• Published 18th Jun 2015
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"Lots Of Things..." - WezzaHD

Well hello there, name's Bill Cipher, but it wasn't always like that. Here's the story of my new life in Equestria.

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Bill Cipher is the Champion!

"So what's this place?" Giff questioned.

"This is one of my less... successful projects." Bill explained as he closed the door and turned on the light. "The Digimon." The rooms were white, rusty and dusty. Just like the other bunkers, everything was old and barely running but it did look better than the others. He had finished Hide and Giffany's bodies and they were currently with him. "I had tried to make some truly powerful fighters to defend Equestria against a powerful threat like Discord or Tirek."

As they walked down the stairs they came across the stasis chambers. There were about half a dozen in total and they were still running. Inside of each they saw a Motimon, an Impmon, a Guilmon, a Kuramon, a Lalamon and a Koromon.

"But these ones seem pretty good." Giffany cocked her head. "What's wrong with them?"

"I could never get most of them to digivolve." William shook his head. "Only about 2 ever reached champion stage." His gaze fixed on Guilmon and Koromon. "Champion is okay, but it wasn't what I was aiming for. I wanted them to reach mega or at least ultimate level, but I didn't have enough magic for that. How great would it have been if Equestria was defended by a Megakabuterimon or a Beelzemon? But no, they'd rather rely on six rocks."

"What exactly is it you want to do Bill?" Hide asked. "Do you wish vengeance on the sisters?"

"I... I don't know." Bill sighed. "I hate them both with every fiber of my being, but I can't deal with them right now."

"What's that?" Giffany pointed at the large piece of armour on the wall. It looked like it was meant for an incredibly large dragon.

"That is Wargreymon." Bill looked up at it. "Or at least it would've been, but of course fate had other plans. I wanted Wargreymon to be the first mega I made, and to use him as a body. If I recall, I was a unicorn at the time. I think some dragons began base parts of their armor after this." He laughed at the last memory.

"I guess it is kinda funny, yeah." A voice giggled, immediately catching the attention of the three.

"Okay, whoever you are, would you mind showing yourself?" Bill asked as he raised a mechanical eyebrow. He couldn't detect this ponies presence anywhere. Everything was still in place in his little laboratory, so she hadn't taken anything as of yet. Whoever this being was, she was strong.

"Aaw come on. It's kinda cool how mysterious this all is, and isn't that what Gravity Falls is all about?"

That may be, but all I want to do is collect my research, so are you going to interfere?"

"Not really, I guess. On second thought, I think I will appear after all. One second..." The voice disappeared before they heard a *pop* behind them. The three looked and saw a little girl in a light purple dress along with a green and yellow hat. Her eyes and hair were both shades of purple and white. She also appeared to be holding a ball and a bat.

"Hiya!" She waved.

"And who are you?" Hide questioned.

"I'm your displacer, silly!" She laughed. "Well, I'm one of them."

"One of them?"

"Yeah. There are about three of us in total. We're displacing quite a few people from your earth."

"Wait, there are more of us? Specifically from my earth?"

"Displacers or void dwellers tend to stick with one version of earth when displacing people. Stick with what you know, I guess."

"But didn't the Merchant displace me?" Bill questioned.

"Let's just say we had a small disagreement."

"Okay moving on from that, why're you here?"

"I just wanted to introduce myself really, and maybe take some of this stuff? I'm sure the others would be interested in it."

"Okay, I don't know exactly who you are, but do not touch my research; it's all very important to me."

"Why?" The girl tilted her head to the left. "You could easily conjure these up in the Nightmare Realm."

"Well when you have a knack for biology coupled with a near- infinite knowledge with things you didn't know were possible before, you kinda want to use that knowledge. Besides, this isn't the Nightmare Realm is it?"

"I guess. But still, can't I just take one, show my dad and then give it back?"

"I barely even know you, now just listen to me and leave the stuff there!"

"But it'll only take a second, watch... She snapped her fingers and the cryogenic chamber holding Guilmon was gone. Soon, they heard a crash outside. "Wow I was way off." She whistled.

"Stay away from my things." He growled before flying outside with Giffany and Hide. They got outside just in time to see a red claw break through the glass. Then out stepped Guilmon, staggering slightly. It was almost nothing like the one in Digimon Tamers, which meant no adorable love of bread or anything like that. No, the only thing they had in common was the savage look in the eyes, which this Guilmon had all the time.

"Well it's just a rookie, so it shouldn't be so bad." Giffany shrugged.

"Yeah... No." Bill answered as he saw the Digimon starting to grow. "Guilmon was one of my two Digimon experiments that was able to reach champion level. It messed the little guy up and now he'll automatically digivolve into Growlmon, kinda like what he's doing right now." By the time he was finished, the red Digimon was now much bigger, with new spiky white hair going down to its back. It shot a glare at the three before lunging at them with its claws ready to slash. The three quickly dispersed as Growlmon's claws slashed into dirt, instead of its three target. Standing behind the beast, the trio was staring as it roared. Bill tapped his chin momentarily as a lightbulb appeared on his head.

"Hey guys, wanna try something cool?" Hide and Giff nodded, causing Bill to grin. "Okay, let's see what these robot bodies can do." Bill flew up and shot Growlmon in the back, while electricity built up in Giff's hands and she shot them at the red beast from the front.

"How does it feel to be back with the machines Giff?"

"IIII'mm Hooommmeee!"

"I thought so." Growlmon roared while the two conversed. It ran towards them, but felt something sting it in the back, causing it to fall down. Hide stood above it, with a needle protruding from his machine hands. As it fell asleep, it reverted back to its Guilmon form, dropping to the ground.

They placed the locks back on the door, with Bill using the magic of his amulet to make increase their strength. Giff and Hide seemed alright, but Bill was just pissed. The girl who had claimed to be one of his displacers just left after Growlmon had been released.

"She didn't even help to clean up her mess, which would probably be very easy." He thought, before turning back to the others.

"We have our notes, the doors are locked, now let's go."

"Do you believe that we'll see her again?" Hide asked.

"Ugh, probably. I hope they're all not like her. I don't need any multiverse- travelling being interfering in my hard work, now I'm sure Chryssi's waiting for us so let's go."

Author's Note:

Still need to do those edits, but here's this chapter anyway.

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