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"Lots Of Things..." - WezzaHD

Well hello there, name's Bill Cipher, but it wasn't always like that. Here's the story of my new life in Equestria.

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Dream Dad

They ran. They all ran and hid from her. Why shouldn't they? She ruled this school, and she would make sure they knew it. Of course, Canterlot High was only the beginning for Sunset Shimmer. She would have to wait many moons, and come up with the perfect plan. She would control Canterlot High and then all of Equestria.

For now however, she would sleep in her apartment and wait for the portal to open again.

A young filly Sunset grunted as she went into her room. She put her bag down near her bed. She couldn't be bothered to change out of her uniform. She sat alone on her bed. Sunset didn't have any friends at all, nor did she really have any parents. Her mum and dad... How could she describe them? You know that Canterlot stereotype that every pony is just a Nobel wannabe with their heads up their own plots almost as much as the actual nobles? Except her parents were actual nobles, so there was that. She was glad to get away from them and do some actual work. Of course, they were all too happy to send her to this school to get close to Princess Celestia.

It was far more than she thought she could handle however. She had expected a lot and loved to learn, but she was being slowly overwhelmed. She was stressed and finding it difficult to get used to the rhythm of the school. She sighed as she thought to herself while she was alone in her room.

Sunset was happy; she had finished all her school work and homework. She was being given an award by Princess Celestia herself and all the students were there, clapping for her achievement while the fillies and colt that had put her down and told her to quit ate their own shirts. She had stars in her eyes and a plaque in her hoof. Yes, she was destined for great things.

Little did she know that there was a faded eye above her, watching curiously and thoughtfully, but that eye could not do much; it barely had enough power to even see the dream as it was.

"Who is that?" A female voice popped up next to him.

"A pony." Bill replied. "A pony that has a lot of ambition and drive, she should get a reward."

"Do you want me to get one of the screaming heads Bill?"

"Nah, that won't be necessary. She should get something else."

"Two screaming heads?"

"Exactly Giff'."

Bill thought about the whole concept of "displaced". There was an indefinite amount of Equestrias. There were so many out there which he didn't know anything about. As Bill it felt unnatural to not know too many things.

He decided to take his mind off of it by working on his new mechanical body. Jen had told him it was made out of the spare parts of her old body, which was excellent. Even the original XJ9 could hold who- knows how many gadgets. Of course, right now he was trying to keep it simple and installed buzzsaw in his left hand. He couldn't do anything too complicated right now; he didn't have a sufficient power source. He really needed to find his Alicorn Amulet soon. It was a shame that it wasn't in one of his bunkers; it was completely lost. He hoped Jen was doing well and that she found his info useful.

She was having that same dream again; the one about the award ceremony. It was one of her most common dreams, especially after a stressful day. Other dreams involved her being a professor studying and creating new spells with her name going up there with Starswirl the Bearded. The third one involved her sitting it's her parents on a beach somewhere, just those three all sitting calmly and watching the sun set with the only sound being the soothing waves crashing in on the orange sand.

She was once again accepting her plaque when she heard something. It sounded like... Screaming. There were to screaming voices that came from right above her. Before she could look up, two pony heads fell down next to her with one her left and another on her right.

"Hey." Her head snapped forward and she saw an eye a bright yellow triangle made up of bricks. It had a single eye. She screamed herself as she tripped and fell on her back.

"You must be Sunset."

"What? How do you know my name? Who are you?"

"I've been watching you a lot Sunset and I couldn't help but see that you need some help."

"Okay but wh-" She was cut off as she found herself in a seat and the wall of the assembly hall was changed into a giant blackboard.

"Sorry I couldn't make an actual classroom; my powers are kind of limited at the moment. Now let's begin."

"Wait." Sunset stopped him. "What's going on? Who are you?"

"Me? Name's Bill Cipher." He spun his cane. as he spoke to her. "And I'm here to help you Sunset."

"What? Why?" She asked curiously.

"Can't a dream demon just help a filly out?" He asked. "Now, let's begin..."

"Nothing." Twilight looked again. She had been up for about three hours now trying to find something on Bill. There were some things, but most of them appeared to be in the form of theories and speculation from crazy ponies. Some were useful though, an example was a theorist called Vail Skibum. It sounded foreign.

"You're still reading that book?" Spike rubbed his eyes as he groggily approached Twilight.

"You shouldn't be up this late Spike."

"And you said that you would stop reading late so often."

"Well I do have a good reason. I'm finding out more about 'Bill' so we can be prepared when he comes for us."

"Well what did you find out Twi?"

"Not much Spike." She sighed. "All I really found on him was that he had tons of research but spread all of it out across Equestria. It also mentions a pony called Golden Stride."

The next morning, Sunset woke up again. She easily answered all of the questions she was given on her paper. A public school like this with foal's play to her, while she saw others frown at their papers, she simply grinned before allowing herself a small chuckle at the entertainment she was getting from watching them squirm. The only thing she had to look forward to were her two little projects. Her dreams had inspired her to build something; something that didn't need magic and was far easier to build than in Equestria.

The day went by and she went home to see her second project. It was an incredible device; far beyond the technology of both here and Equestria. She went under her small bed to get a chest, as well as her blueprints for the device. It was almost complete, and she had a feeling that it would be used soon. She had never quite figured out why she had those dreams, but maybe someday she would. She brain probably just made it up to help her or something like that, or at least that was what the student counsellor said. She knew it was real, she just did. Maybe it was because of how close she felt to it and how she always enjoyed enjoyed those dreams. She had searched the mythology books for a monster that could invade dreams. The only one ever known to do that was Nightmare Moon, and it didn't look at all like what the legends said she was. Those dreams had gone on for three years until. For now, she just stared at it.

Author's Note:

Bill has seen up to the season 4 finale of the show, but not either of the Equestria Girls movies.

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