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Nine billion nine hundred ninety-nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-eight, nine billion nine hundred ninety-nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine, ten billion.

There is only so many times one can count to ten billion before it gets boring, and that would be the first time. I've spent so long just standing here watching the days go past that I feel as though it would only take a glass of water to sway me.

I don't hate the sisters for what they've done, they made the right choice in their position. Who knows, maybe I'll go back to counting after I've gotten out of here. Maybe.

I suppose peace was too much to ask for.

Alright, this is mostly just written as a joke so don't take it too seriously and I'm sorry if I offend anyone... somehow. Oh and this is a Displaced fic, so go ahead and hate on it if you want.

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Good intro. The classic gets turned to stone and set free with discord displaced. I will most likely add you to my displaced I like folder/bookcase thing.

Aw cheers, though keep in mind this story is mostly a joke and will descend into probable satire.

5618932 I know. My displaced story is supposed to be for fun (Mostly) so I know where your coming from.

This seems familiar

lots of promise

Really? Is it the fact that its a displaced story?

nah I think it because there is another Human/Malthael story.
Its called The Rise Of The Angel Of Death

I... had no idea.... dangit.
Oh.. and that guy helped with it... well dang.

don't worry about it
I have a feeling you will take this story in a different direction than the other one

Most likely. Just to be safe though, I might read the other one.

Just spotted this at the top of the "Popular Stories" section on the home page!! Nice job, Imp!!

Less logic and more 'People are odd'.

That... that is definitely an achievement.

most definitely. Good job. :twilightsmile:

Malthael? In Equestria?
Instant fav all the way.

I pretty much have to at this point.

Thanks for the favorite, dude. Your story is pretty good as well, so you get one too. :twilightsmile:

Uhh, I haven't read your story dude, let alone Favorited it.

My mistake. You still get a fav, though.

Aw cheers, I may as well check your story out later then.

I like this.
Like, a lot. Please make a lot more.

No worries :ajsmug:.

And sorry 'bout not doin' that crossover a few months back :ajsleepy:.

Ehn, we can always get something together eventually, theres no need to rush, or for me to pull a bitch flip on you.

playing poker with death.... I don't think I've heard that one before, please be sure to have pinkie pop up next chapter I want to see her reaction though I can imagine her wanting to join in.

Why is this popular?
its originally, funny and has good writing.
keep up the good work

Ah. A simpler Displaced. I HAVE to like and favorite this.

Eh it's got a mostly original premise, though I will be adding something later to make it slightly more interesting. I mean, it'd be pretty hard to keep everyone's attention if I just had him farm all the time wouldn't it?

Oh, and before you or anyone else asks, I will NOT just be throwing in random monsters or baddies. Or other displaced. Or some other stupid thing. Maybe along the line, but as of what I have planned, no.

Once she believed herself completely and utterly prepared for it, she focused her magic onto her favorite gramophone, carefully lifting the needle as she replaced the vinyl on it for one labeled Symphony 9 - Beethoven. The initial bump gave way to he gentle picking up of the instruments while she gently picked up a piece of cake.

As the music came to a crescendo she slowly levitated herself around and onto the roof, piece of cake floating nearby as she calmly stood on her hind legs. Her forelimbs crossed over in front of her as the music began to pick up and she began to bite into the cake. At once the music reached a peak and she took greedy bites of the cake, unable to savor them as she began hopping forward, doing what was apparently called 'Gangnam Style'.

Three pieces of cake later, plenty of hoof-prints on the ceiling, and the music reaching the midway point, she finally heard a loud ding as the waffle-iron opened. She almost collapsed as she returned to normal gravity and finished off the cake in one fell swoop. Making sure to pull the pin off the gramophone, she lifted open the waffle-iron and pulled out the freshly baked cheese toasted sandwich from within and held it to her ear.

She almost sounded desperate as she spoke into it, having long gotten over the absurdity of the ritual. "Hello, is this The Nightingale?"

I applaud the absurdity of this.

i like this story so far, i don't care if you're doing that villain in equestria ( at least that is what i currently think you're doing ), just please don't make it a cookie cutter one, have some spunk, have some sass, have some

Less of a Villain in Equestria and more of a Farmer in Equestria who also happens to be the angel of death.

Then plez don't just post the whole thing or at least use the spoiler censor so other people can be surprised by it. Also blame the other two.

So who the other author that you collaborate?

If I tell you it'll give away the surprise. So if'n ya can't figure it out you'll just have ta wait sorry.

Tool list.
Hoe - (A hand tool)
Corn sickel/knife - Cut corn.
Flail - Antique tool for threshing grain.
Scythe - Antique tool for cutting crops.
potato fork - used for digging up potatoes.
Planter - A tool for planting seeds at precise intervals. High precision, but has a high maintenance cost.
Seeder - A tool for planting seeds. Has low precision, but has lower maintenance cost. Used for crops like wheat and other high population crops where there is little to no spacing between seeds.
Disk - Similar to a plow, except it doesn't go as deep.
Chisel - Sometimes used to break up clods of dirt after using a disk.
Sprayer - used to spray liquid fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticides on crops.
Solid Spreader - used to spread solid fertilizer or lime onto a field.

Combine - modern day device of harvesting crops. Combines harvesting and threshing into one device.
Grain cart - used to get grain from the combine, to the trucks at the edge of a field. Pulled by a tractor.
Grain Truck - Takes grain from the field to wherever (Grain bins or to an elevator to be sold)
Tractor - pulls stuff, powers stuff.

Grainery - A room or building used to store grain. Was replaced by grain bins after the 1950's.
Grain bins - Store grain inside them to sell or plant latter.
Auger - used for moving grain into and out of bins.
Stir auger - used for stiring grain inside a grain bin.
Grain shovel - used for moving grain, wherever. Before augers, this was the only way to move grain. They would have to shovel the grain out of wagons into a granery. Or vice versa. Now it is mostly used for cleaning up spills and grain bins.

Hay related tools.
Mower - Cut the hay.
Wheel rake - moves cut hay into a pile that a haybaler can pick up. Antiques are livestock powered.
Windrower - does the job of the mower and the wheel rake in one device. Requires an engine.
Hay baler - Coverts loose hay into compact hay bales. All the ones humans used require an engine. Before then, it had to be stored in loose form.
Pitchfork - used for moving loose hay around.

Pasture tools.
Fence pliers - Used for fixing wire fences.
Wire stretcher - used for fixing broken wires on a wire fence.
Fence posts - what wires are attached to. Hedge wood, stone are the two traditional materials used.
Axe - use for cutting down volunteer trees.
Spade - use for digging certain invasive weeds in a pasture.

I'll come back latter and see if I can come up with more ideas. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask.

What the suck just happened, and why do I like it so much?



5655495 Good. I like the concept of a Slice of Life-oriented Displaced. It's too original to pass up. Death, becoming a simple farmer. Hey, wait a minute…

Is this what you were going for? Well, either way, I don't care. It's good enough for me.

great chapter as always
keep up the good work

great chapter but I hadn't really understood the last part

Seconds became minutes while I waited patiently, drawing pictures into the dirt and getting more worried as time went by. "Time is up." I kicked some dirt over my crude cat drawing before slowly opening the barn door, and suppressing a loud shriek as I the darkness lit up, my world instantly filling with color.

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