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Praise be to Papa Nurgle, my fellows!

At long last, we, the Masters of Rot have somewhere to gather and converse, to share stories of disease and illness, plagues and pathogens of all forms!

Here we may tell tales of worlds falling to sickness and death, to rot and ruin!

Praise to our father, the Lord of All, my siblings, and REJOICE!


Admin Notes:

As the title of the group states, this is a group of Plague Inc(: Evolved) crossover fanfics.

Any pieces of fanfiction you have, or have come across/adopted can be put here so long as they obey the rules.


Group Rules:

#1: Make sure that all fanfics go into the CORRECT folder

#2: The fanfic you want to add point blank HAS to be involving Plague Inc Mobile, Plague Inc: Evolved or Plague Inc: The Board Game

#3: The Story can be either about somepony (or someTHING) gaining the power to control pathogens...

#4: Or about the world of Equestria, Equestria itself (in whole, or in part) or about one of the other countries being at the behest of one of the standard/special plagues (Neurax Worm, Necroa Virus, Simian Flu or Shadow Plague), or one of the custom scenarios (I.E. Cult of Chthulhu, Rise of the Xenomorphs or some such).

#5: CONSTRUCTIVE! CRITICISM! ONLY! Any needless flames made by anypony, whether a member or not, will get them banned. It is also heavily advised (but not compulsory) to leave a reason for a dislike.

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Thank ye! Have you found any potential fanfiction stories to add to this group yet? It would be greatly appreciated!

this seems like an interesting group

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