who was going to sleep where.

"No," Wade huffed again, as he pointed towards Pinkie this time, who was waving a hoof in the air to ask a question. "Just no. With Rainbow I can look forward to hours of her trying to convince me how awesome she is. With you, the same hours I'd be trying to fall asleep would be filled by you being generally energetic and annoying. Sorry, not annoying," He paused, "Distracting. Not conductive to sleep." He explained.
They continued to argue some more Rainbow spitting out more insults and Wade coming up with half baked reasons why he didn't want to share a room with 'x'.

I'd finally had enough of it. I set down my playing cards and gave Pinkie a sympathetic glance for having to stop our game early, before getting up.
"Enough." I interrupted the two, "Wade, you can sleep with me." Gees, why did everything have to be so hard???
Wade sighed thankful as Rainbow just lowered her jaw surprised.

"Crystal, are you sure?" Twilight asked me concerned.
I waved her off and nodded tired, "Yeah I'm sure. It's only one night and I'm just tired of hearing them bicker." I frowned as I dragged Wade out in the hallway where the rooms were.
I took him to each of the rooms, so he could pick one he liked and I wouldn't have to hear him bicker when I slept, but also so maybe we could find a double bedroom.

"Nope." Wade said as he shut the door on the last room.
Wade sighed as we walked back into the little break room everyone was in, "Can I get a single pillow and a blanket from each of you?" He asked, sheepishly. "One pillow, a spare, and then a blanket from each of you. I basically want to make a pile I can sleep in it as Spike. That way I don't have to encourage a certain Alicorn's amorous related shenanigans," He coughed, as everyone nodded and walked off.

What the heck did he think Cadance was going to do in the night? Put his hand in cold water or something???
I shook my head. Guess somethings are better off left alone. Wade's mind being one of them.
We walked back into the hallway as I just picked a random room for us to share.
"Huh, I could've sworn there'd be more than one bed in at least one room." Putting my hands on my hips as I frowned and looked over to Wade. "Do you think its got a bathroom somewhere? If it does, we might be able to squeeze one of us inside a tub or something." I thought, "Or maybe if I shapeshift into a pony I could save space and sleep inside the tub..." That was an idea! Being made of rock, sleeping on anything felt like the softest bed in the world...

"That sounds... insanely uncomfortable," Wade said, stifling a grimace. "Just take the bed, I'll take the floor. I'm sure to disappoint the pegacorn already by not sharing one of your beds, I wouldn't want to inadvertently piss her off by making you sleep in discomfort while I get a bed. You wanna know what I honestly expected? Bunkbeds. I don't know why, this place was just giving me that vibe. That and the whole-" Wade suddenly stopped talking, bringing up one of his hands to stare at it.

"Coooool," He blinked as his hands slowly stopped glimmering,"Hey, Crystal! Look! I'm back to normal!" He shouted excitedly as he waved his hands to get my anttetion.
Seriously? He was gidddy he was no longer sparkly? He reminds me too much like a hyperactive dog chasing his own tail, only to stop and bark at a bird when it flew by.
I think I must've made a face when I looked at Wade, because his mirth sorta deflated as he shifted awkwardly. "As back to normal as a clone version of you can be, yes." He admitted as he focused his attention elsewhere.

"Huh. Well good for you." I nodded, attempting to at least be thoughtful enough to reply to his excitement, as I focused back on the current bed situation... Wade clearly wasn't giving up on the whole pile thing so....
"Look, back to the bed thing..." I thumbed to the piece of furniture. "I've slept on harder things than floor, and the tub isn't any worse that your pile idea." I sighed. Wait a minute! Idea!
Thinking back to the times when I needed it, I summoned my spear from my gem and held it up. "So, since neither one of us wants to budge we're going to do this my way..." I continued as I thought about playing a nice game of spin the bottle, with a spear instead.

Wade suddenly jumped back surprised, "I'll warn you," he started, flailing his arms around before settling on a kung-fu pose "I can probably last for a whole thirteen seconds before being knocked out. In that thirteen seconds, I'll be sure to give you a nasty bruise! Or... you know, barring that I'll lower myself to insulting you or something. I'll think of something!" He shouted as he prepaed himself for battle???

"Uh, I was just going to spin it on the floor to see who takes the bed." I said confused, as I carefully put the spear by my side, so as not to agitate him any further... Perhaps this hadn't been the best idea after all. What did he think I was going to do? Actually attack him?

"Sorry to say, but when you brandish a sword with a wicked look in your eye and the slightest snear of an edge in your voice, that doesn't exactly scream 'benign', just so you know," Wade deadpanned, relaxing his battle stance before fully dropping his arms to his sides and he leaned back.

