• Published 18th Jun 2015
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"Lots Of Things..." - WezzaHD

Well hello there, name's Bill Cipher, but it wasn't always like that. Here's the story of my new life in Equestria.

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Introductions (edited)

Bill and Chrysalis stared at each other for what felt an eternity. Neither Switcheroo nor the guards did anything, and simply watched, the former of which was very worried.

"So this is where you've been?" Chrysalis finally asked. "The sisters trapped you in a book?"

"Not just any book." Bill replied. "It's one of my own books; one that I wrote myself." He said, making no effort to hide the spite and rage in his voice.

"...Do you remember me?" She decided to as another question, and she had to be sure of this one.

"Of course I do." Bill floated towards the Queen of the changelings. "How could I ever forget you Chryssie?" They were now very close to each other. "I remember when I first met you 1,634 years ago. Wow were you tiny back then."

"You taught me so much." Chrysalis smiled. "You're the reason we can even survive in the Badlands. Without you we'd still be wandering and scattered, with no place in the world and little to no knowledge but now we have that as well. I even still have your book."

"Eh... I wish I could've found a better place than the Badlands for you to live."

"We've made it work for this long, haven't we?" The Queen of changelings smiled.

"Yeah, I guess you have." The two smiled, or at least Bill would if he still had a mouth.

"...Well what're you all waiting for?" He called out. Two more beings appeared. The first had long pink hair, with a ribbon highly resembling of a cable whilst he second being was the tallest out of all of them. His body was entirely black, save for the two yellow eyes that were carefully observing all the changelings present.

"Let me introduce you." He gestured to the two figures behind him. "The love child of Groot and Slenderman on my left is the Hide- Behind." The tall beast in question merely nodded

"And this young woman is Giffany..." Bill averted his eye slightly, while the Giffany paid no notice and waved.

"Would anyone like to hold my books?"

"You don't have any books." Hide pointed out.

"Okay..." Switcheroo spoke up. "So what now? Where does this all leave us?"

"Hmmm." Bill thought aloud. "I guess you could show me around; it'd be interesting to see how much the place has changed."

"Okay then, let me lead the way." With everything will grey, she led Bill down the stairs, along with the two other demons. Switcheroo and the guards also tagged along from behind.

"The hive is actually very well- concealed." Chrysalis commented. "The Macintosh Hills separate us from the rest of Equestria. For most species, it would be difficult to live in an area like this, but we were able to find home here." They finished walking through the hall. "The castle is more or less the same though. There are some new additions to the castle, let me show you." They went downstairs into a room with books and chairs, as well as an old sofa. Chrysalis went to the shelf and got picked something from the top of the shelf. It was a book with a cover exactly the same as the one that Bill was trapped in.

"Surprised I still have this?" The changeling queen grinned when his single eye widened slightly.

"I'm a bit more surprised that it lasted so long. How did you preserve it for over 1,500 years?"

"I used a spell to preserve it." She explained. "It has to be recast every couple of months, in hope that you would finally return after your abrupt disappearance."

"Aaw, that's so sweet." Giff commented.

"I had hope, and that hope has paid off after more than a millennium and a half."

"I wish I had as much patience as that Chryssie." Bill replied. If he had a mouth he could smile.

"Speaking of which, where did you two come from?" She turned to the other two demons behind Bill.

"Nowhere actually, Bill created us." Hide explained.

"Well yeah, I did need some company otherwise I would've really gone insane." Bill didn't have the benefit of being turned into a statue or being sent to Tartarus, so he didn't get to at least have the company of Discord or Tirek or whoever else was in Tartarus. Some of them were created sooner than others. Giff was one of the youngest and was the most cheerful; probably because she took a lot from Shooting Star."

"Why is everything still grey?" Switcheroo asked, rubbing his eyes.

"That's because you're in the mindscape. Everything is pretty much grey except for your actual mind. Your bodies are still back in the room where Chryssie summoned me. You'll automatically return to them once you leave the mindscape." The yellow triangle answered.

"Here's the kingdom; some of it anyway." She gestured to a window. What Bill could see appeared to be a bunch of houses made of stone, all under an extremely large stone. A fair distance from the houses was what looked like a particularly rough area of the badlands; with dozens of smaller sharper rocks covering the floor and if there weren't spikes there were cracks and crevices to replace them. "That's one of the training grounds." She said after noticing what Bill was looking at. "The rest of the houses are underground; in caves underground and such. Let me show you them."

Celestia looked over the papers grades by the teachers of her school for gifted unicorns. They were mostly really good and she should be happy for all the talented unicorns that were able to do so well, but she wasn't really in a smiling mood after what happened in the Archives and couldn't stop thinking or worrying about it.

She couldn't deal with this right now. Her sister would soon be returning from her banishment which was difficult enough to prepare for on its own, and her being free along with Bill only complicated matters even further, not to mention the summer sun celebration which she still had to account for.

"Princess Celestia." A guard addressed her, hopefully with some good news. "I'm afraid that we still haven't found the thief yet."

"Very well." She replied. "You are dismissed."

Once he was gone, she sighed deeply. It had been four days and the guards still haven't found any sign of the thief or more importantly the book when she had no idea who this mysterious pony was or why she had stolen the book. She could only imagine what the thief wanted with the book or even Bill. She had never found the other two either, which only added to her frustration. She couldn't trust Bill or his unnatural experiments, but she had luckily been able to convince Luna of that. Maybe her sister could talk some sense into him; she used to be his best friend after all.

"And these are some of the houses inside the caves." She was almost finished with Bills tour of her Kingdom. Luckily since they were still in the mindscape, she wouldn't have to deal with any formalities from her subjects and she could just focus on talking to Bill while Switcheroo was distracted by Giff; who just hummed a happy tune.

Bill was silent for most of the tour when Chrysalis wasn't speaking, and appeared to be thinking as he looked at the two books.

"Is everything alright Bill?" Chrysalis asked.

"I wonder what those two have done with all my research, or the other book. For all I know, they could've trashed everything and most of my work could be lost to time." He went through all the possibilities of what could've happened.

"You really hate them, don't you?" Switcheroo said.

"They sealed me in a book for over 1,000 years, how do you expect me to feel?" Bill asked rhetorically.

"I know but... Was it really that bad? Did something in- particular happen?"

"What happened was I trusted them." His eye glowed red.

Author's Note:

Here's the second chapter. I kinda wish I could've made it longer but here it is. I'll be available for crossovers after chapter 3. Buck it I could go for a couple, bring on the crossovers! PM me if you want or comment to see if there's anyone you want me to crossover with. Damn you love of crossovers!!!! Sorry, changed mind again. Sweet Celestia I am indecisive.:derpytongue2:

I know it may seem a bit cliche for him to hate Celestia and Luna, but I kind off like that cliche, and I don't think Bill would exactly act like nothing had happened. However, I don't want him to take over Equestria (not all of it anyway) but he will get revenge on those two somehow. Don't want to have too many cliches now, do we?