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Hey there! I like to write stuff, sometimes... Don't take my work too seriously, just enjoy it. ^^; [I also write non-pony stories on Ao3~!]


Ever had one of those days you wished you'd never gotten out of bed?

My name is Emily Sugar, and roughly five hours ago I started turning into a freaking pony from MLP:FIM. It's not that I have anything against the show in general. I love the animation and the story behind it! Heck, I even created an OC! Sunstripe; half unicorn, half zebra with a yellow coat and white stripes and a chocolate mane. I never really went anywhere with the character, I wasn't obsessed with the show like other Bronies; but I did enjoy it like any other good ol' cartoon.
However, when you start turning into your creation? Yeah, that's an entirely different can of worms.
A quick Google search later, I find the idiots who caused this problem.
Now I'm on a plane to Chicago with my mom, my cousin who is also transforming, and a neighbor who is dealing with the embarrassment of becoming a behemoth sized dragon.
Our goal? Well I can't say for the others, but I'm going to leave a few bruises on these idiots who caused this.
It also doesn't help not to have hands anymore, but that's what magic is for!

Takes place in MidnightChaos'OC Tales. Enjoy!

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 88 )

A waht? You watched porn? hahaha i laughed my ass off!! This is flupping funny as all hell!! cant wait for next update

Huzzah! The fun has been Quintupled! I'm not even upset that you grabbed Cadance. Much. I got my eyes on you...

Welcome to the party!

I had spent most of my time doodling today instead of taking notes... I didn't really need to pay attention since I had already read the same thing in the book last night.
So instead I was drawing ponies.

i understand how this feels.... my latin section of my notebook is filled with doodles, ponies, Pokemon, dragons, wolves, insects, snakes, birds, and trees....
that and i had a similar idea of a story... but different and more awkward for the protagonist involving amnesia and being in the actually season 3 finally-the current time of the story.

Quick critique before I read, in your long description, I think you meant "WRING", not "RING".

That one "You watched porn?" joke sold the fic for me. Enjoy the track and the upvote.

Also, someone thought that this was "Absolutely Disgusting" material, which is why I'm here.

Why are they alicorn OCs? Couldn't you make them unicorns and pegasi?

wow not good m8 this killed the story for me.

"And so, if we turn to page five hundred and nine, you will find an image of the frontal lobe; which is where most of the sensory processing is don-" blah, blah, blah.... It was a typical Monday afternoon in my Psychology class...

psychology? i think u mean physiology. wow killed the story for me immediately

Hm. Some grammatical issues here and there for the nitpickers among us to help you with. You could also indent or space more to create more paragraphing breaks so your work does not look like a big old Wall of Text. I think your first chapter should end once the gradual transformation is complete. An interesting concept, although it has me wondering if there's a pony in Equestria who is gradually turning human for the sake of magical balance.

I think I would enjoy turning into my OC. In fact, I aspire to be more positive toward the things I have, like him. Mental transfromations are easier than metaphysical ones.

Very well done! can't wait to see where this is going:pinkiehappy:

This story kinda relates to me... My name is Emily... I like ponies... I like Princess Cadence... Do you know me? :rainbowhuh:

5467633 I just read the description, and embarassment of becoming a behemoth sized dragon? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I WOULD KILL FOR THAT!
Yes, I like dragons.
Edit after reading 2nd author note:
Well, Chapter 2 comes out 2 days after the first...
there are slower authors. And everybody loves proof-readers, that is not a fact.

So, is Cadance being possesed by a demon turned into a creature, since that seems to happen when you are being turned into a creature possesed by a demon, and she wouldn't be like that normally... would she?

just a question here, from a critical stand point, why is everyone using the old Transformation Cleshe of parents think your a demon??? I've seen it in several stories now and its starting to get jarring to a point where it almost seems forced or out of character

For most people, an event like this is hard to cope with... Denial is an easy way of switching the root of the problem for something else. Be it religious folks, they tend to side more with the idea of their child being possessed than turning into 'x'. Some just can't handle it at all and kick their child out while banishing the thought of said child ever existed in the first place. While sad, it is quite a common reaction in a situation like this. It's not that it's really overused, it's a more common reaction than acceptance or outright murder. Deep inside the parent still loves the child, but refuses to admit a change has occured to him/her. They don't entirely not see the child for who they are, but it is repressed by the shock and overwhelming emotions that tends to blind them...
Hope this helps! :)

Can't wait to see what happens to the dragon dude

5468698 hmmm, I see your point, although I feel the way it was written made me feel a jarring break of my suspension of disbelief, although I can't identify what caused it for I'm rather new to the field of Critical analysis (I'm new to the whole critic job) I think if this was perhaps written or at least worded differently, or perhaps its just a personal problem with me. Now that I think about it, (and re read it) I can't find anything wrong with the section in question there approach of that with violence rather than the though out method that religious people believe to handle demons (a priest) was because of there reaction of shock, and this does seem like a rather.... I can't think of a better word to use here so, good way of coping with there problem. I think my problem with it wasn't the trope itself but rather that I've seen it used in the past 2 transformation based stories I've read and just became sceptic, and then my suspension of disbelief crashed with that skepticism, keep up the good work on the story I guess, I will be watching

I'm distressed, exhausted mentally, and depressed.

Story is canon move it to the proper folder while I'm crushed by readers from my stories.

*MidnightChaos is suddenly squished by depressing comments and a groan is heard*

Is Cadence either possessed by Discord or is he posing as Cadence?

Welcome to the club mate:pinkiehappy:

Now i just have to wait till I'm declared Canon:raritydespair:

Not bad :moustache:


Now grey, there's no need to kill him. Maiming works just fine:pinkiecrazy:

5471960 Now, now Moony, I'm Canadian. Murder would be most impolite. Most.

Congrads on the Canon Promo BlueSky.

Now we can declare our group not racist:pinkiegasp:

We have a dragon, a zebra, and a half zebra!

"*yawn* What is it my princess?"

*points at the yawn* That distracted me a bit from the story. It made me remember that it is a story posted in the internet, not a world projected into my mind. Besides from that, I am already hooked.


Heh, my parents are very religious (in a nice, caring and bearable way) but if I turned into a dragon they would probably think I got radiation poisoning or a curse or something, like mutates from Marvel or that one boy from the Narnia stories.

Dragons are awesome. :heart:

I'm also curious about how dream Sunstripe is going to behave towards Em.

The new gal updated!

had one patient come in with a hole the size of a golf ball running through his upper leg joint, yet surprisingly could bend and walk on it just fine!

We can now bring the changeling count up to three!:pinkiehappy:

And thank you for fluffing my ego:twilightblush:

Pretty awesome and amazing. Can't wait to see more chapters and is Jacob's OC an adult or child dragon like spike?

Great chapter to a great story. I'm loving it tight now. :pinkiehappy:

Wow, Mom is taking this amazingly well. Or is she faking?

You have Mlp and Oc several times in this chapter. You might want to look at that, since those are acronyms and should thus 8e composed of all caps.

~Vriska Serket

Did anyone else sing the song in there head when they the words, "Bill Nye?" :pinkiehappy:

simply because I only wanted to have one for the sake of figuring about the best way to copy, I mean animate Hasbro's ponies

> script out her childhood, professional occupation
> lifetime achievements
> giving all the powers totes "not" alicorn OC
> j-just for animation practice guys

Isn't that just always the way it happens? :pinkiesad2:

Woot, update! :yay:

I Found a small grammar mistake.

as my balance was threw off
--> thrown off

I can't wait to see what happens next. ^^

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