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"Lots Of Things..." - WezzaHD

Well hello there, name's Bill Cipher, but it wasn't always like that. Here's the story of my new life in Equestria.

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Demon vs Nightmare (edited)

After Bill was given the tour, they all opened their eyes and looked around. They were still in the room where he had been summoned. Chrysalis smiled joyfully and quickly rushed out to gather the other book. Meanwhile, the others were in shock at what had happened. Switcheroo quickly got up after Chrysalis left, and wasn't quite sure what had happened, or if it had actually happened.

"Wow just... Wow." Switcheroo looked up, looking at everything and how it was all no longer all grey.

"Quite something, wasn't it?" He turned to his right to see one of Chrysalis's royal guards; Thorn Sting.

"That's one way of putting it, I suppose." Switcheroo replied and stumbled forward, when a hoof belonging to Thorn hit his back.

"Hehehe. Same old Switcheroo." Thorn chuckled.

"Argh!" The former scout grunted after landing on his left leg, which sent him random shots of unbearable pain, from time to time.

"Oh, sorry about that, didn't mean to trigger any pain. Kinda forgot about that, I guess." Thorn apologised. Despite his name, he was actually a nice guy to those who got to know him, but that didn't mean that he didn't like to appear tough to others.

"Yeah it's fine, but just be careful about that." Switcheroo said, but was still quite irritated at his friend's carelessness.

"So what do you think? Is the triangle guy here to help?"

"To be honest I have no idea, but the Queen seems to trust him so I suppose he deserves the benefit of the doubt." He then trailed off and thought for a moment. "But that doesn't mean I still won't check his books out." He said as he readied his wings and hovered towards the break room.

Chrysalis was asleep in her room; most likely in the mindscape. Switcheroo was worried that she'd be protective of the books, she apparently had book for a very long time now.

He entered the break room, which was fairly empty save for a group of cleaners chatting amongst themselves and got the two books off of the shelf and went to a random page in the third one. He looked at the page entitled "Bugbear" which showed a black and white bear with gigantic bumblebee wings and multiple large arms. He read through the pages and found a lot of information on the beast, and in large capitals there were words that read "placed in stasis". He went onto another page, with a beast the had two heads on its front, and one on its tail with "Chimera" written on it, detailing information about it including where it lived, which according to the book was a fiery swamp, and their weakness was their indecisiveness. He slicked through the book and put his hoof on another random page, showing some sort of necklace with a red gem encased in a metal upside down equilateral triangle, with the head and wings of a black alicorn with red eyes. Above the image it read "Alicorn Amulet", and the bottom of the page read "incomplete".

Chrysalis was with Bill in the mindscape, they spoke until something popped into the Queen's mind.

"Will we always have to be in the mindscape to even talk to each other?" Chrysalis asked.

"No, I can find a body to inhabit, it'll be nothing much I just have to trick someone with one of my deals and then it'd be easier to get my research." Bill answered. "Of course I'd have to find the keys, which Celestia probably has hidden, somewhere..." He trailed off as he thought of something. "Hey, is the Summer Sun Celebration today?"

"You mean the pony holiday? I think so." Chrysalis replied. "Why do you ask?"

"Well like I said I need to look for my keys."

"So where are you going?"

"I'm going to see if an old friend knows."

"So you're going back to Equestria?"

"Yeah; I need to find the location of those keys. I'll be back."

"Okay, just be careful. Celestia's probably still looking for you." Bill nodded and disappeared.

Bill floated through Ponyville, watching the citizens from the mindscape. It was the late afternoon and he saw lights coming from Twilight's Library meaning that Twilight was in Pinkie's party. When he was on earth, he had watched the show briefly so he pretty much knew what was going to happen at this point. If it wasn't for Chrysalis, he would've completely hated the show after he was imprisoned.

Bill decided to check around the town hall for either Celestia or Nightmare Moon. He couldn't see either of them at the hall, but he had an idea of where else they might be. He flew towards the Everfree, going past Fluttershy's cottage and straight through the forest.

"Chrysalis said you'd be here." Bill turned to his right to see Hide flying next to him.

"Hi." Giffany popped up as well on Bills left.

"...Seriously?" He looked between the two.

"We've never seen the outside firsthand. It's gonna be great to go and see it!"

"She has a point; firsthand experience would be useful." Hide added. Bill paused before facepalming.

"Fine... Let's go." Bill sighed and they all flew towards that castle. Soon, the clashing of swords could be heard and magic blasts could be seen. The three peered in and saw Celestia battling Nightmare Moon. Nightmare Moon was swinging her sword non- stop; slashing at Celestia from the left and the right and never once letting up. Celestia on the other hand was on the defensive, not once striking even when she was given the chance.

