• Published 26th Feb 2015
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One is All, and All is One - Midnight Tales

[A Displaced Fic] A man dressed as Edward Elric "The Fullmetal Alchemist" gets thrown through the void into Equestria along with the power of transmutation.

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Chapter 2 - The Forest

"I'll go to a world that I still havent seen"

I believe I may have gotten ahead of myself and haven't really explained why I am in ponyland, why I am my favourite anime character and why I got turned to stone for a thousand years. So I might as well start at the very beginning. Well the story starts about 1,500 years ago at an anime convention.

~1,500 Years Ago - Los Angeles Anime Expo~

It was the second day of the expo and I was psych'd for it. I had made the perfect cos-play of Edward Elric, I had my hair dyed and braided, the red coat, even fake plastic automail. This was my first con so I didn't really know what there was to do around here so I ended up just wandering around, taking photos with cos-players and looking through the countless stalls of merchandise.

That's when I saw it. A state alchemist pocket watch along with a set of metal automail sitting in a display-case with a whole bunch of other signature items from other anime and TV shows. I Just had to have it I mean seriously, how fucking badass would it be to have a replica set of Edward's automail actually made of metal. I noticed the guy running the stall was cos-playing as the Merchant from Resident Evil 4, like I mean this guy genuinely looked like him even down to the way he was carrying himself.

He turned towards me "Got some rare things on sale... stranger"

This guy is way too into this if he even sounds like him

"How much for the automail set and the pocket watch?" I pointed over at the display-case waiting for his likely one-of-a-kind sales pitch about them.

"Those? Well for the watch a measly sixty bucks. The whole set will bring you to two-hundred and eighty and I'll even throw this book for free since you are buying the whole set " he said grabbing a leather book from under the stall.

"Alphonse Elric's Complete Guide to the Transmutational Arts"? Must be official merchandise or something...

"You have got yourself a deal" I said taking out my wallet. Pulling out the money before passing it over to the man.

Oh man I can't wait to get this on!

"Come back anytime..." he said slyly passing me my purchases.

I walked off to find somewhere to add my new items to my cos-play on. after about 20 minutes I finally found a bench in one of the hallways before sitting down to attach the leg first which comes on with ease but was a little tight when the completely fastened before putting on the arm. looking over myself a couple of times to see how well everything now fit.

This is so fucking badass...

I grabbed my pocket watch and book off from the bench before noticing a bright light from underneath me, everything had gone quiet. A Portal of Truth had sprung up below me, dark phantom hands grasped at my legs pulling me down in to the floor of the hallway, people watching as I slowly descended, screaming most of the way down. I wasn't exactly proud of my last thoughts before blacking out either.

Who the hell drew the transmutation circle?

~1,500 Years Ago - Everfree Forest~

I groaned as I came to, lifting my head to look around "What the fuck just happened..." I said watching the edge of the dark clearing I found myself in.

Why do I sound like that?

Standing up to look around I noticed my leg must have fallen asleep when I had passed out. Sitting back down I began trying to find the clasp on the automail in the dark thinking getting some circulation back in my leg might help "Why isn't the clasp there..." I started to say before noticing the base of the leg was fixed to my waist.

"W-what? No... No fucking way" I started to panic "This can't be happening... Limbs don't just disappear" I started to pull the leg off but it didn't budge.

Okay... Deep breaths... This is.. all a dream... This has to be one

After I had calmed down a bit I checked to see if my arm had been replaced too. Turns out it had. That's not the only thing that had changed either, my automail had become completely functional as well my costume had become a lot more realistic and I had become... Shorter, I mean seriously I was decent 6 feet 2 inches before, now I'm about 4 feet.

I went about getting everything together before starting to wander through the forest hoping I might be able to find anything leading back to actual civilisation, figure out what happened to me and get a refund from that freaking merchant guy.

~3 Hours Later~

I had pretty much given up by then, there wasn't any sign of man-made landmarks, no roads, no planes flying overhead, not even the sound of a city nearby. I just sat down on a log in a small clearing to take a rest. While I waited I tried attempting alchemy. Turns out I couldn't just clap my hands together and begin the process of transmutation like Edward does in the anime, Nope it seems I have to draw the circles for the time being for some reason. Also interesting enough the Alphonse's guide didn't seem to mention that you have to control the speed of transmutations.

I learned that the hard way. So the fun fact of the day kids is that tree's, can in fact. Explode.

A dim ringing filled my ears as tree bark and other debris fell down all around me like rain in a storm.

A harsh coughing woke me from my daze "Is somepony there?" A deep voice called out.

I swear if I find a town on the other side of this tree line I will lose it

I got up and started walking through the bush where the voice had come from "I am so sorry about the explosion, but you do not know how happy I am to find another person out in the forest" I laughed as I passed through the last piece of scrub "Uhh I'm really sorry if I scared you with that explosion I've been trying to find some way to lead me back to civilization for hours now".

I walked on to a dirt road with an old-looking cart off to the side. A figure kneeling down next to the side of the wagon inspecting the wheel.

Wait did he say somepony before?

I heard a small sigh from the cart as I approached "Well I'll forget about that if you can help me fix this darn thing, and I'd be more than happy to lead you to the nearest town if you need" the figure said.

"Deal" I said leaning up against the side of the cart "So what's the problem you need help with?" I asked.

The figure got up and walked into the moonlight wiping the dust from his side "The bucking axle snapped straight through the centre" he started before looking at me for the first time.

Standing in front of me was a small technicolor horse staring straight at me with a dull smile on his face "You a tall one ain't ya".

I'm done...

Frankly my brain had enough bullshit for one day and decided to leave him with one last thing before passing out on the ground. "Why the fuck are you blue?".

Author's Note:

Wow. uhhh I really didn't expect I'd even get close to the number of views and rating this story received, so thank you guys so much!

I hoped you enjoyed the new chapter.

Also sorry to anyone who ended up reading the unfinished version as I accidentally published this chapter during edited and didn't notice until later

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