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A story for The League of Humans Acting Villainous.

Dave and Frank, close brothers, decide to go to Comic-Con this year as their favorite evil rulers: the Lich King of Warcraft and Zero of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. They get some otherwordly equipment for their costumes, and find their way into Equestria. With new intimidating powers, they plan to conquer the world, and they won't let anything stop them.

Inspired by all the fabulous stories and people in the League of Humans Acting Villainous.
Lich King is from Warcraft 3, and Zero is from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 123 )

Well...that was interesting...I think...

Interesting. They have an understanding of their powers going in. Straight to the juicy bit then.

Keep going.

I'll be keeping an eye on you.:pinkiecrazy:


Gonna need more then one eye. *Gives you a spoon* Go get a few more. :pinkiecrazy:

Cheers. *takes spoon*

Now hold still.....:pinkiecrazy:


Hey! These are my eyes! Go take some from the zombies! They don't need them!

*Sniff*:fluttershysad: But I'd only take one..... :fluttercry:You need the other to see what you're writing, I'm not that mean.

But zombies don't scream in agony. Its just not the same.

Oh well...




I don't hate it. I like it, but it confuses me


What is there to be confused about?


....*Scratches chin in thought* I see...Well, the best i can do is say to take two aspirin and call me in the morning. :moustache:

Let the will of the Lich King destroy the inferior ponies!

Crazy chapter. I am anxious to see what shenanigans ensue.


I will release the next chapter when ever my friend who i am writing it with gets the whip marks on his back healed. :moustache:


Thank you for the favorite my friend, since you are the 10 favorite, i will give you this moustache.

This is gonna be interesting.

This story is stupid, and fake, and gay, and stupid, and gay, and fake, and ugly, and stupid, and gay, and, and it's fake, too. And stupid. And it has a small penis.

So, in short, It's a pretty decent story.


Thank you for the loving and insightful comment. :moustache:


Any time. Heck , I won't even charge you for it this time. I'm usually not this generous with my genius. You should be grateful.

Meh, it's okay. You owe me your soul now, though, so there's that, I guess.

3998680 hold it the fairness in hell act of 839d.c. states that he gets to challenge this using a means and duel of his choice if he wins you must produce one child for him should you fail to do this the netherworld credit union gains possession of both souls in question.


Damn, I was hoping none of you went to Hell School.

Fine, then! Mortalman McJoshleb! You may choose your duel...!

God there have been way too many fics with when a person bought something and they got transported to equestria, but this one is good, I shall give it a gif(t) of clapping.


3998750 actually i went to evil academy and guess what....I'm the number four delinquent!


LE GASP! :pinkiegasp:

That's, like, almost as delinquent-y as the number THREE delinquent!

Well you see sir, we are part of a league, a League of Humans Acting Villianious.

Interesting, I look forward to how this plays out with the Lich King and Zero running around.:pinkiehappy:

3998794 actually we tie for delinquency but being the delinquent i am i volunteered to take up the four slot now*pulls giant book out of nowhere* there's a huge test in elements tomorrow so let's start cramming!

3990309 i can sense the win but....did that guy forget about the drawbacks to geass namely the single command rule?


What do you mean? Like your ask if the guy playing as Zero knows he can only give them one command?

3998824 i am interested also you have a duel for your soul when your ready.

3999170 to answer your question yes i was wondering if your lelouch knew it only worked once.....unless jerimiah gotwald uses the anti-geass on them then you can use it again.

3999288 also MasterSmasher wants your soul i called him on a old demon credit law stating that you get a duel with a means of your choice for it no need to thank me I'm just doing right by my community.

3999288 Does this guy have the Lich King`s voice?

Stupid ass death coil

I was thinking that his voice got deeper, but not quiet like the Lich King real voice.

Zero isn't evil, he's the good guy!


If you watch the second season, he's he does become evil....Well, more like a giant asshole.

4001169 I guess I missed the point where evil villains engineer their wn deaths to bring about world peace.

4001029 Um, I'm talking about Lelouch Vi Britana, one of anime's greatest heroes. Who are you thinking of?

Celestia and luna: WE WILL BANISH YOU TO THE MOON!
Guards: *war cry*
Zero: *remove helmet* Twerk.
lich king: goddamn it. *facepalm*
-a few seconds later-
Lich king: you fucked up.

their favorite evil rulers: the Lich King of Warcraft and Zero of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

Zero of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.:pinkiegasp::yay::pinkiehappy: OH MY FUCKING GOD YES!!!!!! ALL OF MY YES! TAKE IT ALL!:yay: (Btw, Lelouch isn't evil:unsuresweetie: He just is against the government that is evil.:twilightsmile:)

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