"She's holding back." Bill commented. "Celestia I mean. She still sees Nightmare Moon as her sister. I wouldn't make that mistake." Nightmare Moon wore the same armour that she had 1,000 years ago; Bill remembered it clearly. Celestia wore armour that looked very similar to her old armour but Bill wasn't surprised; she always did like doing the same song and dance.

Celestia thrust her sword at her sister, who easily parried and sent three more swords towards Celestia. The sun princess shot up and flew all over the room, dodging several blasts of magic and went down for another strike but hesitated for a second and got hit by a blast of magic when she slowed down mere centimetres from Nightmare Moon. She crashed into the ceiling and fell, but caught flight before she fell to the ground.

"Is this all the great Princess Celestia has to offer?" Nightmare laughed. "No wonder you always used the Elements." She effortlessly avoided four levitated swords. Nightmare Moon then caught Celestia with her magic then threw her across the room. Celestia slammed into a wall, but was protected by her armour.

"As much as I want to see them destroy each other, we have business to do." Bill jumped into Nightmare Moon's mind, and he went for Celestia's mind, with Giffany and Hide behind him. Unfortunately Nightmare Moon ran forwards and slashed her sword at Celestia, getting in the way.

Bill looked around and saw stars, the moon and the ocean. He was not in Celestia's mind.

"Aaw great, I missed." He groaned.

"Let's see if we can find anything you two."

"...I'm the only one here. I can't see Giffany." Hide replied.

"Well that's great, we lost Giffany as well." Bill sighed. "Let's go look for her." I front of them was the Castle of the Two Sisters, but with various large black stains covering more than half of the structure. "Maybe she'll even know where my keys are." He went through another door which was labelled "memories". As soon as he entered, the door shut behind him, locking Hide out and he soon heard laughter.

"Well well, if it isn't Mr Cipher." The voice began. "At last we meet, I've heard so much about you from Luna's memories."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance." Bill said sarcastically, trying to ignore how much she sounded like Luna and keep the sourness out of his own voice. "Look, first off saying 'Well well well' is my thing and you were one off anyway. Secondly, I'm not here to stop you or free Luna; that happens in a few hours." He muttered the last part. "I'm just going to look for something and someone if they're even in here, then I'll be one my merry way." He floated away from the door only for Nightmare to block his way again with a laugh.

"Well I'm sorry, I'd love to believe you but I'm afraid can't really trust you on that can I? Not to mention that it'd be much easier to absorb you and become even stronger." Nightmare flared the dark glittery mist that was surrounding her body. "You didn't really leave me many options by coming here I'm afraid."

"Alright then." Bill sighed and fire appeared in his hand. "I guess we're doing this now... Let's go." He shot the blue fire at Nightmare Moon, who took the form of a giant serpent and ducked, before slithering towards Bill, who dodged the attack and shot thousands of yellow needles at Nightmare before floating away in a corridor to the left only hearing a hiss of pain. Upon seeing a stairway he flew up it.

Once up, in another hallway, he stopped halfway and turned around to find that he didn't see her anymore. Before he could even wonder where she went, the bricks floor broke and all he saw was two large pitch black manticore jaws engulf him. When Nightmare tried to bite, she found that she couldn't fully close her mouth in her manticore form, which was the same as a regular manticore but was purple and black instead of being yellow and red, but the tail was still the same colour. She looked up to see what was holding her back and saw a large log inbetween her teeth.

"Haha, Substitution Jutsu!" Bill taunted, appearing a couple of metres away, a metal headband appeared briefly over his top hat. Nightmare then crushed the log after a moment, splitting it in two before it exploded in her face. "...Also paper bombs. I love Naruto." The smoke cleared showing Nightmare still in her manticore form, and her eyes filled with pure rage. She jumped at Bill in a blinding speed and slashed his body multiple times from the left and right with her sharp claws as well as swinging her tail at him causing the yellow dream demon to slam into the opposite wall. When he opened his eye he saw her fist/ paw make contact with his face. She went in for another blow only to hit the wall.

"Okay, that hurt more than I thought." Bill said a couple of rooms away. "Miiiight have been a bad idea to jump into this so soon after just getting free..." Before he could question his choices on recharging his powers some more, a dark Timberwolf lunged at him, but only grabbed thing air as he ducked. Soon two more attacked and Bill shot them with lasers.

"Geez Nightmare, these Timberwolf designs are terrible, you didn't even get the smell right." Bill continued to dodge the attacks, but only barely. He needed to find that memory quickly. He flew away and shot some lasers at the wolves, who easily avoided them.

