• Published 24th May 2014
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Crystal Ballerina - BlueSkyHeadLeft010

What is the meaning of life? For me it means getting a second chance. You wouldn't think that buying a simple Pearl from an old geezer at a gas station would transport you to Equestria right? Wrong. Now I'm stuck here with this Pearl on my

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The Welcome

I'll never forget those first few minutes in Ponyville.

There wasn't many other ponies who stepped off the train, but enough to crowd the area and push by me. I fought my way through the sea of ponies until I came across a bench on the edge of the station and laid down. My eyes drifted to studying the passengers that got off as they headed north, south, east, or west, to wherever they needed to go.

I had no clue where I needed to go. Perhaps I could find a hotel or something, or maybe someone would let me stay with them seeing that everyone I had ran into previously was really friendly.

While I was internally bickering, I got distracted by a spring sounding noise as my eyes caught sight of something pink hopping among the dispersing crowd.

"New! New! You're new! Hi there welcome to Ponyville! Hello new stranger! Hello!" A pink earth mare called to each of the passengers that got off. I had to restrain myself from laughing at her. It wasn't everyday you saw someone, much less a pink pony, welcoming everypony she met to Ponyville. I continued to watch her for a few moments longer before I decided to take off my saddle bags and see how much money I had left. My hooves slid the bits on the bench as I counted that I had exactly twenty left, enough for lunch and maybe a cheap hotel room.

I tossed my saddle bags back on my back as I made a mental note that whenever I was finally settled down I would go thank that mare in Applelosa. She really was nice enough to provide me with this much mo- err, I mean bits.
I was just about to get up and walk into town when the pink pony came trotting my way excitedly with her tail sprung up in the air like a sock.

"Woah!!! You're totally new! Like, very new according to my Pinkie sense! Hi!" She exclaimed excitedly as she appeared right in front of my face, making me jump a good six inches.

"Gah!" I yelled as I tried my best not to punch the pink mare in the nose on reflex.

She must've guessed I was about to do that anyways, because she took a hop back and giggled, "Sorry! I didn't mean to startle you! I'm Pinkie Pie, and I just love new friends!" She smiled the widest smile I've ever seen.

I finally got some air going in my lungs and calmed down, "Quite alright." I said, brushing off any dirt that tried to cling to me, "I am just not used to ponies being right next to me is all..." I reassured as I let out a lopsided grin.

The pink pony just smiled, "That's ok! I totally understand! Hey! Are you moving to here?! I only say that because your face has that determined look, and if so-!" She paused a moment to inhale an unnecessary amount of air, "Ooooh! I should throw you a 'Welcome to Ponyville' party! We could have cupcakes and ice cream and balloons and-. Oh my gosh!" She yelled suddenly, grabbing me by the shoulders and looking me in the face, "I never got your name! I can't throw a party without knowing your name!" She gasped.

I blinked, still trying to process everything this pony had said to me, a name? I guess I hadn't really given out an alias since before now. The thought had never occurred to me. "I'm called Crystal." I said, deciding the name sounded pretty enough. "Crystal Gem." I proclaimed, since everyone else here had a first and a last name. It would be silly just to have a first.
Pinkie Pie's eyes widened in excitement, "Wow, your name is Crystal! That's really pretty! What's your talent?! Do you like, dig up gems or something?!" She squealed excitedly.

"Um no, not really... I'm good with Sports though." I shrugged, eyeing behind Pinkie for a diversion of some sort so I could sneak away.

"Sports, duh!" She hoof-slapped, "I should've known since your cutie mark has ballerina slippers and a err, pointy baseball bat?" She cocked her head in confusion.

"It's complicated." I explained, and Pinkie just made an 'O' with her mouth.

She then returned to her normal peppy mood, "Okie dokie Crystal! See you around then! Make sure you stop by at dusk for your party!" She called as she suddenly hopped out of sight.

I shook my head, what just happened? Did I just agree to a party? Never mind, I thought. Right now I had more pressing matters to attend to than parties. I looked at my saddlebags in confirmation. I needed a place to stay, and then I'll worry about my predicament later...

Author's Note:

Wheee! Pinkie's in the hiz house!
Hello everybody! I sure hope you all are enjoying BlueSky's story! If she gets enough views I hear that she'll want to write some chapters faster because of all of you guy's support! ^_^
Secondly, I really, really, really wanted to thank everyone who's been reading this story! It's really great to see how kind everyone is being to BlueSky and things!
Anyways, I just wanted to break through the fourth wall here to say all that before I return to Crystal's party! Bye everyone!