"Huh?" I said confused, "I didn't think I sounded like that. Apologies." I frowned. Had Wade thought I'd looked scary??? I wasn't sure what he thought he'd seen or not seen, but I didn't want to make him feel defensive. "Anyways, I'll just set the sword down here an-"
"Uh... Am I interrupting something?" Rainbow Dash suddenly asked confused as she opened the door. When had she come in?!

"Blanket!" Wade shouted, suddenly grabbing a blanket from Rainbow's pile, "Perfectly innocent blankets! I'll throw that in this corner," He tossed it in the corner, leaving it in a heap. "There! Ties the room together, don't you think?" He stuttered, a tinge shade of green showing if just barely. Poor Rainbow had stepped in at the wrong time it seemed.
I was grateful Wade was able to switch gears so quickly. It saved us both from embarrassment. I could feel the blue tinge creeping along my face as well as I tried, and failed to get the mental image of what we must've looked like to Rainbow, out of my mind.

"Uh... Yea I guess so??" Rainbow scratched her head confused. While she was still bewildered, I decided it was best to carefully back away from Wade.
Soon the other ponies came in, as the awkwardness faded, and brought the supplies needed for Wade's Pillow fort.
I had to smirk when I saw all the blankets and pillows. Forget a fort, the thing could build a house!

"We found some extra linen in the maid's station." Rarity said proud as she dropped a pillow from her magic grip.
"We also searched for a bed, but came up with nuthin'" Applejack sighed, "But hay, at least we found these!" She said cheerful
It was then that Twilight looked over to me "Uh, why is your weapon out?" Wait. It was still there?! Why hadn't anyone told me?!
"I dunno, but she said something about 'spin the bottle'. However the heck that would work with a sword," Wade butted in as he was still moving pillows back and forth. Really Wade?! Not helping...

I pictured him smirking in his head as he continued working. Sigh, guess I was alone here...
Luckily the other ponies, save Twilight, had left the room after delivering their items, so that was once small grace.
"That, and I- uh..." I stuttered as I looked around for an excuse while trying to calm down and hide that embarrassing blush on my face!

Okay Crystal. Just breathe... I thought as let out a breath and relaxed my body, an idea coming to mind. "That, and I was er... Wanting to give Wade a weapon, Yes!" I laughed. Yes! Perfect excuse! "A um, weapon to help defend himself if need be since his Crystal Gem form is unable to. Here Wade." I handed him the spear, exchanging a brief glance of annoyance back to him before putting my mask of calm sincerity back on.
Twilight smiled, "Aww! That's so sweet~!" She clapped with her hooves cheerful.

Wade turned the spear over in his hands, before it started glowing suddenly. "NyeeeeeeeAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!!" Wade yelled, as a cloud of white magic condensed to small specks of glitter and starting chasing him as he got up and ran.

I could help back laugh at the comedic expression of horror on Wade's face as he tried and failed to swat the magic away.
"Dude it's magic! It's not going to hurt you!" I called, but Wade was too busy panicking to hear me over his frantic yelling.
He tripped on one of the blanket covers, stumbling as I realized too late he was going to fall on me, and we collided.
I grunted painfully as my arms took the brunt on the fall while Wade still screamed his head off.

By now the magic had flown into his gem and remained dormant. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? It... didn't hurt? Well now I feel just like an... can you get off me?" Wade blinked back to reality, as he squirmed in the blanket covers wrapped around us."I can't... get... just... heeeeeeelp." Well this couldn't be more awkward....

"ARGH!" I screamed annoyed, as I tried my best to to free myself from his form, but only managed to get a swift kick to the kneecap and a hand in my face, courtesy of Wade.
I groaned as we got nowhere, only more tangled, before I felt a familiar aura wrap around our bodies.

"I thought we agreed you weren't sharing sleeping arrangements..." Twilight giggled as she untangled us and gently put us down. "Honestly, you're like two foals." She snickered as she left the room, having done her duty.
"It wasn't li-!" I shouted embarrassed, as Twilight shut the door before I could explain.

I swore in my head silently as I felt my emotions betray me and that darned blue blush crept up my cheeks.
Aggggh! It was like having a nosy sister prying into your life and assuming things that weren't true! Then turning around and spreading it like the Daily Bugle.

I crossed my arms and stood up, leaving Wade alone to stumble about.
If I was a cartoon, there would be steam coming from my ears. Wait. Wasn't I technically one???

"Uh... Is it supposed to do that?" Wade spoke behind me, interupting my thoughts, as he held a sword in his hand?!
"Woah." I blinked, "That is amazing! How-? Wait, nevermind... Can you actually use it?" I was so excited. I could finally kick Wade's butt without getting yelled at! And to you know.... Let off some steam from time to time..