"Annoying clown..."She growled.

"Well I think I've overstayed my welcome so...." He then teleported to another random hallway lined with windows and brushed him off.

"Let's see, no, no, no, no and no." He quickly went through each and every door near him, but found nothing relating to what he was looking for. He kept going until he looked through one door, where Celestia and Luna were hiding a set of keys. He caught a glimpse of one which had an eye engraved on it. Yes, this was it. This was what he was looking for. He just needed to take it and-

"Ha!" She emerged from the wall this time in the form of a Gargoyle and grabbed the memory. "This is what you're looking for, I presume?" She asked tauntingly as she crushed the door in her jaws and consumed it. "Now Mr Cipher, where were we?" Nightmare grinned as she then jumped at him with all of her speed.

"Argh!" Before she could reach him, she felt black spikes make contact with her body. "WHO DID THAT!?" After she slammed into a wall looked up to see who else was in her mind.

"It took me so long to find a way into this castle. Now that I'm here, I find that you've already started a fight without me?" Hide emerged and helped up his creator.

"You impudent beast!" Nightmare roared as she changed into a giant millipede and attempted to bite Hide, but he threw a wall of shadows her, causing the parasite to stumble back. She changed into a cragadile and snapped her jaws at Hide. "Let's see how your fire fares against this!" Suddenly, dark trees began to rapidly grow from under her, trapping and tangling her.

"Enough!" In a single moment she destroyed all the trees and went back to her alicorn form. Nightmare Moon sent a blast of magic towards Hide, who responded with shadows bursting out of the ground. The nightmare magic was quickly overpowering the ghost's shadows, but the alicorn was hit by an even larger laser.

"Did you forget about me?" Bill stared down at her, tipping his hat as Hide joined him.

"Well it's been fun but we've got to go. Bye!"

The two demons left Nightmare Moons mind and stretched out.

"Well we didn't find anything. She ate the memory we needed so let's grab Giffany and-" He stopped "...Wait."


"We forgot Giffany!"

"Pardon? Then we must go back and-"

Go back and what? They turned to see the cheerful cable- haired girl standing behind them, her head tilted.

"Giffany!" They both shouted when they saw her. "Where were you two? I searched all over Celestia's mind but I couldn't find either of you anywhere."

"We missed and ended up in Nightmare Moon's head. We couldn't find the location of the keys." Giffany smiled at Bill's statement. Show showed them a door. Bill was silent for a moment.

"Wow, between you finding the memory and Hide saving my life, I am so glad I have you guys, now let's go." They all then teleported away before Nightmare Moon slowly rose up and glared at where they had been. She would've followed them and taught them not to oppose her, but she a celebration to crash.

(After the Celebration in the Golden Oak Library)

"I am very proud of you Twilight." Celestia smiled at her prized pupil. "Words cannot express how grateful I am that you were all able brought my sister back." Twilight, Spike and their new friends smiled back at Celestia. "However, there is another threat at large, and I must warn you all to be careful."

"W- What is it Princess?" Twilight got very worried when she heard how seriously she spoke of the matter. Celestia got a book out and turned to a certain page. It showed a silhouetted equilateral triangle arms, legs and a large eye in the middle. It also appeared to be wearing a bow tie and top hat.

"What in tarnation is that thing?" Applejack asked.

"It looks like the cover for the story." Pinkie answered. "Unless the author gets a new one."

"That my little ponies, is Bill Cipher." Celestia began. "Thousands of years ago he mysteriously appeared in Equestria. He is a dream demon who made friends with Luna and I."

"His knowledge was unparalleled by any, even by Starswirl the Bearded." Luna continued. "He devoted himself to science and experiments, and often secluded himself in one of his many bunkers when he was not with us, writing in his journals. Of course over time, we slowly grew more distant and his experiments became more drastic. We had tried to talk him out of them, but he would not listen to reason."

"We had to seal him in one of those very books that he wrote. There are three in total but the location of the other two is unknown and the one we kept in the archives; the same one which we kept Bill in has been stolen. It could be anywhere and so could he." The mane 6 and Spike were all silent.

"Wait, so after Nightmare Moon, now we have to deal with an evil triangle monster?" Rainbow asked.

"Only once we find him Twilight." The white alicorn replied. "Until we know where he is, we cannot send you to use the elements on him. We can only ask you to be careful until we find him."

Author's Note:

Okay, I found out that this story is on the popular list. :yay:

I hope you like the fight scene and you can expect flashbacks in the future. I'm also now open for crossovers, so PM me if you want to do a crossover or comment if there's someone you want to see me crossover with.