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A great force with an even greater mind has resurfaced, and will reclaim what is his. Celestia must deal with the return of Nightmare Moon, but now the triangle demon is at large.

(Bill Cipher displaced)
(Under reconstruction)

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Hmm... You caught my interest when I saw 'Displaced' and sealed it when I saw Bill Cipher! Like and Fav!

6108031 Well thanks:twilightsmile:. I had never really seen a Bill Cipher displaced and I thought it would be a good idea, so here it is.

Love both your displaced stories BTW and hope to do a crossover with one (or both, depending on how things go) later on.

Backwards Message! Backwards Message! Backwards Message! Backwards Message! Backwards Message! :pinkiecrazy:
Yay for you! Here have a llama. Llamas are forces of nature.:derpytongue2:

6108042 I'm gonna guess that you mean Sir Freddy and My Life As? Thanks, those two get the most attention of the four I have going. And I think a crossover might be plausible... *evil laughter*

This is going to be good.

Awesome start.:pinkiehappy: Been looking forward to this story. Ever since you told me about you're idea.

I'm looking forward to finding out what Bill has done during his time in Equestria. I'm curious to see if Bill has become a infamous legend/myth like Nightmare Moon, or if he's more unknown. With maybe hints of his existence spread across Equestria. Like how it is in Gravity Falls.

So i'm guessing from the summary this story start's before season one begins. Do you plan to have Bill go through all the seasons?

Hope's its okay with you if i guess who the other characters in book with Bill are.

I think Mabel is the pink text. The Lumberjack Ghost is Blue. The next two i'm really not sure. But i'm going to guess the grey text is maybe Dipper. The light blue i'm going to guess because of the stuttering is the version of Bill Cipher from Reverse Gravity Falls. Maybe called Will Cipher so both Bills don't get mixed up.

Not a huge fan of Displaced,but I'll read this.

6108454 I've done a minor edit around the voice scene.

6108056 Yep, those are the ones.

Finally! Someone takes on a Bill Cipher displaced story! But, I really hope you know exactly how Bill Ciphers powers work.

6108052 Indeed, Llamas are nature's warriors!

6111136 I want my displaced to be his own character, but still have hints of the original Bill.

So Bill created those four? Who's Shooting Star? How did Bill help the changelings? What sort of unnatural experiments?
This is really good! Here, have a head that's always screaming!

Ehhh, this is becoming just another displaced fic, and that's not why I read a fic on Bill Cipher, I just have to ask why did you make this a displaced fic? Reading about the actual Bill Cipher in equestria would have been really cool, this is just, standard.

well in order mabel, he taught them how to live in the area and in general and i think experiments of the mind

Also can i have one i'll name it william


What sort of unnatural experiments?

Knowing tia, he probably tried to help ponies stand up for themselves, think for themselves, have some backbone, maybe?

Looking forward to more

Question, how's this story anthro? Are the characters quadrupeds or have humanized bodies?

We would wonder how events may transpire, Luna may worry at the demons Bill had constructed to try and keep himself sane. Chrysalis may attempt to get revenge for him in her own ways perhaps, for already we can see she values knowledge and information that is stolen. Though would Bill be a father figure to her?

6114575 Oh, Luna will have more to worry about than that...

6114603 Betrayal of a best friend, The worse one could do to any being. We wonder how she might fair?

6113796 Meh, there are already fics about the actual Bill Cipher. Besides, I like displaced fics plus there are one or two displaced cliches I put in that I enjoy but I am trying to keep it to a maximum of one or two. Plus, I have a comedy one- shot planned for the actual Bill in the future, but not for a very long time.

Another awesome chapter.

Can Bill and others be seen outside the mindscape?

So i only got one guess right. Interesting twist with them being created while Bill was in the book. That could work to his advantage since Celestia doesn't know about those four. I like you're choices for Bill's creations. I look forward to seeing what roles Bill's four creations will affect the story.

How do the four see each other and Bill? Do they see each other as siblings and Bill their creator?

Will we be seeing more stuff or characters from Gravity Falls appear? After all if Bill created those four while imprisoned, there's no reason he can't create more now that he's free. Either that or have counterparts of other Gravity Falls characters appear in the story as ponies or some other species.

But that's only the characters there's plenty of other stuff from Gravity Falls that can appear. Like the Height Altering Crystals. I bet some Breezies would be interested in those.

Just out of curiosity will you be using any of the twist idea's i suggested? Like Bill being the father of another MLP character.

6113820 I removed the anthro tag. Didn't really need it.

He had tried to talk him out of them, but he would not listen to reason.

We had tried to talk him out of them, but he would not listen to reason.

Another spectacular chapter.

The battle between Bill and Nightmare was awesome.

I'm kind of curious if Giffany did anything while she was in Celestia's mind.

Is this still a anthro story, or do the characters appear as they did in the show?

"Giffany!" They both shouted when they saw her. "I was in Celestia's mind, where were you two?"

in this sentence the blue should be pink and the pink should be blue

Loved Pinkie's bit. Wanna crossover? I'm doing a story about Markiplier in Equestria.:pinkiesmile:

6125637 Sure, just PM me:twilightsmile:. I'm waiting to hear back from two other people about crossovers though.

Great chapter. Wonder what tricks Bills new robotic body will have.

Sorry but i really really dislike the tokentoken and displaced comunity thing

6123805 I keep going back and forth on that. I removed the anthro tag but now I'm thinking about bringing it back. As for the other twist ideas, you'll have to wait until the next chapter to see...

ah cool avatar Dr. Steel FOR THE WIN!!!

You know? When I found this I saw the cover image and though that it was the symbol that represent bill cipher but I never expected, that the suposed simbol was actualy Bill cipher

I can relate to the what if bit myself. Great story can't wait for more.

Another awesome chapter.

So it look's like Bill became a father to Sunset Shimmer while he was imprisoned. I wonder how his actions affected and changed Sunset Shimmer.

That picture at the end, has me wondering if there's going to be a version of the Blind Eye Society in Equestria.


interesting story, reminds me a little this story
and about voting
shadow, if the defeats could score points with the girls and Candace
while the casts doubt on celestia and moon

an idea
not it be ironic that the investigations that were destroyed, there was a way to purify moon, without banish
and also would not be so crazy, he knows that going to happen

so what is the machine?

A light bulb gun?

Well this should be interesting, if you're bringing up the cult from the show then that's going to help spice things up.

Anyway, awesome chapter once again, can't wait for the next.

*Sees chapter name* this will be good.
*Reads Chapter* I liked this Crossover.

Celestia must deal with the return of Nightmare Moon, but now the triangle demon is at large.


6215538 god have mercy on our souls

What's with the color names at the end in parentheses?

Awesome chapter, and great crossover.:pinkiehappy:

The memory eraser!! You didn't!:trixieshiftright:

"Nothing." Twilight looked again. She had been up for about three hours now trying to find something on Bill. There were some things, but most of them appeared to be in the form of theories and speculation from crazy ponies. The only one she had found that was of any value was by theorist Vail Skibum. It sounded foreign.


Vail Skibum.

The grand theorist?! Vailskibum? Oh my god:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:
Edit:have you watched a tale of two stans? it was so deep

6217853 I wanted to reference at least one GF theorist:pinkiehappy:. And yes, I have seen Tale of Two Stans.

“For those who need a knight or a robot to lend a hand or just to hang out, feel free to give us a call, and Cthulhu and XJ9 will be on the way!”

Stares at the sentence for several minutes



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