"I'm... not really a fighter, really," Wade admitted, holding out his hands in front on him, "I took fencing classes when I was ten, but that was only for a few months. I... was a bit of a spoiled brat. So if by 'use', you mean flail around wildly and hope it looks like actual swordplay, then yes. I can totally use it." He swung his sword poorly to demonstraight and grimaced, "It... I don't think this sword lends itself very well towards fencing. This is more of a... pirate-y sword. Yaaaar, avast ye matey," He closed his right eye, mimicking a pirate "Ye'll be giv'in up ye booty to the dread pirate rock eye, ye shall!" He held his sword high like he was Captain Hook.

Okay. I had to laugh a little at that. "Well I guess you'll just have to learn then." I smiled before stretching out and yawning. "But not tonight." I could feel my eyelids drooping already as I walked over to the bed. "I'm way too bushed." Muttering, I used my powers to switch to pjs, and then climbed into bed.

Wade followed suit as he suddenly shifted into the form of Spike and crawled under the covers until all you could see was his tiny purple snout. "Hey Crystal?" He called, slow, like he had second thoughts about it, but had said it anyways.

"Hm?" I asked confused, as I turned in the bed to look at his snout.
"Thank you," He muttered, sliding back under the pile.

Surprised, I couldn't help but smile a bit as Wade said that. "Not a problem." I hummed, turning around to lay on my side. Maybe Wade wasn't so bad after all.. He was like an annoying younger brother, or that cousin who puts gum in your hair but feels sorry afterwards and tries to make it up.
What I meant was that deep down he mean't well... It was just bruied undeerneath all that crazyness.
I let the sound of Wade saying 'Thank You 'repeat itself over and over as I drifted off to sleep.

Wade was a late sleeper.
I awoke at the same time Celestia had raised the sun, but Wade?
He slept in for another three hours.

I would've woken him, but given that a current purple dragon name Spike was sleeping peacefully ontop of Wade, and yes Wade was cuddling him back, I just couldn't.
Dang, this is one of those times I wish I still had my smartphone.
It was a wasted photo-op!

Wade stirred a bit as he reflexively wiped Spike's drool off him.
He blinked his eyes owlishly as he finally realized Spike was right next to him, and he looked at me with the face of a confused drunk person.
"How long has Spike been here?" He said confused, "Did you see him come in?" He asked as his rubbed his eyes.

I shook my head, "No not really... But last night around three I heard something scratching about, but didn't see anything." I rubbed my chin. It had been weird really. I just heard the door creak and then something skittering about really fast on the crystalline floor, then nothing... I had assumed someone had went to the bathroom in a hurry, but that was all that had crossed my mind as I flopped back down and went to sleep.

Someone knocked on the door in rapid succession.
Figuring it was probably maid service, I went and creaked open the door, only to have it slammed on me a pink blur dashed through the room.
"WADE!" Pinkie Pie giggled madly as she began bouncing up and down fast. "IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE~!" She sung as yellow frosting seem to fall off her face in clumps, giving the effect she was foaming at the mouth. Had she been up all night?!

"Wade?" Wade laughed suspiciously. "I'm not... Wade. I'm Spike!" He lied as he waved his claws around, "And anyway, isn't it too early for a party? If you're too tired, you can't enjoy a party.'' He looked at me for help. "Crystal? How did I get- Oh... was I sleep walking again?"
He wanted me to answer, but I just pretended I was looking at the door that Pinkie had slammed into me.
HAHA SUCKS STRAWS TO BE YOU. This is karma! Karma!!!

Pinkie Pie drew closer, the scent of sickly sweet sugar frosting on her breath. She let out a "Hmmmmmmmmm," before darting her hoof forward in a lightning fast motion, throwing the covers to the side. And somehow making them all fall into a neat little stack, each of them folded perfectly. "Aaaaaaha!" she chirped, grinning wildly. "I found you~" Pinkie sung as she revealed a still sleeping form of Spike underneath the sheets.

"I... uh..." Wade stammered, looking for a way to escape. "Split... into... two?"
Pinkie shook her head.
"I'm... dreaming. Yeah. Obviously there couldn't be two of me..."
Another short shake of the head.
"Oh my gosh, whats that?" Wade said shocked, as he pointed at the wall behind her.

"That's a wall, silly!" she chirped, her head whirling around to look at said wall then back to Wade.
"A... wall... yes it is..." He laughed ashamed.
"C'mon you silly billy, there's a party waiting with your name on it!" Pinkie exclaimed, holding out a hoof for Wade to grab.

After a few moments of hesitation, Wade let loose a sigh and reached a claw forward to accept her hoofshake. I watched him grab the hoof briefly, before his form flickered once, and then burst into a million tiny bits of magic as I blinked surprised.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!" Pinkie shouted upset as Spike finally woke up from all the noise.
"Ngh..." Spike said as he rubbed his eyes tired. "It is time for breakfast yet?" He asked, completely unaware of what had just happened..

Author's Note:

And the crossover is done!
Please go Read Applegate and thank FluttersIsShy for helping me out!
All the blood, sweat, and tears wouldn't be possible without you! :3